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Osvaldo L.
Salem, OR
Dodge Pickup
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Yvonne W.
Eagle Point, OR
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Lied about the condition of my front brakes
I took my vehicle in to have an exhaust leak located and to replace my front brake pads. I was told that my rotors, calibers, pads and wheel bearings ( to sum it up) were in dire need of replacement, $800 est. My exhaust was same. I did not have the work done. I instead drove it to my brother in law who pulled the wheels off and inspected everything. He said they never even removed the right wheel. Plus everything was fine except I needed new pads ( As I knew that). $70 for pads was all that needed to be done. The exhaust will be inspected by my son in a week to see if what they said is even clise to what is wrong. Oh yes and the exhaust would be at least $800 as well. A long list of items and time. I will let you know what we find.

Jay W.
Ram 2500
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