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Review for Auto Care East Inc
DENNIS L. on 05/16/2013
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"Customer service"
Have been a customer for 2 years, enjoyed excellent service and valuable feedback and options. That has changed, the people that had rendered the service are no longer there and the business seems to be transforming into a money making operation with little feed back and no accountability. I have recently recieved three different expensive remedies for a fairly simple problem. Mentioned this to Anthony , who said he would get back to me and its been three days and counting.
no call, no email, no follow up from anyone
and he is the manager. If this sets the tone for things to come, auto care east might be headed in that same direction. Away from customer care and just Banking dollars with customers left in the cold. I will have to call them back myself, which in itself is always a bad sign, because
when a merchant does not respond to a direct inquiry regarding a repair, and you are a repair service, it almost always means
they are willing to walk away from any customer who experiences contradictions
on "estimates". I want to continue to use them , but apparently they are silently trying to talk me out of it and leaving the door open for me to walk away. It is extemely disappointing because this happens in new york to frequently, good people build a business, they are let go and the new people are aloof and unresponsive to anything that does not address the almighty dollar. I pray I am wrong, but it appears they are heading in another direction and they do not want small repairs anymore when they can keep the lights on by fleecing wealthy customers. I am still waiting for Anthony to call back, but I already fear I know what he is going to say, it's a script that reads "we are going to continue to do things our way and if that does not help you , you are free to leave and go elsewhere". Too Bad, they almost had a good thing going,
now they are just going.
Vehicle: Chevrolet Impala
Service Date: 05/09/2013
Review Created: 05/16/2013 06:32 AM