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Norridgewock, ME
RAM 2500
Verified Customer
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02/20/2015 Category: Service
sales was good. usually is. service vice very disappointing
Sales was good but had a warranty issue. With isn't totally the dealers fault. But didn't seem like they were try en to make things work had issue with and oil change contract and really tried working it out with then. Wanted to bring my own oil with was no issue but they refused to give me the oil that I already paid for in the Co trac. So they wanted me to pay for my own oil and then they would keep the oil that I paid for in my contrac. So I would be paying double. Made no sence. With the service guy said nothing he can do had no interest in trying to work with or help me out. I called another dealer that iv never done business with and there no issues in what I wanted to do. It seems ridiculous to me that the dealer I spent 63k at made NO effort to try and work things out that a dealer I haven't spent a penny was so eager to please me.

Skowhegan, ME
RAM 1500
Verified Customer
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12/12/2014 Category: Service
poor customer edict lost sales
While waiting for my truck's oil change i remembered I was told to get spark plugs. . so I went to see about getting them before I was told truck was ready. While I waited at the parts desk the service girl had come in and I asked if I could get spark plugs for the truck also. She said the truck was done and she has to finish the paperwork but he could help me. . there was no he around and when he came in he asked if was allset I told him I needed to get sparkplugs. . he went to check with the girl. .he came back in and said i could go out and she would help me. ..I went out and waited. . asked again to get plugs she said there were a couple of issues she needed to inform me of so she didnt think I would want to get plugs if other problems would need priority. . she said needed rear brakes. Transmission lines and pinnion seal. . so I might not want to get plugs. So I called my boyfriend since it was his truck. I explained what was wrong he had questions that asked her. . started to get attitude responses. . the tech came overland I had him speak with my bf. . I got the phone back and he still wanted plugs and i told him I had asked several times for them. .she gave me estimates and rang me out. . . for justthe oil change. . when I picked up the paperwork I said I guess I will get the plugs somewhere else. . with another employee standing atthe end of the counter. . .I was not very pleased with her service. I have also been in customer service. I know days can be long but I asked more than 3 times for plugs. . y not sell them to me without attitude. . w. Probably would of gotten the work done with u but no way its going to happen now. ..think u lost a customer. We have had good service from others in the past.

Katherine T.
Waterville, ME
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11/26/2014 Category: Service
Absolutely Terrible Service by the Parts Dept.
I was told to go to CMM by another local business (Creative Sounds) to have them replace my batteries in my keys for my Chrysler Town and Country van as they are very fragile and break easily according to the owner at Creative Sounds. The parts associate, Rob Pare, told me that wasn't true, that they replaced them all the time. Well, they did break when he opened them and he basically left the keys in pieces on the counter, did not apologize or tell me how the company could help, instead he implied that they had been tampered with and glued together (BOTH SETS) The likelyhood of both sets of keys having been super glued is ridiculous. He then said one set was purchased after the other. I got both sets of keys when I bought ny van at the same time and one was used by me (showing wear on the buttons) and the othe was a spare set that I kept tucked away and did not use. I have never opened these keys, it was the first time I had ever had the batteries replaced. He made many comments that did not seem fitting or appropriate at all for an associate who just told me they don't break but then BOTH sets did break when he opened them. I work in customer service, I am an R.N oiut in the community doing homecare and hospice. I enter peoples homes everyday and deal with the public everyday. I cannot imagine causing harm to someone's property and then telling them it somehow must be their fault or responsibility and then offering no assistance at all in how to fix the problem. As I walked away I expected some sort of professional comment such as, "I am sorry about that." I never even got a "goodbye" let alone an apology. ROB PARE was not polite or helpful in any way and even made assumptions that were not at all true. The company should really take a look at how he is representing them. Scott Pinette and Ben Mason were wonderful and offered that the parts dept. try to glue one of them back together so I could at least have one working set. They were helpful but I was really surprised that service like this was viewed as "acceptable." I was there with my 2 small children and Rob Pare did not seem to care at all how I may get home after he took my keys apart and was not able to put them back together. I think the gentleman at Creative Sounds was right when he told me they break very easy and that is why they will not open up those types of keys any more. After being told by Rob Pare that was not true and just 15 seconds later finding out it WAS TRUE....I should have been offered some sort of help or assistance or maybe even some KIND WORDS by him but I was offered nothing not even an apology or a goodbye....I will never ever go back there again. I certainly hope someone reads this who can make some sort of ammends to my situation as I feel I was extremely poorly served.

