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Bill J.
Bloomingburg, NY
Dodge Nitro
Verified Customer
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10/10/2019 Category: Service
Bill said this business was more expensive than he expected. He was in an emergency situation and did not have many choices.
George &., owner from Olympos Auto Service responded on 10/15/2019

Hey Mr. Bill, this is Mikey from Olympos Auto Service.  I am very sad to see that you were not happy or satisfied with the service that you experienced at our service station when your vehicle got stuck with an alternator issue, because customer satisfaction is our # 1 prioprity.  As per our coversation over the telephone today, I kind of understood it was due to the price that we agreed on and charged you for the cost of the alternator because you specifically asked us to buy you the cheapest alternator we can find and we did that for you, even though the alternator was still on the pricy side.  It was a 150.00 - 200 dollar difference between the cheaper alternator that we purchased for you and the alternator that we would generally buy to replace with.  I also brought you around our counter when you came to pick up the vehicle and showed you the prices of what these alternators are going for thru 3 different wharehouses we purchase from.  you seen the price differences from 1 brand to the other with your own eyes.  and also, we gave you a price quote before the work got even started on your vehicle.  if there was an issue with the price, i wish you would have said something to me on the spot on how you felt about the price and we would have proceeded with the job in a different way such as trying to get a used one from the junkyard which we never recomeend.  and also, the reason why we replaced the serpentine belt on your vehicle is because we had to remove the serpentine belt to replace the alternator, the belt was all full of cracks, about to snap, and we did not want to install the same belt on your vehicle where it would have cause a problem in the near future such as the belt breaking or snapping and you would have gotten stuck and possibly caused much more damage. A cracked or worn belt will not prevent your alternator from not charging.  a broken belt would have and at the same time you would have lost your power steering, and cause the vehicle to overheat, where you did not have those issues or complaints. we did not charge you any extra labor for the belt, we also did not charge you any diagnosis time.  i am sorry you left our facility feeling the way you felt about us.  we go out of our way and above and beyond for every single customer that walk in and out of our door regargless where they reside.  i am sorry once again...  please call me if you have any questions or issues @ 516 739-1133

Mike Maragopoulos 


516 739-1133

Danny A.
Hicksville, NY
Honda Civic Cpe
Verified Customer
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To much smoking
I could not breethe because of the smoking. No prefessionalism, no paper work provided.. for my inspection was a little pricy

Jose G.
Garden City Park, NY
Nissan Xterra
Verified Customer
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01/19/2015 Category: Service
Jose said this business had a problem with their supplies. When they ordered the parts from the dealership they sent in the wrong parts. They had to put a hold on the vehicle and he had to wait two and a half days instead of four hours. They need to make sure when they start doing their job. Even though his vehicle was breaking apart they still did a good job.