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Review for Trupps Garage
CRAIG H. on 04/21/2016
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"They are a rip off and liars."
I brought my car in for a possible transmission problem that my local garage doesn't work on. Turned out to be a clogged catalytic converter. They wanted $800 parts and labor to replace it. I told them there were 2 converters that fit and that since the car is 14 years old to just put on the least expensive which was like $250 vs $400. They told me that one needed welded and they don't weld. They also wanted $157 for diagnostics. I took the car to my local garage and their bill was $371 parts and labor and no welding required. I would like my $157 diagnostic charge refunded and if not I will contact better business bureau.
Vehicle: Buick Regal
Service Date: 04/19/2016
Review Created: 04/21/2016 06:26 AM
Tom T. at Trupps Garage responded on 04/22/2016


When we talked the other day about your repairs I told you we do not use the universal cat converter for 2 reasons one we do not weld (which is the proper way to repair) and the other reason is they do not work on some car models. The check engine light will come on and set a cat efficiency code. This is a proven fact and most shops will not use them for this reason.

The estimate I gave you was to repair the car with a complete head pipe and cat converter assembly (OEM style) and with that estimate included our time to check your car problem that you stated was an auto transmission problem.  

We tested your vehicle for codes and then went on a test drive with the test equipment to watch what your car data information gave. The transmission shifted like it was supposed to, but your engine data was wrong. This is when we tested your vehicle for a clogged cat converter assy. This all takes time which is called diagnostic time to find what is wrong with your vehicle.  This is what you were charged for which was part of the estimate that included the repairs for $800.00.   

If we would have worked on your car and the time to replace the cat converter was less time we would have charged less labor. This is why it is called as estimate.

The concern of the cost of the part is simple. You can go anywhere to get prices and it could have been higher or lower. If I would have gotten a price from the GM car dealer the cost of the OEM part would have been even higher then the price I gave you. If you go on line you would find the part even cheaper. This works on anything you buy.   

It is your right to take your car to be repaired where ever you want, but what you are asking for is diagnostic time and that is what you paid for to find out what was wrong with your car.
When you made the appointment for your vehicle you thought it was a transmission problem which for you turned out to be a minor repair because of our diagnostic equipment and knowledge to make the correct repair on your vehicle.