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Brenna M.
Warrenville, IL
Toyota Corolla
Verified Customer
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Not so good
Usually i would stop in and be able to get an oil change. I stopped in the other week and they were busy, which is understandable, and said I’d be back another day. So i called the day before i actually went to see if i could get one that day, which they were busy and he said how about tomorrow. I said yes he took my name. When i got there the next day my name wasn’t on the schedule and the man who greeted me had an attitude and treated me like i was making it up that i spoke to someone the day before. He was completely rude and i will not be going back there. Its not my fault that someone forgot to write me down in the book. And i don’t appreciate the eye roll and huffing and puffing i got when I’m getting my car serviced. Always liked them until recently and they can watch me get my car done at one of the establishments in the same parking lot from now on

Verified Customer
Warrenville, IL
Chevrolet Chevy Van
Verified Customer
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Very poor communication with the customer
There was no estimate given for the work to be done on my old chevy van, even though I called twice to find out what was going on with the vehicle. As it turns out, it had a bad alternator belt, but charged me double for that when then what i coul ha paid for it. myself, plus the labor charge to install it. However,, they had replaced the alternator back in 2016, but apparently re-used the original 20 year old belt. To make matters worse, after they replaced the alternator in 2016, I had brought the van back twice because the alternator belt was slipping. But never once did they suggest replacing it with a new one.

So for them to re-use a dried out, 20-year old belt makes about as much sense as re-using an old gasket. Not good.

Mike L.
Batavia, IL
Mercury Sable
Verified Customer
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07/27/2016 Category: Service
Mike said he took his vehicle into the business to get a diagnoses on why his air conditioner was not working. They told him what the issue was so he bought the part for the air conditioner, they told him to buy. Now he is starting to contemplate what he actually paid for. He paid what he was suppose to pay but his air conditioner is still not working. He stated he feels they did not diagnose the issue he is experiencing with his air conditioner, correctly. Considering, he obtained the part they told him needed to be fixed and his air conditioner is still not working. He said he feels they did not do a good job either. He said they wasted his time and now he can not return the part he paid for. He paid a few hundred dollars on a repair that did not fix the problem he has. He said he wants them to fix the issue. Due to these reasons he would not recommend the business for service.
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Matt S. from Rx Auto Care responded on 07/29/2016

Well I guess thier is always two sides too a story. We originally looked at this vehicle a month & a half ago. I was just contacted on July 28th by the customer stating the issue he was having with his a/c (he was going to fix himself) still exsisted. I was told he had gotten a part & didn't fix a problem & he returned with no cost to him. He also stated that the fan (blower motor) didn't work so he has now way of knowing if it fixed the air or not. 
When i talked to him yesterday which i have not seen the car since. I said we would help him look into the issues he was having.
We tentively had an appointment for the following week.

I feel this is an unjust & premature review.

Rene S.
West Chicago, IL
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Called about getting a price quote spoke with matt he said he would get right back to me called 2 more times that day was told he was still working on it still havent heard anything that was a week ago took it to franks in wc was happy never got the quote
Matt S. from Rx Auto Care responded on 05/10/2012
I do Appoligize, you are right i did not get back to you. I was taken away very suddenley with a family matter & did forget to get back to you. But i am glad you were able to get your issue resolved.

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