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Nick B.
Mentor, OH
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Scam artist
Guaranteed these guys will find something new wrong with your car every time. Steve is also know to misquote you hundreds of dollars less than what they actually end up charging you.

Joe O.
Mentor, OH
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Don't take your car here
Well, this is the second vehicle that I've had brakes done on that I've had to take elsewhere to get fixed just months after these guys replaced them.
First was my wife's car, which started acting up 3 months after new brakes were installed. She took it to the dealer who told her the calipers weren't cleaned or lubricated properly, which ended up wearing her pads down, requiring all new pads.

I'm currently sitting at the dealer now, 4 months after my brakes were replaced, being told they did not lubricate the pads at all, and the squeaking I'm hearing is not a failing caliper, as I was told 2 days ago by Hans. Instead of replacing 2 rear calipers, as Hans wanted to do, I "only" need new pads on the rear and some proper lubrication.
I will never use this shop again, for anything, and recommend to others that they don't bring their business here.
Why pay twice when you can have it done properly the first time by someone else.

Mentor, OH
Chevrolet Cobalt
Verified Customer
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They are rude
I think they can be more professional when dealing with customers. When Hans called us, he was put out that we did not call him back right away. We communicated that the repair was not urgent and we needed to do some other tasks that day. Just wish he would not have been so annoyed sounding when we did call back later that day.

Mentor, OH
Ford Focus
Verified Customer
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This establishment is rude and unreliable.
I had made an appointment for 11 am and they did not take my car back until 12 pm. I ended up being there for over 2 hours which completely defeats the purpose of scheduling an appointment. Once my car was finally done with, they had made some suggestions to fix my car which was quoting me at almost $500. Being a full-time student without a job I was unable to afford these suggestions; however, that is besides the point. The man at the counter was being extremely pushy towards paying this to get it fixed that day. I called another reliable company which ended up quoting me $180 for all the same things. Also, when I called to schedule the appointment the man on the phone was extremely rude when I asked and had assumed I meant to schedule same day (during a snow storm). Had he not assumed this and snapped at me he would have known I was trying to make the appointment 3 days later. I will not be coming back to this establishment.

Mentor, OH
Mitsubishi Galant
Verified Customer
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great job with brake job

Concord, OH
Chevrolet HHR
Verified Customer
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Over charged

Concord, OH
Chevrolet Silverado
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
lied about my car needing ALUMINUM CONTROL ARMS, quoted 3200$ first 2200$ 2nd then 1500$ after i found out they were steel , and didnt need lower steering shaft! i belong to a car club and will advise not to patronize

Concord, OH
Chrysler LeBaron
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
They have become incompetent and a rip-off business like other auto services.

Concord, OH
Mazda 3
Verified Customer
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Not coming back
I have taken my car up there a number of times, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. This time was really not good. I felt dishonesty was used to dissuade me from agreeing to have my car fixed because it would take too much time or difficulty to diagnose what the problem was. I know that a lot of people are taken advantage of in this type of business because they really don't know anything about their cars but I do know a few things about cars. I was told that I needed four new tires when in fact two of them where only a month old and the other two only a year. I was told that I need front brakes when my front brakes where only two weeks old. If you don't want to work on someone's car just say so and don't play games or assume that the person is ignorant. You have a lot to learn about good business ethics.

Jason H.
Painesville, OH
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Ripped off
Was quoted a price to get work done on my car and when came time to pay they charged an additional $400. Will be in touch with better business bureau.

Thompson, OH
Jeep Liberty
Verified Customer
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Problem not fixed
Brought my car in with a certain problem and it still has it, over $300 in repairs that were not the problem...usually happy with the service but not this time
STEVE S. from Concord Auto Repair Service responded on 08/11/2015

Good Morning! I am sorry to hear about you dissatification! Steve talked with the tech in the back to find out what had occured. Your vehicle having had 157k miles on was sold those repairs under MAINTENANCE and the beginning step to address your issue. We did not want to jump into a highly expensive repair right off the bat without verifying that it wasn't something as simple as a maintenance issue. So I apologize that wasn't communicated better to you. The guys seem to be under the understanding that they told you to please come back if and that it would be reinspected at NO CHARGE to you. Obviously you have been a customer long enough to know how we operate. Please stop by as your schedule allows so that we can get this taken care of for you !

Ruth S.
Mentor, OH
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be careful...there is trouble between the owner and staff. They will not honor what the other says. They will ruin your car
STEVE S. from Concord Auto Repair Service responded on 04/30/2015

Hi Ruth! 

  That is a pretty bold statement to make. That is actually the polar opposite of how we operate our business. 

  Please contact me directly so that we can seek a resolution to your issue. You did not provide a last name, or an order number and so I am limited to looking into this by the name "Ruth" -- Please forward me some more information so that I can look into this and we can come to some sort of resolution.

