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Greenwood, AR
Dodge Pickup
Verified Customer
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I have been doing business with Bercher Tire for a few years now. Never would I imagine that one complaint about tires would this owner goo to this length. He choose the wrong sized tires for my vehicle, and then refused to correct this mistake he made. It was "only" after contacting Michelin that he decided to correct the problem he made. I have sent several people to his business and all came back saying that this owner has "rude," "disrespectful," and "someone having no clue as to how to run a business." The owner went as far as to tell me after he was "forced" to correct the tire problem, "take your business some where else because I don't want to do this ever again!" Needless to say that after all the money I spent on vehicles, ie: parts, suggested fixes, and labor, I will never recommend or do business with this owner again. It only took "one" complaint to open my eyes to what everyone else had been telling me. He should be ashamed of himself for the way he acts, treats, and does business. A "desperate" man with no business sense! Thank goodness for Wal-Mart on "educating" business owners on what "customer service" sincerely means!
Dave R. from Bercher Tire & Service Center responded on 07/07/2014

Well Gary P. that's not what see you wanted a light truck tire to fit you 1979 Dodge had to be an all terrain and it had to fit on a 15 inch wheel that is 8 INCHES WIDE.....Well Gary I was there in 1979 and installed a boatload of the only tire made that fits that specific requiresments you's a 31-10.50R15LT.....and we installed the BFG Rugged Terrain....Great Tire.....YOU ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY LOVED THE TIRE....a few days later I overheard a converstaion on the phone between you and my right hand man David (didn't call me).....David told me that the tires we installed rub at times and Gary P. has found some Cooper's and wants to just bring these tires back and get his money back! So the first word of a problem we heard was that Gary P. was throwing us under the which I said....fine....geez....but wouldn't it make more sense if we checked the truck to find out where it's rubbing and see if there's anything we can do to correct that.....maybe changing the caster or whatever....well Gary P. told David ...I will bring it back in. We checked the vehicle and found that there were no simple alignment or suspension adjustments that could be made....and I made the mistake of telling Gary P. that back in the 60's-70's-80's we use to trim fender corners to allow bigger tires.....and you reacted like I was trying to attack a family member.....anyway"back in the day" the 1979 Dodge Pickup did well with the 31-10.50R15 size I asked Gary P.what size the Cooper tires were he had said P25570R15.....and you said it was an all terrain.....and I said.....cannot be......and I looked it up on the internet and sure enough the P25570R15 is not made by anybody in an all terrain.....and this is the wholoe crux of this are totally ticked off at me because YOU WANT SOMETHING THAT NO BODY MAKES!!!!! So you leave in a huff....a few days later I receive a phone call from a sales person at a Michelin distributors asking me about "Garp P. is being taken advantage of and you are a low down dirty scoundrel" So under the bus we go again. I straighten that sales person out and finally you walk in the shop and my first words are why do you think "sic'ing" Michelin on me is going to make me get you tires that aren't being cannot get a light truck, all terrain, 15" tire that will wear properly on those 8 inch wide wheels an not rub....finally you say....."well what CAN we put on there that won't rub".....and I say the only thing we can do is the P25570R15 BFG Radial T/'s not a light truck tire, it's not an all terrain, it isn't perfect for an 8 inch wide wheel but it should do ok.....but it's the best say "get them in here" ......I respond "how soon" respond Monday next week.....I told you that I would have to ship them in and pay $50.00 in freight to get them in that soon and you said you have to have them.....they were sitting in my shop on Monday.....ONE MONTH LATER YOU BROUGHT THE TRUCK IN TO HAVE THE TIRES INSTALLED..... so.....I have told myself this was just one of those losing propositions but we are taking care of the customer.....but then you walked in to get the truck cussing and shouting that you were owed $200. and you wanted your money were an obnoxious jerk....then I took you back to a computer to show you that there was $3.00 difference per tire between the first and second stopped the $200.00 demand and went straight to the $12.00 demand.....AT THAT POINT I lost interest in Gary P.....then you started telling me about a BFG Executive Vice President you had in your pocket and how he came up with this $200 figure.....and considering we match Sam's Club prices which means we have little or no markup and he obviously did not consider mounting, balancing, road hazard, state sales tax and waste tire tax.....when he spouted that $ let me end this explanation with two points.....we have like 170 reviews with a 97% approval rate.....we work hard to give great customer service WHEN WE AREN'T GETTING CONSTANTLY THROWN UNDER THE BUS......and secondly I could not agree more with your were almost always combative and beligerent through every stage of this and I rate you as a customer one star.....I also check the NO box when it comes to doing business with you again if you cannot be mature enough to discuss anything without going off like a roman candle.....the tires we have sold you still have warranties and we will honor those warranties and take great care of you just as we do all our customers......but I deserve an apology from you and your HIgh Ranking Michelin TORPEDO before we do any new business.
Kim Bercher

Stephen G.
Fort Smith, AR
GMC Sierra
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
02/14/2014 Category: Service
Stephen said he was extremely dissatisfied with the service because the business did not call him to let him know that his vehicle was ready. He said it took them too long to greet him when he returned to pick his vehicle up. He said 4 to 5 hours is too long for the business to take to repair a nail in his tire.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Dave R. from Bercher Tire & Service Center responded on 02/18/2014

Sorry about that. We were slammed. We warned you that it may take forever. We took you home. Put the flat in the mix and ultimately got it done. We didn't get it done fast enough and didn't take care of you fast enough when you came to pick it up. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience. That was your first experience with us. I would hope 56 years in business and 110 yreviews with 97% recommending us might sway you into giving us another chance. We are rarely as behind as we were that day. And we offer FREE Pick Up and Delivery on any of our services.

John H.
Fayetteville, AR
Ford Pickup
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
05/25/2013 Category: Service
John said this business overcharged for work they did not do. He would not recommend this business for the reason mentioned.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Dave R. from Bercher Tire & Service Center responded on 05/30/2013
Tried to call John.....he wouldn't return my call. So here's what happened. John Hardy was on my doorstep last Monday morning. He's a tv cable contractor 60 miles from home. His service vehicle was a 12 year old Ford pickup with many miles. He had broken down over the weekend at the motel next door and had spent that time removing the ignition key and tumbler. It was a mess. He had purhased a new key and tumbler at a parts house. It was the wrong part. After getting the vehicle in the shop it became obvious that John wasn't interested in fixing the problem permanently. We wasted an hour and half trying to help this guy. I never should have taken the job in. When finally we came to the conclusion that no amount of cobbling would get the vehicle started, I gave him a price on fixing the problem correctly. He immediately balked and called CarMart to come get the vehicle. IT WAS UNDER WARRANTY! I asked him why he didn't make that move good answer. Now John says we took advantage of him. We charged him $52.50 plus tax. I really think if we would have gotten it started, he would have given us the same rating for a lousy repair, which was exactly the way he wanted it! Remember...No Good Deed Goes Un-Punished.