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Paul D.
Kansas City, MO
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Fail inspections to boost profits
Recently brought my perfectly running van into Ashby's for an inspection. The mechanic said it failed because my power steering fluid was "producing droplets." I work on my car and I can tell you there isn't a vehicle out there over 150,000 that won't "produce droplets" of some kind. Failing an inspection for petty fluid leaks does not hold true to the spirit of what an inspection is for. It's to assure that the care is safe to drive for the owner and others. An intensely slow leak (I've monitored it for years and was never a cause for concern) is no reason to fail an inspection. BEWARE. Garages that look for little things like this to garner more service and business for themselves do not have the owner's best interest at heart. I've taken my vehicle to the same place for years and brought it here for convenience sake. Looks like I'm going back to the guys I trust.
Hope A. from Ashby's Automotive responded on 02/15/2016

I'm not certain who Paul is as this appointment was for Nicholas but in any case I am also disappointed with "Paul's" interaction during this visit. When my tech informed him that his van wouldn't pass because of a power steering leak he seemed rather offended & immediately disagreeable. The criteria set forth by the Missouri Highway Patrol in the Motor Vehicle Inspection Manual states as follows:
"........or if any component part is missing, loose or leaking sufficient fluid to cause droplets the vehicle shall not pass."  
This can be found on page 24 under the heading entitled Steering Mechanisms (11 CSR 50-2.200)
We prefer customers to wait while we do the inspections if they are available to do so because we want to be able to physically show the customer if there is a reason(s) the vehcile fails. Most customers graciously accept however "Paul" refused to let the tech show him our concerns. We told him the leak appeared to be coming from the high pressure power steering line where it connected at the pump...we went on to state that it may be as easy as a loose fitting but "Paul" had already convinced himself that we were out to get him. As for not holding true to the spirit of what an inspection is meant for......I can only state that we don't make the rules but our operation is overseen by the Missouri State Highway Patrol who has an expectation of us to perform inspections according to the standards we are bound by law to follow. I am sincerely sorry that "Paul" was anything but pleased as the vast majority of both new & existing customers typically are. I think the countless other reviews over the past few years overwhelmingly reflect positive feedback.

Carissa And Adam G.
Kansas City, MO
Ford Bronco
Verified Customer
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10/26/2015 Category: Service
Carissa said this business messed up more parts on her vehicle than what she brought it in for. She had dropped off her vehicle and they did not work on it until a week later. One of the jobs was to replace the ignition. They messed up the lights which her husband had to fix. When she got her vehicle back, it was still stalling, so she returned to have them look at it again. They did not work on the vehicle until about four or five days later. She has the vehicle now but it is not running. She is not planning on returning to have them look at the vehicle again. It took her a long time to find a mechanic who she thought was honest.
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Hope A. from Ashby's Automotive responded on 10/28/2015

I'm very disappointed to learn that Adam & Carissa aren't anything but pleased with our services. It is ALWAYS our intent & mission to offer our best to each & everyone of our customers. I'll first address the concern regarding the length of time it took us before we looked at the vehicle. I was upfront with them about our situation. We had gotten behind because my lead tech had a stroke. Again, I had let them know we were behind in advance of them towing the vehicle to us and even offered to help w/a tow to another shop when I didn't meet the original expectation that I had set. They opted at that time to leave the vehicle w/us.
The symptom were were supposed to address was the vehicle would start but abruptly die. Adam is mechanically inclined and is able to perform some repairs himself. He stated he had replaced the fuel pump, starter, coil, distributor cap & rotor. While we are understanding of our customers trying to make repairs themselves it does make our job harder because we have to determine what components were necessary to replace ...if any &/or if any may be defective. Unfortunately, we do experience a fair amount of defective parts from time to time which always complicates matters. In any case, when my tech looked at the vehicle it wouldn't start. Obviously a different symptom than was described. It was at that point that we observed the starter was nearly falling out. Knowing the customer acknowledged having replaced it we merely secured it. However, that was not the only issue causing the no start condition. The ignition switch needed replacement. After that component was replaced we moved on to the initial concern which turned out to be the distributor assembly. We replaced that component and confirmed the fix. The vehicle was no longer dying after abruptly after started. We took the vehicle on a short test drive and considered the repair complete. Shortly after Adam picked it up he returned stating it was running poorly. He further explained to the tech the symptoms and left it for further diagnosis. Again, we stressed that we were doing our best to catch up from our tech's medical set back. Adam felt it was better to leave it with us since we were already familiar w/the vehicle and the prior repairs.
After performing various diagnostic procedures we confirmed that it needed a fuel pump. Of course, we knew that Adam had already replaced the fuel pump but this particular vehicle has two pumps. One located under hood and another in the fuel tank. Adam later acknowledged that he didn't realize there was a pump in the fuel tank. After replacing the pump in tank the fuel pressure wasn't as good as it should be. At that point we started backtracking hoping we weren't dealing w/a defective part. When testing for power we were able to determine that there was power to the ground wire for fuel pumps. Grounds shouldn't have power going to them. Instead of tracing the origin or source of the power which can take hours making the labor involved finding the problem very expensive we opted to simply make our own grounds for each pump directly to the frame. I have no knowledge of the repairs to the lights that Carissa mentioned that Adam needed to repair but suspect that those too had electrical issues w/the grounds & power. After all of this the truck started and ran very well.  It is my hope that those reading my response will see how important it is to me to make every customer highly satisfied and if not through this response then by reading the vast majority of ratings from our very loyal customer base.

Riverside, MO
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
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oil change/lube
Wasn't very happy with this visit. First oil change/lube at Ashbys. I've never seen a quick lube shop that actually lubed the truck. Every time I checked later at home, lube points were untouched. Figured I'd be safe with my old trusted Ashby shop. But I checked my ball joints afterwards, just to satisfy myself, and they hadn't been greased. Before I checked Hope assured me that they had been greased, praising the thoroughness of this mechanic. When the mechanic came out to talk to me he defended his inaction saying that too much grease was bad and claiming that one shouldn't grease the vehicle with every oil change. Since I've never had Ashby's do an oil change/lube on my truck he didn't know when it had been greased last. I also had said that I wanted the U joints greased. He said that he never checks U joints and hadn't greased mine but that he would then hit them on the second go round. There was poor communication between the shop and front desk on what was to be done and what was actually done. The mechanic was too slick for me, lots of rather condescending talk and rationalization. I think I'll check before coming in next time and wait until he's gone before coming back to Ashby's for more work. I have liked the manners and professionalism of the other mechanics I've dealt with there and suppose this was just an anomaly and reflects on this particular new mechanic and not the rest of the crew.
Hope A. from Ashby's Automotive responded on 01/14/2014

We were disappointed to learn that Jim was anything other than completely satisfied with our service. While we realize that we fell well short of meeting Jim's expectations on this visit it is also important to know that we almost always meet &/or exceed our customer's expectations. We absolutely agree that there was poor communication between the front desk and shop. However, we don't agree that our tech was being disrespectful or condescending. Our techs check the grease zerts & bellows to determine if there is adequate grease. If there is they don't put more in them because it's wasteful, messy & compromises the integrity of the seal by allowing dirt and debris to enter where grease is pushed past its confines. Because we're confident in our tech's abilities to be thorough I didn't make a specific point to tell him to grease the components that Jim had asked us to but should have communicated such request so we could have accomodated his wishes and avoided a negative experience.

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