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Scott F.
Whitehouse, TX
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Do NOT take your vehicle here. I was told I needed a $1,000 preventive maintenance timing belt.when I came in for a $100 repair. Before I agreed I asked how long is the warranty, his sister who works in the office said " oh just bring it back Josh stands behind his work" The very next day after I picked it up it was doing the same thing and Josh wouldn't even pay for the tow. and charged me more money. I had the car back 15 hrs and drove it 5 miles. Then while replacing the $1,000 timing belt upsell they damaged a my air conditioner and I spent months wrangling with them to get it repaired.

Update now 10 months later 10,000 miles later the water pump they replaced has gone out and of course Josh doesn't want to warranty it
Josh H. from Josh Hawkins Automotive responded on 01/04/2019

Unfortunately, this situation has made us realize that we cannot make every customer happy. We have tried on many occasions to handle this situation and the customer has not allowed it. When all of this started, we were accused of not replacing parts that we replaced, “upselling” the customer on a much-needed maintenance item and damaging parts during repairs. Most of this could have been resolved by the customer returning the owners phone call but instead lead to being bashed on social media and filing a claim with the BBB. I would like to address these issues for the individuals reading this review, so you can decide if we are truly “crooks” or not - without boring you and going into a great amount of detail.

1.Customer came in for a misfire. Found a bad coil and noticed the worst timing belt any of our techs in the shop had seen. Suggested to have it replaced along with the water pump (it would be cheaper to buy a timing belt kit with a water pump and the labor would be the same to do it all at once. This would save him in the long run). Showed customer the shape of the belt, he agreed, we did the repairs. Just FYI - if the belt breaks, the car stops. It doesn't care if you are in rush-hour traffic or pulling in your driveway (SAFETY HAZARD). The invoice states at the bottom that the warranty is 12 month, 12,000 miles – whichever comes first.

2.Customer emailed the night he picked up the car and said it was acting up again. Before the email was ever opened the customer was at the shop the next morning with his car. We never got a chance to reply and we were never asked to have the car towed (the car was not even towed in; the customer drove it). Found he had another coil go bad – changed the coil and charged the customer for the price of the coil and no labor.


3.Customer had a complaint of the defrost not working. The tech looking at the car deemed that the a/c compressor was shorting out and that it needed to be replaced. After this is when everything went downhill. Customer filed a complaint with the BBB and left several bad reviews which consisted of several accusations of us damaging parts and not replacing parts that we did replace. Josh, the owner, tried reaching out to the customer to resolve the issue and the customer refused to answer. The next communication we had was at a hearing with the BBB. In compilations with the BBB he eventually took it to another shop that found the compressor was acting up due to a pinched wire. Josh Hawkins Automotive paid his $50 invoice and the issue was resolved. This was something that could have been resolved if he would have given the owner a chance to make it right (answer his phone call) and allow him to look at the vehicle. Harassment and bad reviews continued even though we took care of the issue.


4. 12/15/18 got an email from the customer saying his water pump went out in Waco. Josh spoke with Mr. Folks on the phone and the customer told him the location of the car, the keys were under the mat and that he was going to take care of this or we were going to court and then hung up on Josh. Josh did research on a reputable shop in the area and found someone to agree to look at the vehicle to deem whether it was the water pump or not before we paid for a three hour tow. We arranged a tow truck driver to pick-up Mr. Folks’ car and the driver called Josh to tell him he couldn’t find the car. Josh called Mr. Folks to give him the tow truck drivers number so that he could lead him in the direction of his car and then Scott hung up on Josh after getting the number. Shortly after, the tow truck driver called saying that Scott told him not to touch his car and hung up on him. Then Josh received a call from Mr. folks telling him that he will not allow a “po-dunk” shop to look at his car and that Josh is going to get it personally, fix it while he supervises and hung up. This was the last communication with Mr. Folks other than this review ^^^.

We have tried to make Mr. Folks happy but there are so many times you can be hung up on and talked to like dirt before you must throw your hands up in the air. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

George R.
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
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06/16/2018 Category: Service
George said he still owes the business money for battery cables that were not installed properly. He had to take the vehicle to another facility to have it re-do the whole thing. He stated he would still recommend this business, because it was probably an honest mistake.
Josh H. from Josh Hawkins Automotive responded on 06/19/2018

George, Josh called you several times about your bill and was told that you were going to come by and handle it. Not once did we hear that our work was not done properly. Then it got to the point that if we called you would not answer or you would hang up as soon as we told you who we were. This is a sad excuse for not paying your bill. Customers like you make it hard for us to help out the customers that are in real need. It is funny how you could answer the phone to give us a bad review but you couldn't answer when we called about your bill. This has been going on since October of last year.