Thoroughbred Collision Center-Mill Creek

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Review for Thoroughbred Collision Center-Mill Creek
Bryan P. on 03/01/2014
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Brought my 2006 Range Rover to Thoroughbred as they were referred to me by my insurance Geico , My Range Rover was involved in a hit and run and the drivers side damaged. When i brought it in they were good and gave me an estimate that sounded like they knew what they were doing , so I gave them the go ahead to do the repairs. It went all down hill from there , They called me a week later and said my vehicle was ready for pick up , When I arrived my to my surprise and looked at the vehicle was covered in white detailing crap on the passenger side , They appoligized and said they would have someone wash it real quick , 45 min later I was on my way. I made it a wopping 2 miles down the road and thats when the first of many problems were detected. #1 The Air Ride Inactive light came on , So I turned aropund to bring it back to the shop , #2 I went to turn on my Radio on my way back to the shop...and discovered it did not work. #3 Once back at there shop i went and looked closer at the vehicle and discovered they had put the Wrong letters on the front of my vehicle. #4 When looking at the letters I could see they just painted over the chips in the paint and attempted to cover the chips up with the wrong letters ! #5 As walking around the vehicle more there was a big noticable gap where the new door was installed. #6 When I was looking at the front of the vehicle I noticed the front headlamp was awkward and checked that , to find it wasnt tightened down properly. So another 10 days later I get a call saying I can pick up my Vehicle , They are just waiting on the Chrome lettering , and they can come meet me when they get them and do that part at my house. #7 They also inform me that my insurance is not going to pay to fix my stereo , I say to them why would they , Thoroughbred broke it fried it or what ever , It worked fine When I origanaly dropped it off. They tell me , well those amps go out all the time and its not our fault it went bad while it was in our possession ? Really ?
Review Created: 03/01/2014 09:12 PM