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Kari H.
Colorado Springs, CO
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Warning, stay far away
I will never do business with these terrible people again. They are scam artists that cant repair anything. The owner is a liar. They repair your vehicle with used parts or just keep the original parts in and charge you for new ones. The best part is if you dont pay them because services weren't done or nothing was owed they will call the cops and get you arrested, They think it's funny and they are getting away with it. It's much better to pay more elsewhere than go to them and get ripped off. They are so incompetent its ridiculous, how they stay in business I have absolutely no idea. You have been warned.

Dustin D.
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The destroyed my tires
Lol. No. The issue is. I took my vehicle to Costco. AND I DO NOT NEED NEW TIRES. THEY HAVE 60% tread left on them according to a tire depth gauge .... they was purchased in 2016 brand new at Costco. The only reason I didn’t take them back to Costco Originally is because I actually had more faith in founding fathers than Costco..... and the last time I was there in November 2017 they charged me just over 30$ for one tire. That’s double what Costco charges so this time we elected to save our money. So we go to Costco To have a new leaky tire fixed, and WE FIND OUT They are unable to work on my tires. Because this shop installed a TEMPORARY road side emergency plug. AND THE LY NEVER TOLD ME IT WAS TEMPORARY. So we drive off assuming IT IS FIXED because THATS WHAT WE PAID FOR .... And the temporary plug violates all warranty and violates any shop from actually working on my tires now. The issue is. The temporary roadside plug your shop has installed has compromised the integrity of my tire. Those plugs DO NOT seal the tire. So dirt, debri, or worse water could get instide the tire. This would cause the steel belts to rust which would compromise the integrity of my tires. If a piece of dirt gets Inside it can also troll around the inside of the tire and cause internal damage. Because it’s been over a year, now the plug is permanty affixed to my tire and is unable to be patched. I now need to purchase 4 new tires to fix one leak. I gave you the opportunity to be a man, and stand behind your mistakes. Your response was .... I have not contacted Michelin to find out the approved tire plug. And you WILL NOT contact them to find out the approved plug. WHICH MEANS YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

Then YOU TOLD ME... Well since you left a bad review back in December, this relationship is over, and since you already have taken your business elsewhere I am not going to do anything to salvage this relationship.

So in other words. If your not getting money, your not gonna do the right thing.


I called you a HACK because you don’t know how to repair a tire... then you SHOULDNT DO WORK you don’t know how to properly do.

I am only asking you pay for THE PROBLEMS YOUR shop has created for me. Don’t you see?!! If you would have patched the tire properly and not plugged it with a temporary plug ... then I would be able to get my leaky tire fixed at Costco or any other shop.

IM ONLY ASKING for you to pay for the problem you created. It’s sinple. I’m sorry you don’t see your mistake.

No I am going to TELL EVERY contractor I know. Every person I know about how you cost me 900$ in new tires. So they don’t go to you and make the same mistake. You should be ashamed. And I’m taking you to court see you there.

I have owned my own business. As a carpenter for over 10 years. I have NEVER had one unhappy customer in my career. If I ever cost anybody a red penny I would feel terrible and be a man and take care of it.

My father taught me at an early age. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation. And it only takes ONE job done wrong to wreak it all.

You can take that to the bank.

Dustin D.
Toyota Sequoia
Verified Customer
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Tires plugged
Went in today. Found out the best main mechanic is no longer there ... his name was G. He was a core reason I had work done there. Also the office lady Amber is no longer there. For the amount of money this shop charges... they should be able to keep good help ... they had GOOD HELP ... my wife went in today, to fix some leaky tires. For the price of the patches ... mights as well of got new tires lol.

Won’t be back. And now need a mechanic.

Melissa K.
Colorado Springs, CO
Honda Odyssey
Verified Customer
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Took way too long, cost way too much
Set an appointment to bring in my vehicle for an oil change. When the appointment time arrived, I dropped off the vehicle and asked about how long. The answer was"At least an hour." An hour for a 20 min oil change? One that was scheduled for this specific time. Went ahead and left the vehicle and left to run some other errands. Over 2 1/2 hrs later, I had to call the shop and and find out what was taking so long for a 20 min oil change. Even then, it was still not done. I decided to go to the shop and wait until the maintenance was completed. When finally finished, after almost 3 hrs, I received the bill and it was nearly twice as much as I could have it done at other places. Very displeased with this service. We have been bringing you our service from the beginning, spent thousands of dollars, and refereed numerous people. Doesn't feel like much of a valued customer.

Maritza R.
Cadillac Escalade
Verified Customer
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My car was left outside overnight with keys inside
Never really had any issues with the place I have had all my vehicles serviced here in the past just upset that keys where left in my vehicles overnight I get a call from a police officer saying they found a guy with narcotics in my car luckily the guy was so messed up in drugs that he couldn't get it started lucky for them..

Clay M.
Colorado Springs, CO
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Bad service bad people
I met these guys at the business i managed and i took my camaro there just over a year ago it was running great, gueirmo was the guy i talked to, when i got my car back it was bogging out and had no power the body line between the passenger door and right fender was 2 inches wider then it originally was, my guess is over night they hot rodded it around town, i would highly recommemd you take your vehicle somewhere else if you value your automobile, not to mention the look and feel of this place gives a back woods vibe.

Angel R.
Colorado Springs, CO
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Used to come here a lot
Brought my 4Runner in for an oil change wanted to know about any routine maintenance needed was told my engine was going out and that's it took it to the dealership was told I needed several things for routine maintenance and that my car was a great car was charged $100 at both places got 3 oil changes included in that 100 from the dealership so just saying you guys really went down hill in quality and prices just keep going up $90/hr for what to just stare at my car for 40mins thanks for the honesty

Joseph G.
Saab 9-3
Verified Customer
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07/28/2016 Category: Service
Joseph said this business charged him 70 dollars just to have his vehicle sitting there and an additional 250 for the diagnoses. He doesn't really understand where the 70 dollars came from. He will not recommend this business for service for reasons already stated.
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Carol T.
Colorado Springs, CO
Toyota Corolla
Verified Customer
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Bait and Switch on price quote
On 5/9/16 at 8:00 am, my daughter dropped off my 2013 Toyota Corolla for brake problems. At 8:33 I was called by Amber that the rotors needed to be turned and new pads. Amber stated the cost would be $145. At 10:33 am, I was called again by Amber that the vehicle was ready. At 11:50 am I dropped off my daughter to pick up the vehicle. She drove the car home and let me know the price had changed and was $279.43. That is a huge difference from $145. I called and talked with Amber, who refused to admit she had told me a lower price. She started to reprimand me for questioning the $30 inspection charge. I have taken my 2000 Montero Sport to them twice and was never charged the inspection charge. Mark the owner told me I would not have to pay the inspection fee because I was a long term former customer of Don’s Conoco, the previous owner. Amber continued to be rude and talking in circles, so I asked that she have the manager contact me.

It has been 3 days and I have not heard from anyone at Founding Fathers Auto Service. I have dealt with Guillermo and the owner Mark in the past and both times was given an honest quote and service. Now, they have an inexperienced con artist quoting prices and consequently over charging for the services. Is Amber pocketing the difference or getting a percentage of the difference in price?
This was the worst experience I have ever had at an automotive shop. Thankfully I had the $134.43 over the initial price of $145.00. I understand now why there are over a half dozen cars sitting on their lot. These folks probably couldn’t pay the price different on Amber’s quotes and are now being charge $15 a day until they can find the money. Shame on you.