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T T.
Houston, TX
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Hidden $100 Fee to Estimate Repair
a couple months ago I asked prestige to Look at one of my cars and I was very impressed bc we discussed the problem with the car and he gave me the probability to repair and cost.

I was so please with his knowledge I brought a friend to have him take a look at the car. He said we need to drop it off and let us know later in the afternoon. She gave him her contact info on a prestige work form and left. Later in the afternoon my friend called to check on the car and she told me that they were putting the car dash back together. I was surprised and reiterated to my friend that Prestige and Moody the owner will be thorough. When she picked up her car she signed the information form and Prestige Auto proceeded to charge her $100 diagnostic fee. She was alone and was so surprised she did not even know how to respond or get clarification on the $100 charge neither of us expected. I talked with my friend and she is very upset because she is going through divorce and starting new job and is barely able to pay her bills. As a result I reached out to Moody at Prestige and shared him our understanding and scope of work to include “take a look an let us know what he thinks and also provide estimate. Moody responded stating that my friend signed the paper that indicated the $100 “diagnostic” fee and she should have see it. I reminded Moody that both my friend and I were both there when we asked him to “look take a look at it.”. I shared with him our understanding and my surprise that he was putting the car dash back together. The issue is I kindly reached out to Moody at Prestige and shared my friends concern Moody state’s that legally she was required to pay. I reminded Moody of our request to “take a look” and he reiminded me they need to get paid for work done. Bottom line is Prestige did more work than we requested and required her to pay. Moody refused to acknowledge or misunderstanding and would not refund the money. Both me and friend did Not request him to do a $100 formal diagnostic test and disassemble and then reassemble the car dash so he could charge $100. I regret recommending Prestige Auto to her bc they mislead both she and I and took advantage of her being alone when she picked up car. I am embarrassed that I have Prestige and Moody the strongest recommendation with my word. I have only recognized good work and provided top ratings to people that do a great job. However in this case I calmly reached to these guys and Moody did not even make an effort to recognize our misunderstanding. Therefore I can only give 1 Starr Rating. Moody showed no empathy and collected his $100 that he failed to mention. Oops Moody just took money from someone who can not get her car repaired and is driving in the 30 degree temperatures with only cold air blowing on her and son. I am beyond disappointed in Prestige and supposedly the owner Mr Moody. DO NOT Go to these guys!!

Gabreal G.
Houston, TX
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A/C fix
Pathetic job. I asked them to fix my a/c after telling them that it wasn’t working and there was no air coming out. They manager told me “it’s the a/c system” after running a diagnostic. So we go ahead and replace it. I come back the next day, same issue. This time it’s making a noise from the a/c area , the passengers dashboard. When they finally hear the noise, mind you that we ran a diagnostic to figure out the issue, Mike ( who the manager passed me onto) tells me it’s the blower motor. Now he tells me that’s can cost me to fix that, I tell him so “what did you fix in the first place?”, he says, “you didn’t tell us about the noise?” ... what a load of bs! I said fix the A/C!!! That’s part of the A/C isn’t it. Anyways, won’t come back again!! Awkaward ass manager, you should’ve fixed your mistake instead of letting mike handle your job.