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Garlette D. on 10/11/2012
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"Poor customer service and tried to charge for work already conducted."
I was not at all happy with my last visit. I was charged for work I was not told about over the telephone. When I bought it up to Stan, he told me that this process had to be done after they installed a piece I needed for my car (I did approve of the piece being installed). Also, I had a problem with the car not cranking. I was told that the problem was the battery and he told me I needed a new battery. I had to remind him that I just had a battery installed and thought they put it in. He questioned that himself and while on the phone, had to check and told me that yes, they did install it about 2 months ago. So, it was a faulty battery. However, they charged me $9.00 to install a new battery. Also, my airbag light is on from a small accident. Stan told me this over the phone and told me that he had to hook it up to a machine to read the codes so they would need to know what to fix in order to turn that air bag light off and he quoted me on a price to do so. Again, I had to remind him that he already did that. He again looked and said yes, we did and read the codes back to me and told me he would call me back to see what they can do. He never called back. I had to call him back and was told that again, I would have to take it to a Toyota dealership to get the airbag light turned off.
You should inform customers that even if we do charge you to hook it up to a machine so they can get the codes to figure out what is wrong with the car that they may not be able to fix it and they will have to go to their cars dealership for repairs. I bet a lot of people will not waste the money doing so.
Never taking that car back there or my other 2 family cars. And I would not recommend them as I have done in the past.
Vehicle: Toyota Camry
Service Date: 10/09/2012
Review Created: 10/11/2012 08:17 AM