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Catalina G.
Mount Olive Township, NJ
Cadillac Seville
Verified Customer
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poor customer service/failure to give a correct diagnostic
I paid over 1,400 dollars my water for pump and stop the vibrating when applying the brakes.He changed the brakes and rotors that did not need to be fixed.then he told me that it was the callipars now he tells me that its the hubs ?????
After replacing the water heater I did not not have heat then he charge me $245 more to do work on the heat core.?????
ALEX R. from DTA AUTOMOTIVE responded on 09/16/2013

Customer had a catastrophic overheat.  The water pump seized and melted a Cam gear pulley.  We replaced the water pump and all damaged components.  Vehicle was road test and overheating problem fixed. 

Customer was asked, prior to repair, if problem occured without warning or if she had been loosing coolant.  She neglected to inform us that she had been adding stop leaking for a few weeks to "fix" her coolant lose problem.  That resulted in the heater core clogging up causing her to have no heat.  A problem that did not surface until weeks later when heat was needed.

Also the $1400 bill included repair of brakes that were grinding.

Donald B.
Mercedes-Benz C230
Verified Customer
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THIS PLACE IS FULL OF CROOKS been the three times and all three times there was a problem. I recently had control arm done got charged $140 for a 45 min job and they couldnt even Aline tire by eye to drive home.........i wouldnt recommend this place to my worst enemy!!!!!
ALEX R. from DTA AUTOMOTIVE responded on 03/14/2013
Mr. Baggett was given a price 2 weeks prior to coming in. He had more than ample time to find a shop that would replace his control arm for less. And might I add that most places don't allow you to bring in your own parts. Mr. Baggett was also advised that we do not do alignments and that he should have it aligned immediately. Especially considering that the damaged to his control arm was due to a motor vehicle accident.