  Thank you.

Kaitlin O.
Painesville, OH
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Lies, scams, and more lies
I went to these guys just for an estimate because I was pretty sure a tie rod was bad 3 months after I had it done, so I wanted a second opinion before I took it back to my mechanic. These a**holes told me I need 3 ball joints ($600 worth of work) as well as a new tie rod. Took it to my mechanic and he said I need no new ball joints at all!!!!! Also, they gave my friend a $600 quote for his muffler last week, charged him $1,100 for it, and now his muffler has fallen off again. Avoid these guys!!!! Big scammers!
STEVE S. from Concord Auto Repair Service responded on 03/31/2015

Oh Kaitlin, I am so sorry to hear you talk like this! I spoke with the guys to find out what happened. You had a tie rod end that was installed elsewhere and it was loose and falling off. We recommended 2 ball joints - right lower ball joints. Steve physically walked you and your friend out to the car and did a show and tell. He showed you how the tire was wobbling - so that you would see for yourself the issue as opposed to just taking our word for it. Your quote was for dealer parts. I realize you may feel it was expensive but it is a Volkswagon so we put dealer parts on those vehicles. They are not aftermarket or chinese made parts. This helps to ensure the best repair your vehicle can have.

And to address your second part, please contact us in regards to that so we can get that situation fixed. We have no information on a muffler issue and if there was an issue with the repair it is under warranty. 

Hope to talk to you soon!

Painesville, OH
Honda Pilot
Verified Customer
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did not repair what they caused
I had a tuned up and brought my car back at least 5 or 6 times to never have the VTM-4 light or check engine light resolved. The last time I was told to pick it up as there was not enough "man Power" to look into it. I have since taken it to another mechanic who said there are wires "chewed up" caps off, timig belt put on incorrectly and a hydrolic leak. "Whoever has worked on your car should never work on cars". It will cost me close to $500.00 from what you have caused.

Bratenahl, OH
Toyota Camry Solara
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Not Pleased
I had another car repair place tell me I had two tires that had a "hop" in them. You told me you could find nothing. I took back to the other place and they looked at it again and said the back tires definately had a "hop" in them. I want the two back tires replaced.
Lynn S., Office Manager from Concord Auto Repair Service responded on 06/30/2014

Sorry you are not pleased. We would be happy to work with you to get replace your two tires. We have a road hazard warranty that covers such things that the manufactor does not. Unfortunately that option was declined at the time of tire purchase.

Bridgestone/Firestone offers a 30 day window for two reasons: 1.) If a customer finds an error in the tire or 2.) If they are not pleased with their tire in general. At this point the tire is replaced free of charge. The road hazard warranty extends that offer to the first 25% of tread life and after that it is a prorated amount towards your next tire.

Your tires were purchased in Sept of 2013 which has been over 9 months so unfortunately that 30 day window has passed.

When you brought the vehicle in to be inspected because of the hop and the shaking our technician drove your vechicle and informed you that the struts needed replaced. There was no issue unless you hit a bump. Therefore we have verified that it is not a tire issue.

That leaves you in a bad spot and we understand that. Bridgestone will not take responsibility for that because of the vehicle condition and the mileage that has already been placed on the tire. Therefore this issue sits at dealer level and because we value your business we will split the cost of 2 new tires with you.

In doing so, we do want you to be aware that you have the option to purchase the road hazard warrantly. However, you will have a similar issue with the 2 new tires because of the strut issue.

We are always willing to work with you in any way we can. Please feel free to stop in or call up and we will discuss this further.

Lexus RX 330
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Really disappointed
Have been a loyal customer for several years at CARS. Not any More. Not only did I get my car serviced there, I had 3 additional cars flowing through their bays. I enjoyed the open communication and the way they try to inform you about the technical aspects the procedures, why they did a certain thing a certain way etc...But things started happening that at first, I shrugged off as honest mistakes,; little mishaps here and there that I let go because I felt it was all part of this relationship that I thought I had with my auto repair shop. This like a ripped seam on a new tire that cost my daughter in Cincinnati to buy a new tire - new tires that were not balanced properly the first time resulting in steering wheel vibration ( this is a tire shop first and foremost!) - just things that seem to be a lack of attention to detail or follow through - promises to call me, that never (ever) happened when the car was complete so that I could schedule transportation to pick up - a seaming disregard for my urgency or at least an honest assessment of how long a procedure might take so that I can plan things on my end or at least make informed decisions about when to schedule work.

