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lee r.
Anderson, CA
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Deeply Disappointed
I have being going to them for over 15 years. No more. Truck died on the road had it taken in to be worked on. Called me said it was done. I picked it up and didn't get a block away it did the same thing. They took it back to the shop called me and said it was done. I drove it home about a mile ran fine. Drove it to Redding today and it died on I-5 had to have it towed home. Called said it did the same thing. Oh you can bring it in and we will look at it. I don't think so. Three times is not the charm
Lisa B., Accountant from Metric Motors responded on 05/11/2018

Hi Lee.  I'm so sorry that you've had this issue.  Unfortunately with intermittent issues like yours, we can't pinpoint the problem, because when the car was here, everything was working.  We did our best to get the car to re-create the problem, but it didn't co-operate.  So at that point, it's a best guess situation.  And we apparently didn't guess correctly.  I'm sorry if that was not communicated clearly to you.  If the car is not running at this point, we'll pay to have it towed here and be able to diagnose the problem.  Intermittent issues are the worst, for our customers and for us.  As you have been coming here for 15 years, and we've made you happy up until this point, I believe you know that our technicians are qualified and we strive to keep our customers happy.  We're only human, but we'll do our best to make it right.  Again, I'm sorry for your trouble.  

Phil B.
Anderson, CA
MINI Cooper
Verified Customer
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I don't get it .........
Your service usually very good . However I just brought my Mini in because the driver door lock was frozen . I also asked for the top rear tail light to be fixed . The door lock apparently didn't require any service . It worked .

Without asking you added a half quart of coolant looked at the fog lights that I knew were not working and charged me $ 60.00

I don't get it it .

You should have called me and said Phil your door is just fine ......

Lisa B., Accountant from Metric Motors responded on 01/04/2017

Hi Phil.  I'm very sorry that you had a bad experience this time.  After our initial inspection, Jeff communicated with the young lady that brought the car in with you, as she answered the phone number that was left with us.  He informed her at the time that we had not experienced the door handle issue, and that the rear tail light was currently working.  He also told her that the right front marker light was out, and because replacing the bulb involved removing the wheel well liner, labor for replacing that bulb was $60.  He also recommended leaving the vehicle overnight to eliminate the possibility that the issue with the door handle and rear tail lights were temperature related.  She agreed to both replacing the front marker light, and leaving the vehicle overnight.  The tech re-inspected both the door handle, and the rear tail light the following morning, and they were both operational.  We check the fluids on all cars, due to the importance of proper levels.  We don't charge for that, but do charge for any added fluids.  That should have been communicated at the time.  I'm sorry for any mis-communication and/or misunderstanding.  We will refund the full amount of your repair bill.  Because it was paid with credit, you'll need to drop by with that card so we can issue a credit.  Again, I'm sorry for your inconvenience.  

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