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Alec E.
Portland, OR
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Service has declined
Bryan Adams has left for another shop (Meineke in Oregon City). The service here is disorganized and higher priced now. They failed to diagnose two of my cars now. I had them both fixed elsewhere at a reasonable price.
Kory C. B., Owner from A-1 Automotive responded on 07/01/2016

As we spoke yesterday 6/30/16 about leaving without paying for your son's repairs, you did had told me that there is no problems with either vehicle and no mention of us not repairing either of them? Please bring in the invoices from the other repair shop and I will credit you for our mistake. 
I looked into the comment from your son about waiting for an hour before someone greeted your son, leaving and coming back at a later time. We see on the camera system he was checked in and just wanted to wait around vs. utilizing the shuttle service we offered since it was going to be at least an hour possibly to get a tech to look at his vehicle. I appologize for our miscommunication with your son. 

Kory C. Brackett

Dan J.
Portland, OR
Ford Ranger
Verified Customer
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10/05/2013 Category: Service
Dan said a part was left off at this business when he went in for service so he has to have another mechanic do some more work, which is going to cost him $50. He would not recommend them for the reason mentioned.
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Kory C. B., Owner from A-1 Automotive responded on 10/10/2013

Dan, We would like to appologize for any mis-understandings and/or parts that may have been left off your vehicle? As I review your work order charges in the amount of $52.50 that we did was an inspection to advise if the "smog-pump" you provided from Auto Zone would allow your vehicle to pass DEQ; And unfortunatly there was a lot more to repair in order for that to happen as Mike and you discussed.
Could you please give us a call with any information as to what part? We did not remove any parts at all from your vehicle and are very perplexed as to what you are referring to? I will make every effort to make it right on whatever oversite that may have occured on our part.