Waterville, ME
Verified Customer
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09/22/2014 Category: Service
Unprepared for visit
Didn't fix problem and wasted my time

Clinton, ME
Verified Customer
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09/15/2014 Category: Service
just a oil change
Made an appointment, had my son drop car off! They told him he didn't have one at that dealership and had to go to the other dealership? They told him he did have an appointment had to wait till later that day, left the car there and then I called (because I was working) spoke to the lady that I made the appointment (she was GREAT) she then called me back and straightened everything out and dropped my car off to me at work because I had no other way to get my car!!! Every time have make a appointment it always gets screwed up! I like to go to the Chevy dealership because the other garage are assholes! But from now on I will go somewhere else and have my oil changed. I thought I it would be easier because its so close to work and because it was a newer car, but no thank you I will go somewhere else!

Bangor, ME
Verified Customer
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08/17/2014 Category: Service
service to my 2013 dodge dart
should treat customer who bought from them better and not act like they didn't buy from them! Been treated better from other dealers that I've bought from then here! At this time recommend a friend would be No.
Lea B. from Central Maine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram responded on 08/27/2014

Hi Tammy,

Thank you for the feedback. Is there a good time to reach you to discuss your concerns?

We appreciate your business and hope to see you soon!


Lea Baird
Internet Sales Professional
Central Maine Motors Auto Group
Office: 15 Airport Road-Waterville, ME
207-872-5444 ext. 323
Email: lbaird@cmautogroup.net

New Vineyard, ME
Verified Customer
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08/12/2014 Category: Service
Real friendly while they bend you over.
8 o'clock appointment. Vehicle was brought in shop just after 9 o'clock. When I scheduled appointment, I was told I could rent a vehicle for the day while mine was being worked on. When I got there I was told they didn't have any more vehicles to rent and I should have reserved one. Oh thanks for telling me...so I sat and waited...I was happy that they were able to fix one of the issues I had been having but I wasn't happy that my Chrysler certified vehicle with 10 year 100, 000 mile warranty still cost $291 to fix...so anyways 3 hours and 45 minutes later and almost $300 poorer I was outta there....thanks central maine Chrysler, thanks so very much.
Lea B. from Central Maine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram responded on 08/13/2014

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have provided this information to our Service Manager. When speaking with my Service Manager there are some items that are not covered with the certified warranty and that is what happened in your situation. We appreciate your business and hope to see you back!

Thank You,

Lea Baird
Internet Sales Professional
Central Maine Motors Auto Group
Office: 15 Airport Road-Waterville, ME
207-872-5444 ext. 323
Email: lbaird@cmautogroup.net

Palermo, ME
Verified Customer
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08/05/2014 Category: Service
not impressed
My husband and I have our own local mechanic but he lacks a diagnostic computer and couldn't figure out why my 4wd light was on. We picked your establishment because we have purchased 2 jeeps through you and were very happy with both purchases. We are sorry to say that we were not impressed with the service department at all. My husband was unable to make the appoointment with me, so I was on my own. When I gave my keys to the service lady, she took them, never said anything and left the garage. I waited a minute then decided to head to the waiting room. I wasn't there long when I headed back into the garage because I wanted to make sure they were going to do everything I had scheduled. I found the lady, went over everything and headed back to the waitng room. My car was to get a new valve stem on the left front tire, a tire rotation, see whats needed for a state inspection, and check the engine and 4wd lights. I also asked them to look for whats making a ticking noise when we go in reverse. After an hour of not hearing anything I went back into the garage to find out what was going on. They had a long list of things we needed, but told me they didn't have time to draw up an estimate and they would mail it for me. They did say the 4wd light was either a bad wire or module and they said I also needed a steering rack since it was leaking fluid, which they told me we be between 600 and 1000 dollars! They never bothered to look into the noise it was making in reverse. So I went to pay my bill and nearly had a heartattack. The charge for labor alone for 1 hour was 140 something! Of course I complained and they said it was a mistake and lowered it some. However, the labor was still outragous and the man told me it was because they had to check the engine light, which of course is labor intensive, having to plug my car into a computer! When I made the appointment, no one informed me of the charge associated with this. Other companies offer free diagnostic checks, no strings attached! Anyway, I paid the bill and went home to go over things with my husband. The next day, I started calling around for parts and found brand new steering racks were only 210 dollars. Everything else on my list was at decent prices also. It also bothered me that more than one company that I called for parts told me that you guys were famous for selling people more than they need, especially when it comes to 4wd modules. I gave our list of parts and work needed to our regular mechanic and he assured us that he could do the work, as usual, for alot less. All in all, we've found that your employees lack customer service skills and it's obvious your bottom line is making the most money off the customer as possible. Hearing other places warn me of doing business with your service department was also very reassuring. We will not be coming back for service, (we are still waiting on an estimate anyway!), and we will not recommend you to anyone else either!
Jess M., Internet Manager from Central Maine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram responded on 08/05/2014

Thank you for taking the time to provide this very important feedback. I defintiely will pass along your concern to the Service Manager, Jeff Caron so that he may review the details and follow up with you. I apologize that your experience was not 5 start worthy.

Jess McQuillan
Internet Manager
Central Maine Motors Auto Group
207-872-5444 ext 141

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