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Brockport, NY
Oldsmobile Alero
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Rude receptionist, simple job gone wrong
I brought my car here because I heard from my boyfriend that this shop had a good reputation. My boyfriend does most of my car work, but can't do a state inspection so that's all I needed done.
I made an appointment to drop it off the night before the appointment, planning to pick it up the next evening, as I work 8-5 during the week. The receptionist seemed pretty impatient and pedantic, but I brushed it off because it's difficult to get a true first impression of someone over the phone.

They called me late afternoon to inform me the inspection was over and my car had passed, but they also did a little work it. Surprised they hadn't called me first to authorize the work, I just gave her my payment information and went to move on with my day. She seemed inconvenienced that I would not be able to leave work early to pay in person and pick up my keys, but we settled the matter over the phone. I was called back a few minutes later and I stepped out of my office setting to take the call. The reason for the call back was to ask for my email and address. When I began to give her my address, she loudly interrupts me to ask if I was giving her my college address. I'm an adult who just happens to live in a college town and work full-time downtown Rochester, so I was put off by her pejorative mannerisms.

Later, when I pick up my car, my boyfriend was driving behind me and told me my brake light was out. My invoice said this had been replaced, so I called back the next day. I asked why work was done that was not authorized (NYS DMV law is very explicit that work cannot be done on a car when it was not authorized by the car owner. The lady, again, seemed very peeved replying, "We can't call for every little thing. If it's under $100 we just do it." Again, this is objectively illegal. I was told that it "would not have passed inspection without fixing the light." However, my car passed with a STILL broken taillight. So either they did not fix it, or did not bother to check if their diagnosis of the light's problem was correctly identified. The lady argued with me and refused to speak with my boyfriend, scoffing and handing the phone to the mechanic.

Very unprofessional. Not an ethical operation. Will not go back.
Robin W. from Nichols Service responded on 06/30/2016

It was so nice to talk to you Monday! I am glad I could clarify what was going on. It was surprising to me your response to Audrey as it seemed out of character as she is a sweet lady but does have a hearing issue which could explain her getting loud on the phone at times. We appreciate you bring it to our attention, and have since talk to Audrey about hearing aids so she can do her job more efficiently and with out future misunderstandings. As for the work that was done, we do normally call for approval.Most most of our regular customers tell us to do what ever it needs.We have a policy of still calling when needed, even if we know the customer will authorize it. But as I explained,even if we would have gotten a hold of you, the bulbs that were replaced were 2@ $2.89.We were trying to save you money and time as it would have cost you more if we would have failed it for the bulbs and you would have had to have in reinspected.New York Law requires that you would have had to pay the $21.00 for the failed inspection and then pay another $10.00 to get it reinspected, with no additional work done. However as I mentioned if you would like the money back for the bulbs we replaced, I will be happy to refund that cost. As for the brake light that was out when you picked up your car,the bulbs that were replaced were your 2 of 3 of your 3rd brake lights that are required by law to work.The light bulb that went out after the inspection was good for the inspection or it also would have been replaced. I understand that you are very skeptical of garages because of how some in our industry take advantage of young women, but honesty, integrity and taking good care of our customers is something we take pride in, and I hope we have the opportunity to prove that to you in the future.If you ever have any future questions or concerns in the future feel free to call the office and ask for me, as I am the owner and I am very interested in our customers happiness and satisfaction.

Robin Waller

Prudence S.
Brockport, NY
Chevrolet Equinox
Verified Customer
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02/15/2016 Category: Service
Spoke with Prudence's husband. He said his vehicle is still not running. He believes it is the battery and plans to get another battery. He hopes it solves the problem.