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Rich B.
Papillion, NE
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No Longer a Fan!
Let me start off first by saying I used to be a HUGE FAN of Shadow Lake Collision...4 previous repairs jobs, very nice staff, good results, etc.

Then there was my latest experience. My practically brand new Lexus with only 1500 miles needed the bumper refinished due to a parking lot encounter (the other driver's fault). Shadow Lake Collision estimated 3 days to finish the car. I told them to take their time and that I was not in a rush. A day and a half later, I received a call saying the car was done...great I thought initially. "Great" quickly turned into "You have got to be kidding me". The result of the first repair attempt resulted in a paint run which I had to point out to them. The defect could not be fixed without repainting the bumper which they willingly did. Once again, I told them to take their time. After the second paint job, the bumper no longer fit as tight as it had from original assembly from the factory or even after the first repair attempt. The top bumper edge stuck out further than the rear quarter panel near the wheel-well on the driver's side. I pointed this out to the shop whereupon their response was basically, it's plastic and that this is an acceptable result. All they offered to do was glue it into place...which would mean the cover couldn't be removed again with permanent damage. I left unhappy with this answer. When I got home, I took a closer look at all the work only to find that the wheel-well liners no longer fit like they did from the factory. Edges appeared frayed and there were gaps. I went to Lexus to compare the fit to that of new cars straight from the factory. Just as I suspected, no gaps or frayed edges.

Completely unhappy with the way this was playing out, I contacted my insurance company, submitted pictures of my car with pictures of new cars for comparison. They saw and acknowledged the problems. They authorized me to take it to another body shop to get this fixed correctly.

It's too bad this went down like this. I used to recommend Shadow Lake Collision to everyone I ran into that needed auto body work. Heck, I even recommended them to the person that hit me in the parking lot.

Unfortunately now, I will be doing the complete opposite.

Robert R.
Verified Customer
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10/02/2012 Category: Collision
Robert said the business was bad because he had to take his vehicle in three different times to get repaired up to his standards. He said he would not recommend the business based on this experience.

James H.
Verified Customer
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07/06/2011 Category: Collision
James said they gave him the run around. He spoke with different people who told him different things. The repair work was not done right and he had to point it out to them. The fender and the grills were not aligned properly and the headlights were out of alignment too. He had to wait a week and a half for his vehicle because they should have totaled it. The insurance company quoted $11,500 and they only quoted $9,500. In the end they used the amount that was given by the insurance company. He was not kept adequately informed during the repair process. He was not satisfied with how they treated him. When he told them that the repair work was not right, their technician said they could not make any adjustments to it and it was the best they could do. He was not satisfied with the business' communication for the above reason. He would not recommend them for the above reasons. They corrected the problems at the end after he spoke with the owner.
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