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Rich R.
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Verified Customer
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Horrible Service
I don't know who the owner talked to but it was not me that he gave an estimate or explanation of the repairs before he went ahead with unauthorized work on my car and charged me $462. The work he said he did is not evidenced by the undisturbed rust on the nuts, bolts and straps of the tank he said was removed. I feel very taken advantage of by these people. The reason for the service was not corrected, yet I was still billed $462. I will never go there again.
Angel A. from Midway Transmissions & Auto Center responded on 09/13/2019

When you came with your car to my shop , the complaint was that the check engine light was on and your car will not pass the inspection. The diagnostic was the evaporate system has a leak. We run a smoke test in the evaporate system and we found out that was a leak in the top of the fuel tank. We called you and explained that we have to drop the fuel tank in order to see if the fuel pump gasket is broken or any hose are lose or broken too in the top of the fuel tank. You authorize by phone to do the job, so to drop the fuel tank takes a lot of labor. We called again to let you know that wasn`t in the fuel pump the problem. Was only a vacuum hose crack We change the fuel tank cap and replace 1 hose. After the repairs done, we run a test in the evaporate system and pass. We have in our cameras all the work done in your car. We wanted to show the video of surveillance cameras and all the equipment that we used in such work. Takes several ours to do. Obviously you don`t know about the equipment that we used to remove the fuel tank without removing the fuel. YOU ANSWERED THAT: " YOU DON`T NEED SEE ANY VIDEO". Your truck has an after market trailer hitch which was interfering with the fuel tank. We use induction heater tools (obviously you don`t know) in order brake loose the hitch bolts. We couldn`t use the torch to heat the bolt because the danger to the proximity to the fuel tank. The other problems of your car is not related with the work that we performed. You brought the car again to the shop with catalytic problem . You said that the car doesn`t have catalytic and i showed that your car has catalytic converter. Who sold the car lied to you.I suggest that you ask to another technician or expert in repairs. Just guessing lead to errors. We are well known in our neighbor for honestly. We are in business for 40 years and we are classified as 4.75 over 5 costumer satisfaction. Is not because I telling you is because numbers are showing where we are

John G.
Branchburg, NJ
Jeep Liberty
Verified Customer
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You’re a scam artist at your prices are way too high my family is going to take their business elsewhere
You are a scam artist you over charge me for my condenser your screwing me on my brakes My sister already stop going to your fucking place and the rest of my family is so I have a nice fucking life
Angel A. from Midway Transmissions & Auto Center responded on 09/12/2019

On April 2018 you decide to change from regular oil to synthetic oil. Since that time we were using same oil into your car, following the specifications of the car`s factory. Yesterday you said that you want to comeback to regular oil but we explained that regular oil will damage the engine. I understand that synthetic oil is more money but that give 2 times more millage and better life to your car (keep in mind that your are using more then a year synthetic oil). I suggest that before you used that lenguage that said a lot of who you are, you get more informacion about your car and what the manufacture recomend for your car. We never change the condenser that is less money comparing with the A/C compressor which is the part that we change. Our prices are very competitive with the market and we give warranty in our service. I wish you good luck and look for your car how it works when was under our care (always perfect).

Angel A. from Midway Transmissions & Auto Center responded on 09/23/2019

Thank for coming again. We aprecciate your business

Agnes H.
Whitehouse Station, NJ
Toyota Camry
Verified Customer
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A long wait
Everything was fine and facility is really nice now, but I was waiting for 3 hours to have oil change.
Angel A. from Midway Transmissions & Auto Center responded on 07/24/2019

Sometimes the memory play tricks in our mind. I reminding you that you came for change  a oxygen sensor in your car because the check engine light was on. You said: since that the car is in the shop do oil change. The oil change takes like 20 minutes but the oxygen sensors was dificult to find a suplier that has near by. Finally we got the oxygen sensor and we squaze you in between the other cars work although you didn1t have appointment. Anyway the problem was solve and car car is running well

Edelmira B.
Raritan, NJ
Nissan Pathfinder
Verified Customer
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ask for oil change, was charged for the oil change but never performed.
Will never recommend this place to my friends, had some parts change on the transmission and plus I ask for an oil change, as stated paid for it but was never performed, called back and he apologized he agreed was his fault and assured to be free of charge and gave an appointment, took the car back and up front said this is an extra and wants to charge for it. Mr Angel is a bad angel. Sad.
Angel A. from Midway Transmissions & Auto Center responded on 08/22/2016

Firstable all your car oil changes you do in other places. The main reason for what you car came is because your car didn`t start. The car was tow to the shop. We fix the problem using a spare part and you save right there $1000. You were happy that you no have to spent that kind of money. We offer a free oil change of course if the car used regular oil but you car use synthetic. Synthetic oil is 3 times more money the regular. Sorry that you didn`t understand and you refuse to do it. You car runs know very good and you didn`t have any complain for that.

