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Marty C. on 03/11/2013
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"Will not return, nor reccommend, poor service."
Brought my vehicle in for repairs since it was running rough and some indicator lights were on. Asked repeatedly to have my timing belt changed and the issues that appeared on the diagnostic as well. They called me to tell me my vehicle was done, they only changed the oil and it was almost $200. Their response was bring it back when it is worse. Their suposed thorough check claimed my breaks were in good condition, which they weren't, they also needed replaced. For the multiple test drives, and 1/4 tank of fuel, anyone would have known the breaks needed replaced. I am completely unsatisfied with the service I receved from Crabtree auto and I will NOT be returning to waste my money. I ended up taking my car to another shop that fixed the problems for a more reasonable price.
My rating would consist of zero stars, but website won't allow that poor of review.
Service Date: 02/05/2013
Review Created: 03/11/2013 01:40 PM
Paula C. at Crabtree Automotive Inc. responded on 03/19/2013
Reached out to Marty and Dana. Her job was performed on Feburary 5, 2013 Dana mis-spoke about the cost of her oil change. Her oil change was higher than normal as her vehicle uses synthetic oil and a special filter. Her oil change was $73.72. She also had diagnosis time for $90.00 Dana had brought the vehicle in because the oil light went on while she was driving. The light had gone out by the time our technicians brought the vehicle into the shop but we found that her oil was EXTREMELY dirty. The engine was full of sludge. The vehicle was also running rough. Our technicians knew that Dana’s type of vehicle is prone to problems caused by sludgy oil. They knew that engine performance can be compromised by the dirt and grime in the sludge. In the best case scenario an oil change could solve the problem. In the worst case scenario the entire engine could be compromised and it would need major engine repairs. They know that occasionally fresh oil can help with engine performance and solve some of these types of symptoms. In this step-by-step process our technicians wanted to do the least costly procedure in hopes of saving her time and money for un-needed repairs. At the time we discussed the fact that she would need to drive the vehicle to see if running clean oil thru the system would possibly solve the rough running. Our technicians explained that the oil change was the first step in figuring out how much damaged had been done to the engine because of the sludge in the oil. Our staff explained to Dana, the problems that can arise from EXTREMLY dirty engine oil. We explained that the sludge in her oil might have caused major engine damage, but the technicians wanted to try replacing the oil first in hopes of solving the problem. If the problems were not resolved we would need to do further diagnosis. They requested that Dana drive the vehicle for a few days to see if the symptoms changed and to call us if the symptoms remained unchanged. If the problems persisted we would need to do further diagnosis. Our technicians also scanned her computer for codes. Some of the codes were related to the oil sludge oil problem but there were other codes that needed further diagnostic time. Dana declined any further diagnosis of the other codes. Our staff also gave her an estimate for replacing the timing belt as she had requested. We advised her that the stand alone timing belt procedure might be included in her repairs if her vehicle needed other engine work caused from the oil sludge damage. In an effort to save her time and money, she was advised to wait until the oil and rough running problems had been diagnosed to schedule the timing belt procedure. In our latest conversation, Dana said that the vehicle is still missing and the oil change did not solve the problem. We asked her if we could go further with our diagnostics and she declined any further diagnostics. We told her that we would be happy to go further with her diagnostics at any time.
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