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Nechell A.
Bedford, TX
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I took my car to get checked.... It had been running hot so Kate said they can do a pressure check for 45 after the pressure check she told me I needed a thermostat and they could do it for $479 (which is a complete rip-off) I told her I couldn’t afford it so she said that she will flush my cooling system for $150. I had that done and today I had a mechanic to put my thermostat on for $45. And a radiator flush for $60 because THEY HADNT TOUCHED IT ALSO THEY CHARGED ME for antifreeze and they only put water in it. I don’t know how they have such good reviews maybe my skin tone is the reason they did me like that but I’m a single STRUGGLING mother that is from Missouri and I was desperate I know they aren’t going to reimburse me because my mechanic had no idea that I had already paid to get my radiator flushed as he was showing me why he needed to flush it he saw that it was water in the reserve and I showed him the receipt because he thought maybe I misunderstood what they said. He also told me there is no way possible to flush the cooling system without taking the thermostat off. Now my rent is about to be late because I waste don’t $150 for NOTHING! They will never EVER get a dime from me again! I’m so mad and my feelings are really hurt