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Austell, GA
2016 Hyundai Sonata Hyb
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Julia H.
Barnesville, GA
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Drove from Barnesville to Purchase SUV. Selling from an empty wagon!
We started out browsing the internet for a SUV to replace our Ford Ranger. Found 2 that looked good so we sent an inquiry. We received a call from Courtney, who was very pleasant, confirmed our interest in the red Jeep Compass, and collected financials from me and my husband. There were several calls back and forth, and she finally told us to drive up there. I tried to be careful as I did not want to drive 1.5 to 2 hours to Lithia Springs unless I was sure of our deal. She assured me all was well and we got on the road.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Carl, who had Courtney come out and say hi. All that was just fine. Then Trey, the Desk Manager came over to work out the financials, or at least that was what we thought. We had a specific payment range, which is the reason we were looking at lower priced used vehicles. He came back to the desk to speak with us once, and then completely ignored us. Finally Josh Singleton came by, said he would check on things, and had Carl sit at the desk with us while he was away. It took a little while, but we believe Josh was serious in his attempt to make things work if he could.

Well, to keep this brief, the Jeep SUV we had first seen, AND the second Jeep SUV were not even on the lot according to Josh. By this time, we had been there over an hour. He (Josh) explained that your company is a satellite of a company in Florida and both vehicles we liked (in our price and payment range) had been sent to Florida.

Josh apologized on behalf of the company, filled our little truck with gas, said he would keep his eyes open for what we needed, and we left to make a long drive home, at night.

TODAY, December 16th, I was browsing the website for Thornton Road Hyundai and BOTH vehicles I had inquired on are still on your website. I think it is time for me to speak with an attorney about how your company does business. Maybe a lawsuit would help you get your advertising right, and would help you not treat folks as we have been treated by your company!

Mary C.
Marietta, GA
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Terrible Dealer
The mots dishonest, disreputable dealer on the planet but the maintenance group is nice

Keith B.
Douglasville, GA
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50/50 Split
The first time I went there to have a problem checked out on my Equus, with Ivory Interior. I parked it just inside the service entrance. I heard someone say, "move that car up." The guy who does oil changes said, "I'll move it," and before I knew anything, he jumped in my car with an oily rag in his back pocket and moved my car. This young man isn't even supposed to be moving cars period. When he got in my car, there was no seat cover or paper floor mat put inside. That ticked me off big time.
The second time I went for a bad rain sensor near the rearview mirror. They replaced it and got it working fine. I got to get my car and there is a double-sided pointy tool that looked like a large version of a dental instrument in my driver's seat. From that 2nd, I knew I'd never been back, even if that meant trading in my Hyundai, and I did exactly that yesterday. I traded it for a Corvette.
I watched one young lady come in tears. She was so frustrated that they literally had to hug her. They must have had her car way longer than expected. This location has to get better and hire more techs so work can be done more efficiently. Work on the lounge area so people can do work while waiting on their cars. I just sat a sales desk and did my work. So thanks for that.

Claudia C.
Atlanta, GA
2017 Hyundai Elantra
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10/03/2018 Category: Service
Service Rendered
I am very pleased with car care @ Thornton Hyundai. Friendly staff

D V.
Rome, GA
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
Lack of Response...several times
If I could give 0 stars, I would...

I began dealing with Thornton Road Hyundai August 22, 2018 and my online experience has been totally unacceptable.

I have dealt with the owner, Fred Marion who I sent a personal email to sharing my concerns and the way I have been treated and he has not responded. I have dealt with at least 3 different people from the dealership and one of those was someone in Florida and I have dealt with someone who is the Internet sales manager.

The last person I had any contact with was named Cleo Ricks and he sent me an email on Wednesday, August 29 and said he would have an answer for me in 15 minutes. It has now been 3 days and I have yet to hear back from Cleo.

I find the lack of response from the owner to the Internet sales manager completely unreasonable. I have been bounced around from this person to that person and it has been so discouraging and the lack of response is unbelievable.

I am quite concerned with the lack of response from the owner, Fred Marion and how he has not responded to my email. He as well as his employees need to look at how they can better serve the general public through the Internet and email.

The employees of this business need to be educated on how to deal with online customers.

