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Wayne A.
Oregon City, OR
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Avoid at all cost!
Where do I start…went there for an oil change. I was told by Ron the owner that they provide a free 30 point inspection that’s a good start. Ron called me said that my tire were getting close to needing to be replace, I told him at that time he could quote me on a set of new tires but that I would not be purchasing any tire at this time. He then told everything else looked good other than I had a burned out indicator lamp & would I like them to change it. I gave him the okay to change the lamp. After I paid the bill for my truck I got home and looked at the bill to review the charges. I notice they had charged me $6.95 for the light bulb plus $16.00 labor to change it WOW! I can buy two of those bulbs at Bi-Mart for $3.19 and change it in less than 5 minutes myself won’t do that again.
When I went back for my next oil change months later Ron called me again telling me my front passenger side tire was showing some unusual wear my Tie rod needed to be replaced. I told him to change the oil & work me up a quote on replacing the idler arm aliening the front end with a new set of tires, which he gladly did. Once he gave me the quote I told him to order the tires and parts he needed, so they could complete the job in one day give me a call. Once he had everything in his shop we would set a day for me to drop it off so he could have it done the same day because I could not be without a vehicle which we did. Then five hours after I dropped off my truck Ron calls and advises me that my Idler Arm & Pitman Arms needed to be replaced as well and they couldn’t tell that until they got into the job. It would be an additional $1,000.00 dollars to repair and they couldn’t get parts until the next day but they would provide a loaner car until the job was done. I reluctantly told him to move forward with the repair but that I wanted all the old parts saved when they were done which they did. Now having been a mechanic myself for while serving in the military and as a second job at a service station for four years after being discharged I decided this was not a profession I wanted as a career. However my son is Certified Auto & Diesel Mechanic. So I took the old parts shipped them to my nieces husband who is a Master Mechanic for a dealership in Idaho. He check out the parts and told me they were all still within the factory specifications no reason they should have been replaced.
I vowed never to go back! However due to circumstances beyond my control when my next oil change was due I made an appointment for them to change the oil & to rotate the tires which was to be a free service for purchasing tires from them. The only reason I went there was because no other shop could get me in that week and I was headed out of town for work the next week. When I went in to pick up my truck the lady told me I owed $253.58 when I asked for what! She said for an oil change as well as a fuel filter change I told her I didn’t ask to have my fuel filter changed I just changed it myself three months ago. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as the tire companies they deal with to advise them of the type of people that are representing their companies.

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