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Trent B.
Saint Paul, MN
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Unhappy in Fargo
Quality of workmanship is good. But business skill are lacking In the process of completing a repair another part was broken that then had to be replaced in order for the vehicle to be operational. This repair was done and unfortunately charged 100% to me. Matt's feel they have no responsibility to pay for even a portion of the repair cost for the damage they caused. Due to this lack of basic customer service, I can not give a positive rating for this shop.

Fargo, ND
Isuzu Amigo
Verified Customer
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I was disappointed with the level of honesty I experienced in my last visit to your establishment. And by last, I do mean last. To start with, the estimate of $25-$28.00 for a simple oil change with filter somehow grew to almost $40.00 by the time I was at the desk with my debit card in hand. Going in, your staff didn't know there would also be hazmat & shop supplies included in the execution of this service? That's just plain ol' fashioned dishonesty, the kind that will not generate repeat visits to your business. Also, included in the printout I received with my bill, along with all the other service items that need attention (which I don't disagree with) was the fact that my "power drive" indicator light was on & service was recommended. Yes, that's true that it was (and still is) on, however, that is a feature of the 4L30E transmission in this vehicle which raises the shift points allowing more rapid acceleration. I wonder, if I was someone who is as ignorant as the average consumer who has never held, much less turned a wrench, how much I would have been charged to have one of your "techs" push the button on my center console to alleviate that problem? In closing, the 20-30 hrs of shop time estimated to weld a couple pieces of scrap flat steel to beef up the frame where the L/R (that means left-rear) lower link attaches to the frame, is quite frankly, ludicrous. If you don't want to/aren't equipped to handle the task, just say so.
Matt L., Owner & Founder from Matt's Automotive Service Center LLC responded on 03/09/2017

I am a bit puzzled about the statement regarding the price of our oil service, since we have a set price and do not estimate it.  It has been the same price for nearly a year, $31.99 plus tax, shop supplies and disposal.  Your total was just over $37, and we also topped off your washer fluid free of charge.  I spoke with the person who you worked with and he said he told you the price of $31.99, so i am not sure where you are getting this price from.  Its been well over a year since our oil service price was in the $28 range, is it possible you called in a long time ago and that you are remembering that?  You received a copy of our inspection that simply stated what was noticed on your vehicle, and thats it.  It was noted that the power drive light was on when the vehicle came in, we didnt tell you anything further than that.  We note lights that are on so you as the customer are aware, but also to protect us in the event you come back and state the light wasnt on when you came in.  The other items that were recommended were for your information.  It is our duty to inform each customer of the state of health of their vehicle, whether or not you choose to repair it or not.  We pride ourselves being 100% transparent with our customers and educating them on whats really going on with their vehicles.  We believe and stand behind the recommendations on your vehicle 100% and we are sorry that you do not agree with them.  Regarding your comments about adding steel to "beef" up your frame, your frame and body are severely rusted through, and in order to properly attach metal, we have to have good metal to work with, which means taking the necessary time to get to that metal, cutting new metal, welding the new pieces in, and coating them so they do not rust.  This would have been a substantial project, and one we are more than capable of doing, but it would have taken a large amount of time.  I am sorry you think the time we estimated is not correct, but in order to do a job right, and stand behind it, we have to do it in a way we feel comfortable as well.  We also consulted a body shop regarding the condition of your frame and the work that you requested and they agreed that the time we estimated was not only adequate, but very fair.  While we always strive to make each customers vistit an exceptional one, sometimes no matter what we do we cannot make that customer happy, and that is part of life.  We never like to lose customers, and we are sorry to see you leave, but it may be for the best as we might not be able to serve you and your vehicle the way you would like them to be.  We are more than willing to discuss your visit further if you would like, and we wish you nothing but the best for the future!  God Bless!

West Fargo, ND
GMC Envoy
Verified Customer
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Excellent customer service
I had issues but the manager Matt called me and was able to resolve my concerns. Thanks for taking the time to do that.

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Too many hidden fees
I had a coupon for a $17.99 oil change and expected that to be the price. The coupon had no small print about coupon only being good for up to 5 quarts but I was told that and then was told it shouldn't be much more because for a couple more quarts it's only a couple bucks a quart. Well after all said and done my "$17.99" oil change costed me almost $31 out the door. Extremely disappointed at all the fees added on that you're not told about. And to top it off when I got home I had to call Matt's back because I was told windshield washer fluid was filled for free with all oil changes but I had a charge for washer fluid of $2.97 on my receipt. Sorry but I will not be coming back.
Matt L., Owner & Founder from Matt's Automotive Service Center LLC responded on 02/12/2016

Our Manager, Matt Saar called and spoke with Trvor regarding this.  It was a misunerstanding and Trevor stated he would love to rescore.  Thank you for you business Trevor!