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Atlanta, GA
Honda Accord
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Really NO idea why I received this email. Today, I provided an old carburetor for parts in hope of a repair and I paid for repairs already performed. NO Where in this email is any of that addressed. ONE star is my response to my confusion.

In the future, If you want something other than "Huh?" response, make it clear WHY I've gotten this email.

Verified Customer
Atlanta, GA
Honda Civic Sdn
Verified Customer
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I truly thought that I had found a reputable company to repair my car.
I am very disappointed . Since moving to the city a year ago I have been in there 3 times for basic tune ups and most recently to have my brake pads changed. I was satisfied with the work and thought they were honest and competent. During the recent visit I advised that my AC wasn't cooling properly. I was told that I needed a new compressor at a cost of $1,100.00. I told them that I couldn't afford that and would just have to ride hot.

I just had the compressor changed less than 2 years ago while I lived in Florida. I thought it strange that it would be the same thing so soon. I got a second and a third opinion. I was told that the compressor was fine and my system was just a bit low on freon. They gassed it up for free. I am watching it and it is working PERFECTLY.

I must conclude that they are DISHONEST. Needless to say I will NOT be going back there.

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