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Verified Customer
San Antonio, TX
2018 Hyundai Kona
Verified Customer
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Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
07/16/2019 Category: Service

Irene P.
San Marcos, TX
2017 Hyundai Elantra
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
05/31/2019 Category: Service
Never again
My experience here was not so great. No floor mats, no spare key, no owners manual, and no service contract; all of which my salesman said I would have.

San Antonio, TX
2017 Hyundai Santa Fe S
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
05/01/2019 Category: Service
Never Again!
The gentleman with whom I spoke in the sales department as I attempted to purchase my leased vehicle apparently viewed me as an 'easy target' worthy of being fleeced. That gentleman produced a purchase order in the amount of $18,707 which he said was a figure gathered directly from Hyundai, and that "Hyundai Financing AND any other dealership in the country" would cite the same amount. Dealing directly with Hyundai Financing, I purchased my vehicle for $15,819. That entity advised me my vehicle belonged to them, and not World Car Hyundai North. The payoff figure cited in my lease agreement was $15,964 which the aforementioned gentleman said was not correct, but stated the above figure ($18707) instead. Was this his tally, or was it the tally of the sales manager, I do not know. Question: had I merely nodded and paid the $18707, who would have put the difference in his/her/their pocket(s)?
JAMES R M. from World Car Hyundai North responded on 05/05/2019

The purpose of this survey is to offer feedback on your service experience. I do not believe this rating is a direct reflection of that, but rather an unpleasant experience with the sales department. My team does not deserve a low score because of that. Thank you for your time. 


James McArdle
Service Manager

M A.
Converse, TX
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Poor customer service
The service manager James treated me with no respect. Lied to my face refused to speak to me to address my complaints . I was also ignored upon entering the service area and made to feel like I was inconvenient The rating should be 0

Dennis M.
Kerrville, TX
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Unkept Promise to Provide two Keys for used car.
Bought a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe SE Ultimate. We put $3000 down and drove it home that night. We got one remote key fob. I asked for the second and was told I would get it when we came back to sign final registration papers.
After they had the check in hand for the balance, we signed the remaining papers and I asked the finance guy for the key. He said see the sales person. She said there is no second key. I would not drive with no spare tire or a second key available. So I had one made. Cost for the key was $508. I asked later for a reimbursement on the basis that the missing key was not made known before the sale, it was promised and two keys are the industry standard.. No go.
Best advice is to make sure two keys are written on the purchase order before paying for the vehicle. I do not recommend this dealership.

Larry M.
Schertz, TX
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Horrible service after the sale
Last Saturday, I purchased a 2017 Nissan Rogue from the Hyundai Used Car dealership (World Car Nissan Hyundai North in San Antonio, TX). It had approximately 8200 miles on it and 1 owner. The sales rep, Akeem Mercer, did a perfectly fine job and the process itself is not necessarily the issue, although I did walk in with an approval of 3.79% and they assured me they could match that interest rate. When I got to the finance side of the house, the interest rate jumped to 3.94%. I could have sat there another hour or 2 to get my percentage rate but I was willing to overlook the "mistake". Little did I know...

My issue has to do with the service or support after the sale. When I had the car delivered and the keys handed over to me (Intelligent keys), I realized there was only 1 set. Recognizing that should the battery die or we lose this set, my wife could be stranded with no way to get the car going, I immediately reached out to the rep via text who stated he would look for a 2nd set. He later replied that there was no other set and he could "order one for me for a couple hundred". I did not understand why I had to be the one to purchase a second set of keys and was shocked at this point. Why was this becoming my problem? I then looked in the glove box for what to do if we did have a non-functional set of keys and there was no Owners Manual. This just made me show there was not much of an attention to detail.

The following Monday at 8:29am, I received an email from the store Sales Manager at that location:

"As a manager here at World Car Hyundai North I wanted to make sure your expectations have been met. Has my team answered all of your questions? Is there anything you are still looking for? Please let me know. I am here if you need anything.

John Virkus
World Car Hyundai
Sales Manager"

I responded at 11:46am that day with all of the issues I stated above, expecting to get resolution for my problems. I did not hear back from him so I sent another email at 12:19pm asking how he was going to rectify the situation. I still received no response so I sent another email at 8:09am the next day (Tuesday) asking if he really wanted to know about my experience or was he just going thru the motions - he responded at 10;30am that he truly wanted to know about my experience at his store (which says he never saw the first response) so I resent my original message at 11:05am. I still did not hear back from him so emailed him again at 4:55AM that morning asking what he was going to do about my situation. I called him Wednesday morning at 10:17am to inquire as to what he was going to do and he said he would call back. He did call a few hours later (at 1:42pm) and said he had a Manual for me but could not get me a 2nd set of keys. He stated it was not unusual for a used car not to have a second key for the vehicle and my only resolution would be to buy it. I told him that was not my issue as had I been aware during negotiation, I would have handled it differently.

At this point, I was beside myself. The fact that they did not get the 2nd key from the original owner was and should not be my problem and they should replace it at no cost. I went on to explain that had this been brought up during the negotiation of the sale, I would have either asked them to drop the price to the amount I would have to buy the 2nd set for or I would not have signed the "As Is" paperwork. In other words, I was never given a chance to know that this 2nd key was missing so how could I have been able to negotiate properly. I feel as if I have been misled by not having this conversation. Not to mention that when I buy that 2nd set of keys, I am paying OEM MSRP pricing whereas they could most likely get it at cost which would be significantly less.

Early on Friday morning, I went to the dealership to get the book but the one they had for me was for a Rogue Sport. I told them I had a Rogue and not a Sport that same manager came out and said it was the same book and that depending on when it 2017 it was, they had gone to an "online version of the Owners Manual". I told him I wanted the correct one and we once again discussed the replacement key issue. After he tried to explain again about the key and I restated my point, he was still not willing to get me a 2nd key. I went to the Nissan dealership in an effort to get an Owners Manual myself and to ask if it was true about the "online version". It was not true so now he had lied in an effort to get me "resolved". I then took up the issue of the key with a local Nissan Sales Rep. Long story short, the local Nissan rep tried to help, going back and forth with his management and finally informed me the GM from the Hyundai shop was coming over to discuss this with me. Who did it turn out to be? The same Sales Manager. We went thru everything again until he finally said "I will get you a replacement manual but I WILL NOT get you a second key" - just as adamant as it is written. At this point, I left - disgusted with their sales tactics.

This dealership is only concerned with the immediate sale with no care of the service or support after the sale. Once they had my money, they were no longer interested in my situation that they had technically created. Had I known that this was going to occur, I promise you I would have walked out of the store because I would have known then that this was how they treat their customers.

I will make sure none of my friends go to this location. This is now about the principle of how a vendor treats its customers after the sale is complete. The reality is we are talking about less than $100 at their cost. Even if I DO have to pay for a 2nd key, I promise not to purchase from World Car Nissan Hyundai North.

Flo H.
Converse, TX
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Christina M.
San Antonio, TX
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Michael L.
San Antonio, TX
2011 Hyundai Sonata
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Ionut M.
San Antonio, TX
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