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Dolly D.
Santee, CA
Buick Regal
Verified Customer
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Not so good this time.
I have been a customer for many years and this visit was not typical of my other visits. I had called earlier in week to make sure I could bring in my vehicle Saturday 10/15/16, and explained what needed to be done. I was to have the radiator flushed and an oil change. I dropped off the car just after 8 am. Usually I receive a call concerning the vehicle if there are any issues or problems. At 1 pm I called since I had not received an update. I was told everyone was at lunch, she did try to find someone but no one could give me the status. I was told someone would call. No one did. I called again just after 2 and Ron told me it was almost done and I could come back to pick it up. I finished what I was doing and returned just before 3. My car was still up in the air when we pulled up. When I came in & sat down Ron informed me that they were unable to do the radiator flush, do to the excessive build up, and then gave me a recommended radiator shop that would be able to do the job. I am not happy that I was not informed of the radiator issue in a timely manner, and an OIL CHANGE took 7 hours of my time and the person who was kind enough to help me with transportation. I should have been notified immediately in the morning to let me know D&R was unable to do the radiator job. I plan to continue to bring my car into D&R but am hoping this lack of communication does not happen again.

Brad S.
San Diego, CA
Saturn Vue
Verified Customer
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Repair of warning light
D&R and I had a miscommunication regarding the warning light. All is good.

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Repair of warning light
I was sorely disappointed that your mechanics charged $105.50 for a diagnosis that couldn't identify that I needed a new radiator and water pump. I followed up at the dealership where they easily determined that the warning light was in fact for the cooling system.
When I asked for a discount on the diagnosis cost because the problem couldn't be determined by your technicians, it was denied. This was totally unsatisfactory. For these reasons I wish to be removed from any further emails and will not recommend anyone doing business with your establishment. I am saddened that your establishment has degraded so much since I began doing business with you many years ago.
Dave & R. from D & R Automotive responded on 02/19/2016

Hello Brad,
We at D&R Automotive are sorry for the miscommunication we had with you about a dash light coming on intermittently. Since the light wasn't on at the time you came in, we should have asked you to show us which light was coming on. If done we would have known then it wasn't the MIL (check engine) light, which we tested for, but the low coolant light coming on intermittently. D&R Auto strives for complete customer satisfaction at all times. We sincerely apologize for the miscommunition on our part.

Robert J.
Santee, CA
Toyota RAV4
Verified Customer
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Pretty upset
Made an appt Thursday for a smog check - could not get in until the following Tuesday. Even got an email to confirm my appt but when I got there I waited 10 minutes and was then informed that the machine wasn't working. Registration due the next day. I was plenty mad. I would only recommend this place to someone else because I have been there before. But this visit was not a good visit.
Dave & R. from D & R Automotive responded on 02/26/2015

Rick from D & R Automotive talked to Rob about his last visit that he came in for a smog test. He apologized to Rob for the inconvenience to him about the lack of communication they had between the shop and front office about the smog machine being down. Rob said he's been happy with the shop before and will still come back. Rick said they will make it up to him on his next service done. Rob was thankful.

Charles C.
Santee, CA
Chevrolet Impala
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
09/27/2014 Category: Service
Charles said he took his vehicle in for an estimate. The estimate was too high. He would not recommend this business because of this issue.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Dave & R. from D & R Automotive responded on 10/14/2014

Hi Charles,
We are responding to your review, because I feel it was not a fair review.
You said our estimate was too high, even tho you said you didn't go get any other estimates from any other shops. We use the Mitchell parts and labor guide program, that a lot of other shops use. If you compare us to others for the same work, you would see that we are more then fair with our pricing.
Charles, you told us the estimate has too high because you were going to repair your vehicle yourself and it has going to be a lot cheaper.
I think it's unfair to review someone low because you're doing it yourself. We have workmans comp, liablity insurance, rent, tech training and about 7 different licenses we have to have to be in business, so doing your own work is going to be less expensive especially if you are not currently employed.

linda k.
San Diego, CA
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Install new alternator & water puump
Dave was one of the rudest men I have ever met. After 3 weeks I had to have my car towed back to D&R because of a "defective water pump" I never received an apology nor any contact with Dave. I was referred by AAA. What a disappointment.
Dave & R. from D & R Automotive responded on 10/31/2014

Dave was told by Linda's husband that it was better not to talk to her about the car, because she was mad and can be very short with people. Dave apologized many times to him for the defective water pump and replaced it quickly. Dave even replaced a burned out headlamp on their other car for N/C. Dave handled the problem very professional.

Donna E.
Santee, CA
Buick LeSabre
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Didn't address what we were there for
I purchased a car that had been tuned up and gas leak repairs as well as brake fluid flush. The gal I bought it from raved about D &R and that they did such a good job. And that she paid $800.00 to make the car right. I drove the car for less than 1000 miles. It had broken down multiple times. And then the brakes went out. Which was fine as it was a used car. We took the car to D&R told them of the gas smell, the brakes, and that the car would stop running after being run for awhile and runs rough. They said they couldn't duplicate the rough running. And that the brakes, and what they found wrong would be about $600.00 The charge to find out the brakes needed to be replaced was 48.00. I took the car to Meineke and they fixed the front and back brakes and flushed the brakes, for $350. Which D&R said they had done in two months before. I saw the reading. The brake fluid needed to be flushed again. (less than 1000 miles later). I would not recommend D&R. Instead of addressing the issues that the car had and I talked about, they told me I needed a light bulb and windshield wipers. Ron is nice. But there are other shops that do not charge so much and actually inspect brakes for free. I feel sorry for the lady who I bought the car from and who takes all her company and personal cars to D&R, she is paying way too much for the service that is given.
Dave & R. from D & R Automotive responded on 11/05/2013

We're sorry you feel unhappy about the service done on your vehicle. We always strive to give everyone the best service possible.
To state the facts correctly, we didn't tune-up or fix a gas leak on the car. The service previously done and paid for by the old owner was a engine oil change, alignment, replace fuel filter, smog inspection, diagnose and repair a smog inspection failure of 3 emission hoses. We also flushed out the complete brake fluid system. We don't know what readings Meineke showed you, but it wasn't from your car. The brake fluid didn't need to be reflushed.
Our technician spend over 2 hours and multiple test drives, trying to get your car to duplicate the intermittent stalling, rough running problem you said happened multiple times. We changed you $48.00 (1/2 hour of labor time) for his time to scan the computer, checking ignition & fuel systems and vacuum leaks, trying to find something that could cause your symptons to accure.
We have FREE brake inspections, so we didn't charge you for the brake inspection and estimated the front brake work to be about $363.00. We told you about your cracked wiper rubbers and 3rd stop light out, which is a safety issue. 

D & R Automotive