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Spring Valley, CA
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09/24/2014 Category: Service
Customer service - the wrong way
Had my Focus in service for an oil change and to check the "check engine" light that had turned on. The following interactions occurred:
1. Gave new phone number to service rep. upon which it was NOT used, did not receive phone messages. I was able to contact the service department to gain updates.
2. After paying at the cashier, waited for my focus to be brought out. After waiting in the lounge, noticed my focus outside. Went out, no key, no attendant. Went to ask the cashier for my key, where she handed it to me, with no explanation of why the attendant did not find me sitting in the lounge.

This is not the level of customer service that I have received over the years and for multiple vehicles. All staff were professional, just seemed to not pay attention to detail on that day.

El Cajon, CA
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09/23/2014 Category: Service
Sorry, not the people at fault
So here's the problem. I have a 2008 Super Duty Diesel F250. This motor is terrible and FORD won't do anything about it. In the past three months, I have had to replace the Tranny and the High Pressure Fuel Pump. That totals about $8500.00+. This is all prior to 106K miles. The salesman promised 15 miles to the gallon (I get barely 11) and a 200K+ motor before major maintenance. Do not believe what you hear from Drew Salesmen! Do not believe that you are getting a quality product from FORD! The Tech was fine and the Service Rep was fine, but......

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