I ran into a run of many repairs on my vehicles and the bills really started to add up, so I thought to get another mechanic to provide insight and estimates. Never shared the estimates received from CARS with other mechanics but was shocked to find a huge difference in cost between the CARS estimate and the others I received. When I say huge, I'm talking double or triple the amount. Now I know mechanics and they informed me that, yes there are many variable that can influence price - quality of parts, shortcuts, cost of labor, procedural differences - i get it - but double or triple! I wanted to believe that the relationship I had with CARS might open a discussion about the routes I could take to affordable care for the four cars I was servicing there ( some of them were older models, that really did not require OEM parts etc - they just needed to run safely) - Well long story even longer, I took my vehicle to a competitor for work that needed to be done and I was going to pay 1/3 of the estimate provided by CARS. Lo and behold...I was shocked that my new mechanic called and asked where the lug key for my vehicle was since he needed it to get the tires off to make the repairs necessary. Oh did I mention that the last place to service my vehicle was a brake job at CARS who had the basic responsibility of returning the key to its place on my vehicle? Well they must have had a follow through break down because there was no key, resulting in my new mechanic having to torch the wheels off at additional expense to me. I called cars and they were unable to help and refused to be accountable. Oh well, live and learn - this tuition was expensive. Advice to CARS - work on replacing the "S" in your name with an "E".
Lynn S., Office Manager from Concord Auto Repair Service responded on 06/30/2014

Hi Bob!

  We are so sorry to hear of your frustration! We were kind of surprised because you and Ed have a pretty good relationship and thought if you had issues like this you would of let us know!

  You are right there can be several factors involved in pricing. We spend a lot of time trying to make sure we are competitive and it is disheartening to hear that you feel this way about our pricing! We encourage you to bring it to our attention any time you have a concern like that.

  We spend a lot of time playing this "pricing game" to make sure you have the best of all worlds. Parts that are better quality, that have a better warranty... etc. Our policy is to always give a worst case scenario so the bill can only go down.It is actually pretty concerning of what product you might get or the warranty that would be behind it. What kind of technician is doing your repair?

  Sometimes a customer will call and say they can get a part from auto zone and call us and let us know. We inform the customer that we cannot warranty a generic part like that bought outside of our shop. You are absolutely right though we do not always need OEM parts! We don't always use OEM parts!

  I had a discussion with my service manager who informed me that he gave you 3 different locations to check to see if the key was there but that if you could not find it we would take care of that for you. Ed is always happy to take care of you he considers you his buddy.

  Ed will be contacting you because he personally wants to take care of you. In the meantime please let me know if I can help in any way. :-)

Ford Escape
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
I Used to Love Them
I have been taking my vehicle to Concord Firestone for a little over a year for maintenance and repairs. Up until my last visit, I was extremely satisfied with the service and staff at Concord Firestone. However, this visit was different. When I dropped off the car I told them I wanted two new tires because I was having an issue with one going flat, and an oil change and I would be back later in the afternoon to pick up the vehicle. The issue started when I received a phone call about an hour after dropping off the vehicle. I was told the tires did not need to be replaced but that the one that was going flat only required repair because it had a nail in it. I assumed from this statement, I would not be given 2 new tires. Then I was informed that there is an issue with the transmission on my particular make and model and they just happened to have the part needed to make the repair because someone else was coming in the following day for the same issue. I was lead to believe that if not repaired this issue could lead to serious problems with the transmission however, I WAS NOT told how much it was going to cost to repair it. In addition, I was told my breaks were wearing unevenly and "to save me money" they could clean them up, flush the brake line and they would be fine. Ok.. A little shocked with so many issues because I had been taking my car in to this same shop approximately every 4 – 6 months for the past year.. When I was unable to make it back to the shop and received a VERY rude phone call basically chastising me for not picking up the car. I explained I was held up at work and would be in first thing in the morning to get it. I also asked for the total on the repairs and was told he would have to call me back because he wasn't at the rite desk and didn't have my paperwork.. He Never Called Back and when I picked up my vehicle the next morning, I learned why….From the moment I walked in the door the man working the counter was rude, and chastising me for not picking up the vehicle the night before. Then the sticker shock came for me… The simple services I requested turned into over $1000 in repairs!!! This was over twice what I budgeted for the services! To start with, I WAS NOT TOLD that the part for the “transmission problem” was a $500 part plus the charge of flushing the transmission and labor.. In addition, as stated above, I was lead to believe I would not be receiving two new tires because the tire I was having issues with could be repaired. Well, they put two new tires on because “you needed them” I was told…. When I questioned any of the services that were performed and the cost I was basically given a “how dare you question me” attitude from the employee. At this point I am not sure I will ever go back to this place of business. I trusted them and to do right by me and I walked out of there feeling like I had been taken to the cleaners, to put it nicely… I am VERY UNHAPPY ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE and again, I don’t believe at this point I will be going back.

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