Zetta A.
Powder Springs, GA
2016 Hyundai Azera
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08/16/2018 Category: Service
Rhonda will make all the customers leave this place she is very rude and people are not going to be treated awful and continue to pay for service here
First I asked to be called on work phone because i'm unable to receive calls on cell at work I was called on cell, left message the cost would be 184.00 with the install of my new battery and I thought that was ridiculous.so I asked for the manager finally able to reach her. I found her very rude and nasty asking me if I wanted her technicians to work for free going on and on about how she has to pay them for there time really!! Does Rhonda own this service area? this women is unreal all because I asked her to waive the install fee because I could go to any other place that sales batteries and not have to pay for install, after all her rudeness telling me she's not going to argue with me about it she agrees to remove the 34.00. I get there to pick up my car thinking the charge would be 150.00 dollars but I was charged over 160.00 then Rhonda tells me she's not taking anymore money off even when I showed her the voice message that was left for me with the price showing, on top of that my shift release button was taken off my car and not replaced now I have a open hole there on my new car also I wasn't giving any information about my new battery at all only that my old one was out of warranty and needed a new one, I have no idea what kind it is or the warranty information, What's really going on here? Who put this women in-charge? I have been there many times before and been treated very well the young black man that usually takes care of me is very pleasant with excellent customer service skills explains everything and makes sure I understand what going on, Why do I have to go outside my neighborhood to service my car and be treated like a customer with respect? This was a very upsetting day for me as the day before when my car I've only had a year needs a repair, after I purchased an extended warranty that won't cover a new battery having to pay for a new one and I get it but do I have to be treated like this to ? I don't think so.
RONDA P. from Thornton Road Hyundai responded on 08/16/2018

Thank you for you honest feedback. I/We are sorry you felt you were not treated with the respect that you deserve. We appreciate you allowing us to check your vehicle and install your battery. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Have a great day.

Benju V.
Powder Springs, GA
2018 Hyundai Elantra
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
07/18/2018 Category: Service
Warranty for tires
I understand the policy and service you have for your customer. I had purchased a brand new car from Thornton Road Hyundai before buying the car. The salesman told me all warranty and detail. Now after two months my one of the tires went down, so I went to a dealership to show what wrong with it, they told I need to replace the tires because it went down. I said that it has a warranty on it and tires only ran 3500 miles still. But now they told it has manufacturer warranty, not dealership warranty and also talk to general manager it, not a first time, first was about my first oil service because almost car business take care for 1 year or 6 months, the salesman told me you might get an email after purchasing car 6-7 days, later I asked them they said they don't do anymore. I also have Honda same problem with tires the Honda dealer take care of my car because it was under 60,000 miles.i will really be appreciated giving you take your time and help my problem. I already paid for new tires.

Dana S.
Atlanta, GA
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
Worst place to buy car
This dealership is so shady that's why i would want to buy a car from them I saw this lady standing on the corner in front of there business with a sign saying don't buy from Hyundai ,buyer beware I wouldn't even give them one Starlit loan to , you'll need to do the right thing and help this lady that's just good business practice I'm going to tweet this

Wayne C.
Hiram, GA
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
Terrible Service Department
I took my Genesis in for them to repair the sunroof and the third brake light assembly. It took 38 days to replace the sunroof and the brake light. When I got my car back they had wrecked my car and didn’t say anything about it. Took another 3 days to fix the bumper. So 41 days in the shop. While driving behind my wife today I see that the third brake light doesn’t even work.
Hyundai Motor Corp. stepped in and returned my November payment after the service I received.
While my car was in the shop I asked for Fred Marion 6 times and he never made time to speak to me. That tells me he doesn’t need my business after I purchased a 55K vehicle.
So I have moved all my business over to Ed Volyes Hyundai, they don’t suck like Thornton Road Hyundai does.

Good riddance and thanks for all the crappy service.

