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Janna D.
Plano, TX
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Tires were overinflated
I took my car to Maso's based upon the numerous positive reviews from neighbors on the Nextdoor website. Prior to this, I had been taking my car to a different repair facility for 15+ years. The ownership had changed so I was seeking a new repair shop. I needed an oil change so I called the facility to see if I could schedule an appointment. I was told that no appointment was needed and that I could just bring it on by even though it was late in the afternoon. The person at the front counter was friendly and he immediately took my car back for its oil change. I asked if they could do a standard inspection of all belts, fluid, etc but he told me that he wasn't qualified to do so and that he could only change the oil, fill my wiper fluid, and check the air in my tires. I probably should have rearranged to come back when someone was there who could do the necessary maintenance inspection but I did not. Shame on me. When he was done with my car, the tech told me that my tires had been very low in air and that he had taken care of it. He also topped off the windshield wiper fluid. Flash forward to today. 3 weeks had passed and I was going to inflate the tires. This is when I discovered that all 4 tires had been SUBSTANTIALLY overinflated. The front tires should be 30 psi and the rear tires should be 29 psi. Instead, every single one was over 35 psi. My car had been in my garage overnight when I checked the pressure so the tires were cold and not giving me a false high pressure. My guess is that the tech probably inflated the tires to the pressure stated on the tires (44 psi) instead of getting the correct pressure from the driver's side door in the car. I am really upset over this and will most likely not take my car back to them. Driving a car with overinflated tires is not safe! This is a shame as they were very friendly and quick but I need to be able to trust that the people maintaining my car are doing the work properly.

Carolyn S.
Mc Kinney, TX
Honda Civic
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Had my oil changed and car inspected. Everyone very nice. Only disappointment I had is mechanic did not put my oil pan (metal plate) back on correctly which caused a noise when I was on the freeway that scared me. I had to go back to have them check it out. They had missed a screw when putting back on. Need to make sure done correctly next time.

Martin C.
Plano, TX
GMC Yukon XL
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friendly people
Should honor competitor coupons. Technician forgot to reset on board computer for oil life.

Bill B.
Plano, TX
Toyota Highlander
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1st Time
All ":A" ok. New start. New growing pains.