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Shaun G.
Greenbelt, MD
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The tire guys at the shop.
These dudes installed tires (which are enexpensive, so If you're on a budget, it helps out tremendously) and when they installed em, they put the lugs on way too tight. I tried to take em offa week later to change my brakes and I couldnt get em off. Im not some weak guy. I've done my own brakes on all of my cars for the past 18 years. I even used an electric impact wrench to try and get em off. Would not work. I went back to the exxon ans these dudes tell me that it couldnt have been them. I was like this was last week and I come to yall all the time. I even brought up the conversations we had while they were doing my tires. Still, they pretended it wasnt them. One dude even said "well Audi lugs self tighten". I was dying. Please dont play me like Im some dumb millenial who has no idea about cars. I wasnt asking for any money back, just loosen the lugs some so that I can tighen em back up to normal specs.

If people cant own up to their mistakes instead of lying to them, I'd probably come back and keep spending my money with them... But these dudes? Come on... Bama told me that Audi lugs self tighten and then reminded me to tighten em back up when I was about to leave. I thought they were supposed to self tighten while Im driving lol

Denise W.
Volkswagen Jetta
Verified Customer
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07/29/2016 Category: Service
Denise said she went into the business to have the air conditioner repaired. She said as soon as she got home, it quit again. However, the technician who helped her was very nice and polite.
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