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TONI M. on 05/26/2015
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"Absoltue Worst Customer service EVER"
Never goto Buffalo Tires Plus! I kept going back there because I thought that they kept a record on file. Apparently, they never use them:
I got a written estimate for new tires free balancing and install and no charge for an alignmeNt . I passed on the new tires, but paid for the alignment and just put on another set of used tires. Several months later, the tires were making. Houling noise, I assumed it was the used tires. Brought it in to Steve at Buffalo Tires pluses, I thought he was honest and sincere when he took me outside to walk around my car. He pointed out, that MY (Pirelli) TIRES SEEMED FINE. I agreed to leave my car there for them to mechanically inspect it. To attempt to find the reason for the Noise. I got a call 4 hours later, I was told that 4 new tires would fix it. Nothing else was mechanically wrong. Iwhen I picked it up, I asked numberous times, "if they had drove the car, to make sure that it was fixed?" I was lied to!!! They said they did. But no way could they have Driven it. They would have noticed that immediately IT WAS WORSE THAN BEFORE!!! Pulling to the right now! And still making the howling noise. I insisted that a mechanic ride with me to verify the noise. He did. And THEY CHARGED ME FOR AN ALIGNMENT AGAIN, AND DIDNT ASK ME. I WOULD HAVE SAID, NO!
I DIDNT have time for all of these games. Now a different manager in the evening, who is rude and CANT ADD. Bed trying to over charge me almost $100 bucks. It was simple math. But I had to do the math for him 3-4 times using his own numbers. I complained about the price immediately too. For charging me for an allugnment , when I just got one not too long ago from them. Didn't matter. I had to pay it. And hen to find out that the new tires that I didn't need, actually made it worse. I came back furious, I wanted my old tires put back on!! And .y money back for everyghing includi g the allignment that I did not need. THEY REFUSED!
STEVE, THE GUY WHO TOLD ME THAT I DID NOT EVEN NEED NEW TIRES, was no in now. So I stormed out. Assuming to handle it the next morning.because as I stated, I had to go to the hospital in Rochester that very next day. I didn't have time for this hassle. However, I. Ever made it back. I would've been late for surgery if I'd stopped that morning. Therefore, I did not. I am still recovrri g from surgery and can not drive yet. But I still WANT MY MONEY BACK!! SND MY OLD TIRES PUT BACK ON FOR LYING TO ME AND DISRESPECTING like I am some dumb blonde.
Vehicle: Honda Accord
Service Date: 05/05/2015
Review Created: 05/26/2015 10:32 AM