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Carrie B. on 07/14/2011
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Carrie said she rated her overall experience with the business a 3 instead of a 5 because her vehicle was only supposed to take 3 days but it ended up taking over 2 weeks. She had to pay her insurance for the rental vehicle because she agreed to because she thought it would take 3 days. The business agreed to pay 1 third of the rental car charges, the insurance also paid 1 third and she paid 1 third so the business did try to resolve it. Her vehicle was ready 10 days later than promised because the business had trouble finding the right parts for her vehicle. It is a 1997 model but she does not feel it is that old and they should not have had so much trouble finding the parts for it. She would not recommend this business to others because of the reasons already stated.
Category: Collision
Service Date: 06/15/2011
Review Created: 07/14/2011
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Jeff S. at Carriage Case Collision Center responded on 07/26/2011
We are very disappointed to hear Carrie was not happy with our performance, as we truly believe we went above and beyond to satisfy her needs. Initially, this vehicle was going to be considered a total loss by the insurance company, but we prevented that from happening so she could keep her vehicle, by working things out with the insurance company. We could have easily just left the situation alone, but she would have lost her car. Instead, we took the extra effort to help her retain the vehicle. The vehicle was 14 years old, so finding parts was difficult. Although Carrie doesn't believe that is very old, in terms of finding parts, it is extremely old. The bumper for her vehicle needed replacing, but the part had been discontinued by Ford, and was unavailable from our Ford sources. We attempted to find a used bumper by conducting a nationwide search, but a used bumper was not available either. Our next step was to conduct another nationwide search with all Ford dealers, hoping we might find one that might have the bumper in stock. After nearly two weeks of searching and contacting dealers throughout the country, we finally found a dealer in Kentucky who had the bumper. The bumper was shipped to us, and we immediately completed the repairs the day it was received. Throughout this process, we spoke to either Carrie or her partner nearly every day, providing updates on the situation. Carrie chose to purchase the "extra" insurance coverage on her rental car. The insurance company paid for the actual rental car expenses, but she was responsible for the extra insurance. The extra days it took to receive the obsolete bumper added to her expense for the extra insurance. Carrie contacted me, and asked me to split the extra insurance coverage expense. Because the extra time it took to complete the repairs was due to reasons beyond our control, and through no fault of our own, and because we kept her informed throughout the delay with receiving the bumper, I did not believe we should be responsible for the extra insurance she purchased. But I agreed to split the expense with her as a gesture of goodwill. I sincerely believe we did everything within our power - and then some - to get Carrie's vehicle repaired and returned to her as quickly as possible. We also prevented it from being totaled, and we paid for half of her rental car insurance - although we were under no obligation to do so. Carrie is a valued customer of ours, and I hope she will consider using our services again in the future.