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Advantage Wholesale Transmission 2

(704) 636-4946
1103 Lincolnton Rd Salisbury, NC 28144
Overall Rating 2.4/5Overall Rating 2.4/5Overall Rating 2.4/5Overall Rating 2.4/5Overall Rating 2.4/5
(32 Reviews)

Excellent work!
Charlie was very helpful and went out of his way for me! My transmission went out and I needed my car towed to his shop, he sent one right away and started working on my car. I have a 2007 Honda, he had it fixed by the next day! The woman working inside was very friendly! Great place and trustworthly people!! ...more

Archer Transmission & Auto Repair

(910) 920-1300
100 Roxie Ave Fayetteville, NC 28304
Overall Rating 2.3/5Overall Rating 2.3/5Overall Rating 2.3/5Overall Rating 2.3/5Overall Rating 2.3/5
(8 Reviews)

Simply the BEST!🤙👍 Same Review I Put On Google😄
🤙👍Let me start off this review with this....If you are looking for an auto shop that's not going to B S you, that's going to do a FANTASTIC job on your vehicle, & get an AWESOME DEAL then THIS IS THE PLACE! Let me also start off with that Shawn is awesome! He's the kind of people you WANT to work with, the kind of person you CAN TRUST. I'm from NY & I KNOW people, these ARE good people! So I called Shawn on Wednesday afternoon, told him I needed a new transmission, he told me that he would rebuild it at an INCREDIBLE PRICE. I got my car towed down to him Thursday morning, by lunch time he called to tell me (which I thought was AWESOME) that I DEFINITELY had a busted Transmission & I was looking at Saturday for it to be done. TODAY, FRIDAY right AFTER lunch I received a call from Shawn telling me my car was ready!😲😄🎊🎉🎊! I went picked it up & my car drove like the sweetness it is! 😆 I'm SO GRATEFUL to him, he got my car back on the road in such a great time, which may not always be the case because these guys all do get busy, this was just a perk, AND I'm able to depend on JUST me & take care of my family. THANK YOU ARCHER AUTO!😄❤💗❤ ...more
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