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Tony E.
Kansas City, MO
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Honestly after reading a few of these posts I am thoroughly convinced some of these are fake, because my experience was completely horrible. I have a 1992 Honda accord that needed the rear motor mount replaced and A/C repair. After dropping the car off and filling out paper work concerning my issue. Cody a representative called and told me that in addition to fixing the rear motor mount and A/C, he found several other problems that needed to be fixed. Ok fine. The cost he said would be over $2,000 dollars, well I told him that the car was purchased for only $650 dollars and that I couldn’t see spending that much money. So it was agreed, so I thought that no more than $1,000 dollars of work would be done including the REAR MOTOR MOUNT. This is where the communication went south. I believe Cody was so eager in getting every single dime that he thought the REAR MOTOR MOUNT!!! was a minor issue or he forgot. I found this out when I inspected the car, which I recommend everyone do, DON’T PAY BEFORE YOU INSPECT. Why, because we all work hard for our money.
The real problem quickly came when he said that it would cost additional $614 dollars to fix. I suggested since they forgot to fix the motor mount that they eat half the cost, Why not make them pay all the cost? Well sometime it’s easier to try and work things out. I thought this was more than fair. Unfortunately they didn’t. At this point since Cody and his supervisor Andrew weren’t going to work with me I suggested they let the owner know what was going on, so I left the car there over the weekend which by the way I had planned to drive to Mexico Missouri to visit family. Long story short they later called that same day and agreed to fix the rear motor mount, which they did that following Tuesday. I would like to add that the story still didn’t end well I paid over $1300 dollars and my rear motor mount they allegedly fixed makes a clanking sound when engine engages from park to drive or to reverse. So am I happy. NO!! Will I bring my car back again? NO!!
Andrew O., Owner from Otto Service Of Kansas City responded on 12/31/2018

Tony, I am sorry to hear you wont be coming back in.

When a vehicle needs over $2000.00 dollars in repair and you have a $1000.00 dollar budget our procedure is to prioritize & recommend safety & reliability first. Our service advisors are not paid on commission so they have nothing to gain by trying to upsell repairs, their goal is always safety first. We always inform you what your vehicle needs and you decide how you would like to proceed. Since the engine mount was not a safety item and cost over $600.00 it doesn't make sense to replace that part when there was safety items needed that would take precedent over the engine mount. For example you had bald tires and one that was ready to blow out if we had replaced the engine mount and waited on the tires since they were still holding air you leave our facility and have a blow out then you would ask why didn't we as professionals recommend a repair having a higher priority that could leave you or your family on the side of the road or in an accident. We did not forget to replace the engine mount we were trying to stay within your budget & making your car safe & reliable for you and your family to drive. When you picked up your car you wanted to look at the engine mount that was not replaced that we informed you was not replaced. We informed you at that time the car was safe to drive to Mexico Missouri as the safety & reliability items had been repaired and we kept the cost within your budget. We are happy to show anyone what was replaced on their vehicle at any time and save old parts for viewing . (When in doubt Ask) We always say is the best thing to do. There is no question about the rear engine mount allegedly being replaced, We Agreed to split the price as to your request, we saved the old part & supplied you with a copy of our receipt from the dealer for the part that we purchased as you requested. I know that we are human and make mistakes so if a miscommunication happened I wanted to meet your request to make things right. If you have someone you trust they can look at the rear engine mount & tell it is a new part. We will continue to recommend safety & reliability repairs first before cosmetic or comfort repairs if there is a budget needed. Thank you for your feedback I hope your 1992 honda accord is performing well for you and your family. May you have an excellent 2019.
 From your Otto Service family.

Robert G.
Lees Summit, MO
Toyota Highlander
Verified Customer
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Oil change problem
Last week my oil change turned into a half day lost. I had an oil leak repair that was supposed to be a one hour job. Somebody did not order enough parts and the one hour turned into four hours and twenty min.
Andrew O., Owner from Otto Service Of Kansas City responded on 12/19/2018

I appreciate you entrusting us to service your Toyota.
We put you in a loaner vehicle free of charge in order to uninterrupt your day as much as possible. We contacted our parts distributor multiple times that morning to find out where the driver was with the part we had ordered to correctly repair your vehicle. I was ready to get in my car and go to the parts driver in order to speed up the delay. I apologize for your inconvenience, we installed the parts immediately when they arrived. I hope you will understand this was a situation out of our control.
We appreciate you being part of the ottoservice family and hope to see you soon.

