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Sahuarita, AZ
Ford Super Duty F-350 SRW
Verified Customer
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Bad Customer Service
Problems encountered during oil change where poorly handled. They discovered a cross threaded oil drain plug and said nothing to the customer or offered choices to fix the problem. They put the damaged drain plug back on the truck. When I expressed concern and asked the service manager for a plan to fix this problem I was met with a deer-in-the-headlights look. I asked the service manager to provide a plan to fix the this problem and then call me to discuss. No call was ever received, Simmons wants to stick their head in the ground like an ostrich and treat the customer like a Pariah.
Denise E., Office Manager from Simmons 4x4 Automotive Repair Center responded on 03/22/2019

Hello David,
     I want to start by apologizing for not calling/providing you with options to repair your engine oil drain plug concern...To reiterate that day:  You were scheduled in as a "waiter" for an engine oil service with filter and vehicle inspection.  We performed these services and notified you of the concern with the engine oil drain plugged being cross-threaded, but NOT LEAKING AT THIS TIME.  You then replied you were going to take the vehicle back to the place were you had the oil changed last time for them to address the plug/hole/threads.  At that point we told you we would call you with options to either repair the hole and/or replace the engine oil pan.  So again, we apologize for not returning your call in a timely fashion.  If there is anything we can do to help or/resolve your concern, we would love to help. 

Thank you,

Wade Simmons
Simmons Automotive

Tucson, AZ
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
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Only pick the jobs to make the most amount of money off of you. Plenty of better and more honest shops around town line PV auto.
Jerry S. from Simmons 4x4 Automotive Repair Center responded on 07/22/2015

Thank you for taking time to provide me with some feedback on your recent visit to Simmons.  I am sorry your recent visit did not end in a satisfactory manner but as a matter of shop policy we will not perform partial repairs like you were requesting.  I am glad that I was able to direct you to another shop that was able to take care of your issues. 

Jerry C.
Tucson, AZ
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Unnecessary Repairs
I took my vehicle in for a timing belt replacement. The initial estimate that I was given also included other belts and hoses "if needed". I requested that Mike look at the vehicle with me before I left it, but he declined as he was "too busy". He assured me they would take a look at them and only replace them if necessary. I requested that they save my used parts for my inspection.

When I picked up the vehicle, the belts/hoses had all been replaced and, as promised, my old parts were boxed up and in my vehicle. When I subsequently inspected them they did not appear to be in need of replacement to me. I contacted Mike about this and he said that the technician showed that parts to him and that he made the call to replace them. And I quote: "Sorry if I erred in trying to save you some maintenance costs long term." His attitude in this and his follow up eMail was condescending: "Sorry if that verbiage doesn’t work for you . ."

At that same service call I requested they also inspect the suspension. They presented me with a list of repairs of various kinds that totaled about $4716.40. One of the listed items was for a new battery/cables. The battery in that vehicle is about one year old. This was listed as being in "critical" condition. I asked him about that, and he told me that there was a test strip attached to the invoice that I received. There was no test strip. Granted, he was not there when I picked up my vehicle so I was checked out by someone else. Another in this lengthy list of needed repairs that was also listed as "critical" was the front wheel bearings. I decided to get a second opinion on these two items, and I have subsequently had both (the battery and the front wheel bearings) inspected at another shop and both tested as being in good condition. Need I continue?

In my opinion this shop does not operate in an ethical manner.
Jerry S. from Simmons 4x4 Automotive Repair Center responded on 03/23/2015

Sorry that you were unhappy with the service.  I will stand behind the inspection done by my ASE Certified Technicians on your vehicle.  This shop and its personnel operate in a highly ethical manner and have done so for the 40 years that Simmons has been in business.  I am sorry you feel my efforts to save you long-term maintenance costs was "condescending." 

Tucson, AZ
Jeep Wrangler
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
I'm not opposed to providing feedback, but it will cost the same as an electronic diagnostic.

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