Douglasville, GA
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
My saleswomen was Nicole and the sales manager was Bryan.
I got the car I wanted with a decent APR.
There was so many issues concerning the vehicle purchase from the very beginning. I really wished I had kept my appointment with the other dealership.
Nicole was great, she is still new to the company. She will able to screw the customers in no time just like the others.
Mainly what ticks me off the most is the contractual sales price was more that the vehicle sticker price. The vehicle sticker price should have matched the top line on the sales contract. I WAS OVER CHARGED.
When the customer brings it up "AFTER THE SALE" is when all of the excuses and dementia comes into play. There was NO CONCERNS to make it RIGHT.
There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE after the sale. Once they realized they were caught in the OVER PRICING SCAM. So they turned their back on me. THAT’S OKAY, because I will educate the consumer scamming on their practices.
So here you go BRYAN & NICOLE the review I promised you.
William Kirkham

Robert B.
Carrollton, GA
Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5Overall Rating 2.0/5
Out for $$$$$$
People only seemed interested in getting it over with ,really short lack of knowledge and at times professionalism made experience seem like a chore

Ri L.
Lilburn, GA
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
Misleading to future customers
I was called from dealership by a salesperson that said they can help get a car. I had already explained to them that my credit was bad , what car I was trying to purchase and what was trying to spend . I was told there would not be a problem but when I arrived the whole conversation changed and the just wanted money
Very dissatisfied and disappointed. Very unprofessional. Will not recommend to anyone.

Sylvia l.
Alpharetta, GA
Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5Overall Rating 1.0/5
Extremely poor service @ Thornton Rd Hyundia
I visit Thornton Road Hyundai for service on the 10-month old hybrid. I do not understand why I received a survey for a salesman when I was recently at the location for service. The service manager Rhonda was incompetent, inconsiderate, dishonest, and irresponsible. The question for me to answer is not. How was my experience during the purchase of my vehicle? Therefore, I am answering the question: How my recent visit in the service department?

I was trying to remain loyal to the dealership since I purchase the vehicle for Thornton Road. I drove the vehicle to Thornton Road Hyundai for service because the hybrid light system was active. Once I made it to the dealership the mechanics were unable to duplicate the dysfunction in the crossbred system, so Rhonda (service manager) told me to return when the hybrid system light signals an alert again so they can find out what is wrong with the automobile.

Then I drove the car back a week later to the dealership straight of the highway with a hybrid warning light. The vehicle sat inside the dealership, in front of service advisor and Rhonda with an active crossbred light for over 30 minutes because mechanics were unable to move the vehicle with the active hybrid light. Rhonda was trying to return the vehicle to me because she allowed the car to sit there while the mechanics did nothing to my car. Then she told me the mechanics could not duplicate the active hybrid light. I told her I did what you told me to do. I brought the car back to the authorized seller’s service department with an active light. It is not my fault the dealership has rules about making an appointment, and it is not my fault you have other vehicles in the service department. I told her there should be exceptions to the rule for unexpected incidents for vehicles, especially if the dealership needs specific codes within a limited period set by the activities of the vehicle.

Therefore, I had to report Ms. Rhonda to Hyundai’s warranty department because she was going to return my automobile to me without repairing or finding what was making the hybrid system distress after she had the automobile for weeks. The warranty representative got involved and resolved the issue. During the repair of my vehicle, Rhonda told me she would have my car wash, and she will fill my tank up since the mechanic drove it. I have a transcribe and voice message of her statements. I receive my vehicle a month after I dropped my vehicle off to have the repairs perform for the warning lights. She did not have my car cleaned, and she did not fill up the gas tank. The service manager Rhonda promised me those services, and she did not deliver. I left, and my windshield wiper blew off on the expressway. I called the dealership back and Donna, customer relation personnel, supported Rhonda's dishonesty, and they did not replace the windshield wiper as a courtesy after they had my vehicle for a month.

Both Ronda and Donna need to receive their exit papers from the dealership and Hyundai. Donna does not resolve issues. She supports dishonesty. In addition, Donna told me, she would not continue returning to a mechanic shop if they can not fix the car. She supposes to resolve issues and not send customers to other dealerships. Then Donna begins fabricating because she told me the owner Fred would contact me, and I never received a call from Fred. Also, I know why the dealership employees hand out an enormous amount of free oil changes, which is to compensate for Rhonda’s mismanagement of the service department. Those actions of Rhonda and Donna cost the authorize seller loss of revenue because of their dishonesty, incompetence, inconsideration, and irresponsible, which does not represent Thornton Road or Hyundai’s product in a professional or dependable manner.