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John H.
Duluth, MN
RAM 2500 HD
Verified Customer
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No good
I dropped off my 2017 ram on a Sunday night so we can get an alignment Monday morning. In the key drop box I check the box to have my headlights adjusted because I had just put a leveling kit in it. Well the next day I get a call apparently someone on the weekend broke the alignment rack , But they did adjust the headlights. Mind you all they had to do was it just them down. And all the hassle I had to go through of making a new appointment at a different shop. I asked if they were going to charge me for the headlight adjustment and they told me $32.50. I could not believe it they still charge me to adjust my headlights but could even get my alignment done you would've thought they would've did that for free being all the hassle I had to go through. But no $32.50 for headlights that I believe are adjusted to low now. And on a separate occasion I bought a Jeep grand Cherokee to them they said they brought it in the shop and they couldn't work on it because of rust issues and it had a leak in the brake line. My suspicions are as they brought it in the shop went to put it on the hoist ended up breaking a brake line and then just called me to pick it up. I drove it up there it was not leaking brake fluid but was leaking severely when I picked it up. All the hassle I had to go through to not have my truck fixed and then to get charge $32.50 to adjust headlights down it's a brand-new truck so the headlights were straight. I don't recommend this place to anybody. There's a place called The Shop in West End that I have had no issues with. I came here out of convenience being closer to my home but never again. So thanks for screwing me on 32.50 and not fixing my truck
Brian from East End Auto responded on 07/25/2017

We do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of our alignment machine being broken during the time of your appointment. Not only was it an inconvenience to you, but to the several other customers who had appointments for alignments that day. Again, we apologize for that inconvenience. The book time that is listed for a headlight adjustment is .6, the amount of time that was charged to you was .4 because the process went quicker than planned, we passed the savings on to you. If you are dissatisfied with how the headlights are aiming, we would love the opportunity for you to schedule an appointment so we can re align the lights at no charge to you. As far as the brake lines on the Jeep, we felt as though the amount of rust on the vehicle, would lead to much larger repairs. We did an inspection on the vehicle and visibly saw how much rust was under the car and declined further working on the vehicle. Also please note that again, there was no charge to you for our inspection on the vehicle. Our customers safety and satisfaction is most important at our shop, if you are dissatisfied with the headlight adjustment, again, please don't hesitate to bring the truck back at no charge, and we will re align your headlights. 

Gary B.
Duluth, MN
Volkswagen Touareg
Verified Customer
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Falsely telling me something expensive needs replacing.
As a woman who is not familiar with the mechanical workings of a car, I am always nervous about getting my vehicle worked on. Unfortunately, my gut feeling was once again accurate. After being told I needed a new left front ball joint, a considerable investment for me, I had my vehicle checked out at another auto shop. You can imagine my surprise and anger when I was told there is nothing wrong with ANY of the ball joints on my vehicle. So, you either are being dishonest or you need to be more careful in your evaluations about what needs to be done on a customers vehicle. At any rate, neither my husband or myself will be revisiting your establishment in the future for any type of work on our vehicles and no, we will not be recommending you to anyone.
Brian from East End Auto responded on 05/24/2017

Spoke with Julie last week in hopes to re evaluate the VW personally. Julie expressed her concerns and agreed to speak with her husband to set up a time to bring the vehicle back in for the three of us to inspect the left front ball joint together. Still waiting for Julie or Gary to set up the appointment.

Duluth, MN
Ford Focus
Verified Customer
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High rates. Billed me for towing and diagnostic test when I asked them to simply tow it to shop and specifically do nothing else until further notice. Nearly 200$!!! Just for a tow.
Garrett C. from East End Auto responded on 06/23/2014

I (Garrett Campbell) owner of East End Auto have attempted to contact Joel numerous times, with unsuscessful attempts, and no returned phone calls.
Joel has been a great customer for many years and we have done multiple repairs to many of his vehicles.
Our towing company recieved a phone call from Joel after hours requesting a tow in for his vehicle with possible alternator issues. The vehicle was located 30 miles from our repair facility. The vehicle was dropped off that evening and the next morning my service advisor contacted Joel and discussed the concerns with his vehicle. He (our service advisor) was told to confirm that the alternator had indeed failed because another shop out of town had replaced the alternator less than a year ago. We ran basic tests and confirmed that the alternator was not charging, then checked all wires to confrim that it was the alternator itself and not the wires to the alternator. The service advisor then contacted Joel again and discussed with Joel that the alternator should be under warranty at the shop it was originally replaced at, and that Joel should bring the vehcile back to them for warranty. Joel at that time asked us to call the other shop and confirm that it was under warranty, a service we usually leave up to customers. But because Joel is such a great customer we decided to give them a call. The other shop confirmed that the alternator was under warranty and we stopped any other work at that time. Our service writer then explained that we charged $150 for the tow, which was 30 miles away from our shop and 30 miles back, and $29.99 for alternator basic test, and no charge for inspecting wiring to and from charging system.  Our AAA Roadside prices for a tow 30 miles away from our shop is around $195. We charged Joel $150 for the tow. In closing, I believe that the charges that were charged are less than the going rate for our local pricing. I would love to speak with Joel, because our customer satisfaction is alway my main concern.

Thank you for your time.