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frank a.
Palm Springs, CA
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careless, inept, deceptive and expensive
ok Im a straight shooter and I believe in telling it like it is. No BS and no butt sniffing. I was sent to tech age by some people I consider to be trustworthy. I took my econoline show van to tech age and left it with them for two really simple things... First they were supposed to tune the new crate motor a ford 302. Second they were to find out why I had no brake pedal and fix it. this aint rocket science. I get the van back and it runs like junk. the carb is too fat for the motor and they didn't bother to jet it down and there apparently was no pointer to time the motor so they never really timed it. AND THEY NEVER TOLD ME... so it comes back to me after a big bill cause these guys aint cheap and runs like junk.... Then they say it was water in the brake fluid causing the problem so they rebled it with new fluid and it arrives home with guess what... NO BRAKE PEDAL.... so it comes home in the same condition it left my house. I have my trusted crew chief rebleed the van correctly and now I have a pedal so what did I get for my thousand dollars or whatever amount it was I forget...... NOTHING but BS. And the owner MIke is completely uninterested in dealing with customers and much prefers to just sit there and count money. Hes ready for retirement just like his dad who moved. So in a nutshell these knuckleheads are sooooo fired it isn't even funny. I do not recommend these guys at all. a failing grade..... F.