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Review for Heritage Body and Frame Pond Springs
Nicole V. on 11/16/2013
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"Broke my key fob, refuse to replace it."
Got rear ended, the ladies insurance has an office here so I decided to just go ahead and get my car fixed here because the reviews seem great.

To be fair, they did a great job repairing my bumper... BUT they broke my key fob in the process and refuse to take blame. My key fob is the only way I lock my car, open my trunk, and set my alarm. I have never had a single issue.

I drop my car off, lock the doors, set the alarm with the key fob, no problems. Come to pick up my car, go to switch the stuff from my rental back into my car, the fob doesn't work. My fiancé tells them and they say it's probably the battery, which is understandable. I take it to walmart, replace the battery and it still doesn't work, we go back to heritage.

The girl at the desk right away starts dismissing it as saying there was nothing they could have possibly done to break it with just bumper work.... Which absolutely just pissed me off. I can't stand people making excuses and not taking blame or just being open to the fact that maybe they did in fact mess up, especially right away without even knowing exactly what is going on. Anyway, we make an appointment for a few days later so they can look at it. We discover if you press the fob really hard in the middle while pressing the buttons it will work. Which leads me, and my mechanic fiancé, to believe it has been dropped/something has been knocked loose. It's obviously broke. At my fiance's reputable shop, if a key fob breaks while in their care, they replace it no questions asked. Which obviously, is how any respectable company would handle the situation.

Finally we go in and speak to a guy named Nathan, who says he's manager. Now, if Nathan is a manager, the owner of Heritage is wasting precious payroll on someone who is absolutely not fit for the position. Nathan is RIDICULOUS and EXTREMELY rude. He just smirks and speaks in circles, not taking blame, saying there is no way to know if the shop broke it or if it just broke over time. His solution is to each go half on replacing the key fob because he says the key fob doesn't look brand new. Absolutely Ridiculous. To make it even WORSE, he shows me this key fob that doesn't have a trunk open, I don't even think has an alarm button, pulls up an E BAY page and says that's the one he will help towards replacing. It's nothing at all like my current key fob. I asked for my keys back, he says OKAY with a smirk. I walk away absolutely LIVID.

Leaving my car at any shop is based on trust. I trust them to take care of my car, every piece of my car. KEYS INCLUDED.

I finally called the lakeline location and spoke to the manager, Drew, about what had happened at the pond springs location. He seemed very nice and professional, seemed to listen when I was speaking and said he would see what he could do about the situation. I will update when/if I hear back from him.

UPDATE 11/16/13 - Drew told me he had contacted the owner on Tuesday, it's saturday and nothing else has been done. Either Drew lied, or the owner just doesn't care. Either way, this company is disgusting and untrustworthy.
Service Date: 11/12/2013
Review Created: 11/16/2013 02:29 PM