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BOB H. on 09/07/2016
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"Getting my Passat ready for it's annual smog test"
First, I have been a Stephans customer for quite awhile - since I discovered it as an alternative for my 2000 Passat to "the dealership" or "the speedy place" sometime during my commuting years from Stockton to Sac State, where I was (until this June, when I retired) a professor of music. I am a fan. As proof, my Passat has 253K miles with the original clutch and still drives great. Today was not one of your better days. As I said, I came in for an oil change and "to get my car ready for it's smog test." But it failed due to a leaky PVC hose. I'm bringing it back in the morning, but I thought this should have been caught the first time around. So, it's one more day getting this accomplished. Fortunately, I'm now retired, so I have time to do this. But, c'mon guys, this was a slip-up. So, it's not a 5 this time around. Maybe a 2 1/2.
Vehicle: Volkswagen Passat
Service Date: 09/06/2016
Review Created: 09/07/2016 12:02 AM
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