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Garrett C.
San Antonio, TX
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AVOID this shop at all costs
I had a simple request for them to look at a track arm bolt, which was moving and making a popping noise when turning the wheel. I visually saw Mark write down what I said and where the bolt was, yet 3 days later, WE had to call in and ask for an update on the truck. They informed us that they had no idea where the bolt was, and couldn’t diagnose the problem. When I arrived at the shop, they had removed steering parts completely unrelated and irrelevant to my initial concern. My overall experience with communication was like talking to 5th graders who had bigger egos than they could fill.

Volkswagen CC
Verified Customer
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Rip Off!!!!!
I was very disappointed with my service , I explained to the young man that I knew my condenser was leaking on my ac and asked if you could take a look to see if it could be fixed , he did an evac and recharge and I was charged $170!!!! For the answer to a problem I knew I had ! And then your quote to fix it came in at $900 plus not counting the $170 I already wasted ! I was shocked especially considering I went it to simply rent a U haul and figured since it was going to be on your lot maybe the original estimate I received ( for free by the way) was wrong , I am so disappointed to be honest I will never return nor will I ever recommend your shop to anyone

If there was a way to give Zero stars and say hell no I would !!

Ninette R.
San Antonio, TX
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Very Disappointed
We have brought our vehicle before to Tillers and have been satisfied with repairs, until this most recent incident. My husband took his car to Tillers on a Tuesday, when he dropped his car off, they told him they would call him back on Wednesday with an update. He had not heard anything from Tillers for 3 days and had to call them himself on Friday. They couldn't resolve the issue with his vehicle because they couldn't find anyone who had the part or anyone who could make the repair (he eventually took it to a different shop and they found the part). We got the vehicle back on Saturday while my husband was at work. My husband saw his car that same night and he noticed there was completely different issue with the car that Tillers failed to mention to us (rear suspension was blown). Tillers was closed on Sunday and on Monday for the Labor Day holiday. My husband called Tillers on Tuesday asking why his vehicle had a totally different issue than what he brought it in for and they said that "it wasn't their fault" but they failed to inform him that they knew that the rear suspension was bad. So much for being an "honest shop". Very Disappointed.
Butch T. from Tiller Automotive responded on 10/02/2015

Hi Ninette, We appreciate you reaching out to us about your family’s recent visit to our shop. Regarding the repairs, your husband brought his car in for us to diagnose the issue with his digital instrument panel. Due to the age of the vehicle this had created availability issues with certain parts. I spoke with your husband and let him know about the situation with the ABS module. In this particular situation the ABS module is discontinued and our supplier does not rebuild this particular module. (There are different modules for this model of vehicle). We did make several phone calls to more suppliers such as LKQ and did have to wait for their calls back to us. In this situation these suppliers may not have an exact catalog of their inventory and can take several hours to confirm if they have it. We did give our best effort to try and find the necessary parts to repair the issue we diagnosed the vehicle to have. Unfortunately, we could not find the necessary parts through our trusted suppliers and we did not feel comfortable making the repair. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to your family. The owner and staff of Tiller’s Automotive do take great pride in being honest with our customers. We did not feel comfortable making the repairs for fear of not doing a quality repair and did not charge any fees or costs incurred during diagnosis. We did make other recommendations for work needed to be done on the car. We did specifically discuss the suspension issue and he did make the comment the rear air was leaking. The decision was made not to proceed with any repairs and the vehicle was picked up. We do apologize for any miscommunication that may have occurred.

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