Joe P.
Neshanic Station, NJ
Dodge Pickup
Verified Customer
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quoted $500.oo if Angel supplied parts.I supplied parts and hands me a bill for $ 633.00
I like Angel.Though EVERY TIME I do business with him.I get a quote CHEAPER than dealer.So everyone wants to save
$ 200.00. I was quoted $ 130.00 trans service and clean.I bought new pan and gasket and filters. Charged over $ 200.00 .Dealer had a special of $ 89.95 full service and he DID NOT have to Scrape all the Grunge out of pan and wash,Saved him an Hour Labor. Nest Rear Differential,Front Seal.Told me he was going through rear.He did from front.Dealer $ 189.00.Angel $ 300.00 plus $$$$. Then I said instead of using old Universal that he would have had to clean and repack with grease.No Grease Cock on OEM Universal.Saving him another .50 man hours each universal. He railed me.I did not ask to do the front .I said only the rear.That one you have to crack apart.He changed the front.I NEVER gave Permission.Holy Crap $ 185.00.Plus $ 35.00 and $ 18.00 and $ 35.00.I can get a Universal.NAPA top of the Line for $ 7.99. $ 185.00.are u kidding me.He did this on my Stretch limo.Oh Mr Joe I had to do this and I had to do that.It is a can of corn.Cut and Dry.He makes everything out like it was so much HARDER. Last time .Dealer would have been $ 89.95 and $ 189.00 Rear Diff. Rear Seal $ 49.95 and $ 35.00 each Universal Installed $ 370.00 maybe $ 400.00 .That is a DEALER. Angel is like my Egyptian Vet Dr Sam.He pulls the same shit.He says " EEEEEEEP well u see if I cut your dog and he lives it is $ 400.00.Well he operated on two of my Dogs and Killed Both of them and the Damn bill was $ 1400.00 and $ 1500.00 Respectively and my Dogs are Dead.,And Why do they over charge.They have Large Over sized Buildings That the Over Head is Killing them.So $ 100.00 here, $ 200.00 there.Some BS excuse.Oh this oh that.My Customers , 1st would not pay any extra. and 2nd call another carpenter.BS just Plain FBS.Tired of getting ripped off.I like Angel Though this broke the camel back.Plus the rear is chattering now.Wrong fluid.Takes full Syn at
$ 43.99 a quart.I like you Angel.I called two times to discuss you should have called me back.I think your bills on that Big Building and Business name you bought is not trickling down to your Clients .You are opening the Drain Plug on the Oil Pan on Our Heads... Keep it up an you will be like Joe Jr.Out of Business.Good news Moves like a slug with salt.Bad news Gets the Shoes of Mercury...Two times you over charge and I let it fly .This was Strike 3...Your Out.I will be in for a Refund on some of these BS line item charges.You charges d me four times to do the front universal.I never asked you to do it.So I have been Busy.I will be in soon.And I am sorry our relationship is over.I like you.Though sometimes your Mechanics an people that do work for you get to comfortable.You over charge once and say . Hey he did not flinch.Second time you over Charge a little more .I complain.You give a Yada Yada Yada excuse and I let it fly.Life is to Short.Third Time. NO Good.We are through.Sorry.No more TRUST. I would give minus 5 stars on this repair. I am really upset.Even more so that you never called me back.I called Maria 3 times. And I spoke to you twice...I guess you are to busy now.We will see if to last .DEALERS ARE CHEAPER THAN YOU.And you KNOW what you are Getting.High Quality. Guaranteed workmanship.
Angel A. from Midway Transmissions & Auto Center responded on 03/29/2016

We strive to provide quality services and budget friendly repairs. It is unfortunate that our repairs did not meet your expectations. We had provided services to your vehicle upon your handwritten requests. Only the rear end was serviced as per your request, the front end was not serviced. If you have an estimate from a dealer for the same repairs we provided at our facility, we are more than willing to refund any difference. Keeping in mind we provided repairs to your vehicle with parts that were supplied on your behalf, which is not under dealers’ policies. Repairs and services are guaranteed at our facility, regardless of customers requesting services at our facility to their vehicles every 10 years, like you. Angel has accepted to do business with you, despite knowing that other repairs shops denied providing services to your vehicle. However, we can be of future assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.