Martain B.
Kansas City, MO
Acura MDX
Verified Customer
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06/09/2017 Category: Service
Martain said the business provided poor service, the communication was bad and he was overcharged.

Walter W.
Leawood, KS
Acura RL
Verified Customer
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Tried to bait and switch two times! Reported to BBB
Lying underhanded company! Won't honor their quote for repairs! Wanted to double my quote, saying they fired the guy who completed quote! What a bunch of crooks!
Andrew O., Owner from Otto Service Of Kansas City responded on 05/02/2017

Mr. Willett,

 I am very sorry that the quote given six months ago when you first came in wasn't the actual price of the repair, Our technician started to perform the recommend repair and stopped immediately to inform my service advisor that the original diagnosis would not fully resolve the ticking noise from the engine. My service advisor came and sat down with you in the lobby to let you know what had been discovered and the price to do the repair and fully resolve the ticking noise was going to change from $205.65 To $388.94 because of an additional part cost.  The repair could not be done that day and a part would have to be special ordered. It would not have been fair to you if we had performed the original recommended repair knowing it would not have fully resolved the problem and incurred an additional labor charge at a later date. We are always happy to show our customers on their vehicles specifically what the needed repair may need. You stopped the conversation and demanded your car be taken out of the shop immediately, we respectfully did as you asked. The gentleman that we were referring to was not fired, and he was not there to speak on his behalf as he has moved on from our company. We always like the positive reviews but understand we will not be able to please everyone,we always strive to do the best that we can. In times when we make a mistake we have no problem acknowledging it as we know perfection is not possible. At the end of the day these situations are a benefit as it keeps us on our toes and reviewing our process & procedures to see if we can make improvements.

Kenneth H.
Kansas City, MO
Acura 3.5RL
Verified Customer
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Said brake were bad. Change brake myself we're new
I was quoted for work that did not need to be done
Andrew O., Owner from Otto Service Of Kansas City responded on 12/12/2016

Kenneth, i am very sorry to hear that you had a bad visit to our facility. I would like to start off by saying your car was evaluated by a technician who is very gifted and knowledgeable about Honda and acuras he did say that the front brakes were after-market pads that had a very hard surface and caused warped rotors, thats why your steering wheel shakes when braking, when we replace brakes on a car we always resurface the rotors at the same time to prevent this from happening and thats why i recommended that you get new pads on the front. Now he also said that the rear brakes have about 5% left on the pads now if you did your own brakes you would have already confirmed that. we would like you to come back kenneth so if you had anymore questions or concerns then please feel free to give us a call

Martain B.
Acura MDX
Verified Customer
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07/12/2016 Category: Service
Martain said they returned his vehicle to him and want another $1,000 to repair a rear main seal. He said he thinks they diagnosed the original problem incorrectly, because he already paid $1236 for work on the transmission. He has submitted his experience to Yelp and been telling people to stay away from this business. He is hoping they will contact him for some financial relief.
Andrew O., Owner from Otto Service Of Kansas City responded on 07/14/2016

Thanks for letting us know your concerns.
Your original problem was the radiator went bad internally causing transmission fluid and engine coolant to mix and leak out of the radiator. Unfortunately we cannot control the rear crankshaft engine oil seal to start leaking engine oil excessivly.
A great resource to you since we are a AAA approved facility you can contact AAA with your concern and they will do an investigation into the process & procedure we followed when your vehicle was brought in. If we are found to be at fault we are bound to correct the problem with your vehicle or risk loosing our AAA approved facility and accreditation.
AAA contact information 1-800-345-4283 Extension 154

Thanks again Martain for your feedback.

Andrew Otto