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Bethany, OK
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Half-assed job
They determined they could not repair my gas tank and had to replace it. Then try to say my part is not made new, and i must buy it used for $200+, yet I can find it BRAND NEW for HALF. They claimed it could be replaced in a few days so decided to overpay in the name of having my car back faster. They were incorrect and took 2 extra days to replace my gas tank, and the SAME DAY i get my car back It begins to randomly die while driving. 2 trips back to Mikey, first they say my car has to half 1/2 tank of gas or more to run properly ALL OF A SUDDEN. when this wasn't true and they looked again, they claim it has nothing to do with my new gas tank and start trying to charge me to replace random pieces of equipment not related to the fuel filter/pumps that were actually the culprits. Turns out they used a DIRTY gas tank that was not successfully cleaned out, which clogged the fuel pump, fuel filter and gas tank filter. They did not even CHECK my fuel filter when I came in with the problem OR after replacing the tank which many other mechanics say is mandatory when replacing the gas tank. 6 weeks after this joke of a shop replaced my gas tank, another shop replaced all the damaged pieces and took out my gas tank to be properly cleaned for a FRACTION of what this shop charged me to do a half assed job. I spent enough to put a down payment on a new car because this place decided to run the college girl for all the money she had. Do not trust this shop unless you KNOW how things are supposed to be done and you are willing to oversee everything they do to make sure the job is done right. this place is a joke and couldn't even prove that my gas tank was ever damaged in the first place and did everything in their power to charge me more than i should have been charged.
Mikey S. from Mikey's Automotive LLC responded on 10/11/2019

This vehicle came in for a fuel leak. It is true that we will not repair a gas tank. Her tank dented from hitting something was leaking down the seam from where the impact was. We took a picture to show the customer only because it was a good impact and not because we would have to prove why her fuel tank was leaking. We offered her a new or a used option. The used option does offer good savings over a new one and that is the direction the customer wanted to go. Although, we gave a estimate on Friday and the following Wednesday we had to call the customer to pick up the car or approve the job. It was than she approved it and was told it takes 2 days to get the tank here. We received the tank Friday. Cleaned the tank and went back in with her fuel pump. This was against our recommendations. We requested to replace fuel pump and filter and was denied. After a impact and the fact we were there it would of been a great idea to replace. Customer picked up car the same day and soon after had a issue. It was brought back to us to find out she ran it out of gas. We added 6 gallons to it-it than started and test drove for the day. No other problems noted. A few days later she drops it again with us for dieing while driving. We connected a fuel gauge on the vehicle and test drove. 35 miles later the car did die. We never lost fuel pressure and we maintained good fuel pressure during the drive. This tells us that there is another issue. There was no diagnostics codes stored in the system. No check engine lights came on. We did fine several hundred cases of crank sensors doing this exact same thing in our gm bulletins. We recommended a crank sensor and she denied. I know this customer was really frustrated about the situation. She also had to come up with the funds which probably added to the frustration. This is a car that is 23 years old and came to us to fix a fuel leak. We made recommendations that were denied. It was fixed in a timely manner. Lastly, we were glad we were able to share our side of the story. 

Hyundai Sonata
Verified Customer
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Not sure all work was done
We brought in vehicle for an alignment issue and was told we had a problem with the rear end that would have required major work. They said they were able to align the car within specs and that the pulling to the left was tire wear. (Previously car pulled to the right). Was told they rotated the tires. Took car to discount tires and one wheel had never been balanced and the tires were never rotated.

So I’m not sure I’ll be back.
Mikey S. from Mikey's Automotive LLC responded on 06/28/2018

Looks like there was some confusion, Here's the details. This vehicle was brought in for an aligment and was pulling to the right. We found rear control arm seized up and recommended it to bring alignment angles into spec. Customer declined. We brought the angles as close to perfect as we could. On a test drive we were still pulling to the right. We than checked alignment again and found the angles had not changed. We then rotated front tires side to side(no charge) and found the pull followed the tire. Now pulling to the left. That confirmed the pull is from the tire. We recommended checking the warranty on the tire/or replace/and replace control arm in the end. Customer was only charged for the alignment. We didn't have a request to balance the tires nor did we charge them for a balance or rotate. Mikey's Automotive has always worked to earn the trust of its customers by being honest and thorough. Our reputation is everything as you can see by all of the happy customers. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Edmond, OK
Toyota 4Runner
Verified Customer
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Not happy
They told me it would only cost $25 to fix my seatbelt and they charged me 50. I will not be back.

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