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Gabreal G.
Houston, TX
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A/C fix
Pathetic job. I asked them to fix my a/c after telling them that it wasn’t working and there was no air coming out. They manager told me “it’s the a/c system” after running a diagnostic. So we go ahead and replace it. I come back the next day, same issue. This time it’s making a noise from the a/c area , the passengers dashboard. When they finally hear the noise, mind you that we ran a diagnostic to figure out the issue, Mike ( who the manager passed me onto) tells me it’s the blower motor. Now he tells me that’s can cost me to fix that, I tell him so “what did you fix in the first place?”, he says, “you didn’t tell us about the noise?” ... what a load of bs! I said fix the A/C!!! That’s part of the A/C isn’t it. Anyways, won’t come back again!! Awkaward ass manager, you should’ve fixed your mistake instead of letting mike handle your job.