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Fairfield, CT
Ford Escape
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Nice Guys But Not Sure About Everything Else
These are nice guys and I wanted to avoid going to the Ford dealership for the 30k mile service. Unfortunately, I did not do my homework. My bad and I paid a very high price! The 30K mile service at Penfield Service Center cost me an astounding $962.00! So in the last week I have been inquiring at Ford dealerships and checking around the internet for what others are paying for this service. No Ford dealer of the three I called quoted me more than $250 all in and one quoted me $150. All told me the 30K service was not a major service as it is mostly just checking fluid levels, changing oil, etc. I am still in shock over the cost. To add salt to my wound, they have not yet finished the job 3 weeks later. They intended to change the differential fluid and to do that a plug needs to be removed, which is often damaged when removed. They did not have a plug in stock so asked me to return the following Saturday, the part was to be in Tuesday. I went the next Saturday and the part was not in yet. Went back the following Saturday and left the car for 2 hours and wondered around downtown Fairfield, on foot, killing time. I was told the car would take about 1 to 1.5 hours. When I returned to pick up the car, was told they could not complete the job as it would take too long. No call was made when they discovered they could not complete the work so I could come pick up the car sooner. I wasted 2 hours for nothing. It would have been nice to have been called so I could have done something more productive with my morning. I am supposed to drop my car off for tomorrow for the job to completed. This week, 2 more issues have come up. My windshield washer fluid reservoir is completely empty today. For $962.00 they did not refill the washer fluid? This is very basic minimum service level stuff here! The other day the air in my front left tire was low. If they had rotated the tires and checked the air, which should have been done, this tire should not have been low. There is no leak in the tire. My tires are new and only have 6k miles on them. For $962, I should not be finding low fluid levels and low air in tires. It just should not be! This just makes me question what else was NOT done. I am trying to find an auto repair shop that I can trust and rely on and use for all three of our cars. I want to use and trust these guys, but I am just not sure. This has not been the experience I had hoped for. The jury is still out.
Bob T., OWNER from Penfield Service Center responded on 08/08/2019

I can understand your review points as this service due to our care of the result is being misconstrued. Lets start with bullet point #1 - the rear diff service. We did not want to attempt to remove something seized in a difficult spot to reach and take your car out of service witout the proper replacement drain plug. Keep in mind , this a maintenance not an unscheduled repair so we do not incovenience you by disabling your vehicle. We are at the mercy of the dealer when it comes to certain parts so I cannot help the fact it arrived the day you were closing on your new home. Congrats on your home! #2 all major service were completed up to that point and if we did not care enough, we could have "ignored the rear diff" and handed you the keys. But we are more than thorough as the aforementioned in this paragah suggests. The service was not complete, as WASHER fluid and details of service were to be complete WHEN the car service was completely finished.
#3 We now have EXTRA work to do as we cannot just access this plug without removal othe major components to gain access to service the stuck fill plug in the rear differential. Saturday's attempt to "sneak" it out did not work- again we did not disable the vehicle.
#4 I am the judge and the jury as video in this shop shows all major service being performed. Final care of air pressure and washer fluids will be rechecked prior to the vehicle service completion today.
  Most of all we appreciate the feedback, but mostly we want you to understand the measures taken exhibit more care than negligence as you would suggest. You have found the correct shop as 5500 other annual customers and being a AAA repair facility would suggest our integrity. Feel free to discuss when you pick up your car today!