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Tammy C.
Beaverton, MI
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Sure rape
My young daughter was stranded in Saginaw, her car had a bad gas line leak. Our regular machanic is in Stamdish. She was directed to try taking it to DeXtech. She called first to ask a possible quote. Of course without looking at it they could only guess $75 - $300. So she dropped it off. I shocking call that gave her a raping price of $685 came the next day. Her father and I told her get you keys back. He drove it to Standish and she had it fixed for $115. The only thing I can say nice about dextech is they didn't charge her for looking at her car. Never would I trust them, especially if it's a young girl who don't know any bettrr.

Calvin B.
Gladwin, MI
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Overcharged Parts
My brakes were grinding so I took my car here to have them looked at. Usually I do this myself but I was away from home for a couple days and didn’t have any equipment with me. They said I had a seized caliper and would need to replace both sides and rotors and brake pads. They wanted to charge me about $950 in total. That is way way way too much for that simple service. I told them to just put it back together and I drive it home with very little brake power. I ordered the parts myself for just under $300 dollars and 2hours later my car was as repaired. Not only that but the drivers side was totally fine. I understand that the calipers and pads should be replaced at the same time to prevent uneven braking but it had plenty of life left. They also charged me $97 dollars for taking two tires off and looking at the brakes. Ridiculous. And when they did finally get my car back together they didn’t call me. The guy at the front desk and on the phone was very polite and understanding though the prices and trustworthiness are out the window. Never coming back here again.

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