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Chicago, IL
BMW 3 Series
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Customer Service
This box doesn’t have enough words for the way my service was handled .
A booked time and confirmed time for closed hours .. waited 45 min just to get service started .i was first one there...
when I said I wanted to look for an alternative for a car battery because of pricing , Dynamic Auto was indignant and rude.. rather than being understanding that perhaps I may not find a better value one shopping around..
I’m a single self supporting woman that has just come through big changes in current coronavirus situation..
Being a European automobile does not entitle snobbery!!! Period !!!

Rick N.
Charlotte, NC
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Not trustworthy
Heading says it all
Dynamic Auto Tune T. from Dynamic Auto Tune responded on 06/03/2020

Sorry you were not satisfied with your service with us. We have a 4.8 star rating and customer service is important to us. We are here for your concerns; please reach out to us at the store so we may further discuss. (980) 939-1387. Thank You.


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Charlotte, NC
Mercedes-Benz E350
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Failed to Disclose Accurate Information for me to make an Informed Decision
Had problem with AC/Heat- Blowing Heat 10-15 min no matter what it was set to or what time of year. They checked & Said it was due to a Faulty Sensor. They Replaced Sensor-- I paid $65.00 for Diagnosis + $300.00-------- Problem NOT Solved AT ALL. I came back-They "re-checked"- Said It must be something else- Possibly a computer control panel----would have to take it apart-- One person said that could cost up tp $800.00..... I told them that " IF I HAD BEEN GIVEN ANY CLUE THAT there was ANY chance that replacing the sensor MIGHT NOT fix the issue---- then I would have had ALL the information needed to CHOOSE NOT to replace the sensor! The AC/Heat issue was annoying-- but NOT WORTH MORE than $300.00 plus my time for 2 or more visits there. I Would Have chosen NOT to pay $300.00 to fix it-.. One of the owners said to me AFTER THE FACT- that it is ALWAYS the case- that the first try might not work--- I SAID- THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT UP FRONT. I tried to explain over & over my frustration- but both Owners REFUSED to try to understand WHY I am not happy- then just ignored my calls & email.

Charlotte, NC
Mercedes-Benz C300
Verified Customer
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My car is making weird sound after the service
My car is making weird sound after the service when I press the gas. I hear whistling sound. Please contact me or I can contact you to get this issue resolved
Dynamic Auto Tune T. from Dynamic Auto Tune responded on 02/25/2020

We would be glad to take car of this issue. Please call the shop at (980) 939-1387.


Charlotte, NC
Porsche Panamera
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I cannot trust your business
To put it quickly Ted quoted me a price of $1899 for the part alone and the completed job would cost $2500
I took my car to MPMOTORWERKS on south Blvd and they did the job for $1800 they got the part from the dealer for $1400 the dealer told me over the phone the part would cost me a little over $1500 so I knew ted was trying to rip me off. I told all my friends at the cigar shop to stay away other personal friends and my landscaper. Always get a 2nd or 3rd opinion
Dynamic Auto Tune T. from Dynamic Auto Tune responded on 10/30/2019

That is dissapointing to hear. We pride ourselves with our quality and value. We provide double the dealership warranty - 2 year / 24k miles. There will always be another place to do a repair for less than what is considered reasonable and fair business. As long as they stand behind the diagnosis and work performed. We stand behind our diagnosis, as that is the most important aspect of repairs. 

To be clear, the total quote for the job was 2285.45 - We appreciate the feedback and value the time spent on the review. Glad you chose to come to us for the diagnosis and hope to see you for service in the future. 


Charlotte, NC
BMW 750i
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Worst experience ive ever had at a Repair Shop!! I Got Ripped Off!
I took my car there because they specialize in Foreign cars. I have an 07 Bmw 750. Had it at another shop and they told me all these codes were on the car. So, i decided to take it to Dynamic Auto Tune to let " Specialists" handle it. Had my car 3 days. Said all it needed was water pump, thermostat, and some other things. Got most of it done then. Came up to $1551. Took it back a couple weeks later and got the remaining $500 worth of stuff done. Get a call saying theres $5000 more work that needs to be done. Huh? The whole time, from the beginning theres all this stuff wrong and they arent saying anything. 02 sensors, catalytic converters. All these codes were on the car originally. I have diagnostic print outs from two places before i went there. So, why did i pay for diagnostic and $2000? For no reason at all. They knew if they said how much it cost, i would not have the work done. Instead they have their 750 specialist say its only $2000, then after the work is done, they say its gonna be $5000. Theres no mechanic in this world that could miss all the leaks and problems going on with the car when you diagnosed it the first time. They are crooks!!! Do not take your car there!!
Dynamic Auto Tune T. from Dynamic Auto Tune responded on 10/31/2019

We politely and wholeheartedly disagree with you. We have never, and will never rip anyone off. Dynamic has a strong following due to our transparency , quality, value and expertise. As our reputation has found you - as we are considered the local specialist with all German vehicles, especially the BMWs. 
The first visit 7/25/19 , the initial complaint was to diagnose why the vehicle did not sound as it was running correctly and another shop specifically told you to replace the crank position sensor. We found the water pump was mechanically failing and advised not to drive the vehicle unless it was repaired. We refused to test drive because there was potential of failure. It was that bad.  Also advised to diagnose the check engine light, abs light, and air bag light, as recommended on the reciept. Diagnosis for these issues were declined. Waterpump was an urgent repair - and was required to prevent mechanical failure while driving. Vehicle was repaired and left. 
The second visit - 9 /18/ 19 - The concern was state inspection and as before the check engine light was on - We concentrated on the Check Engine Light - we found 2 pages of faults - which is extremely abnormal. Tech visually inspected and found some questionable repairs done to a valve cover and oil contaminating the eccentric shaft sensor. With the excessive amount of faults found - much could be attributed to this, although we wanted to be certain on the next step in the repair process.  
The technician cleared the faults and performed a test drive to see which faults return immediately. As expected we found the faulty repair - causing many issues. The valve cover was currently leaking and had excessive sealant oozing, eccentric sensor contaminated with oil and damaged. Both required repair and replacement. Tech also found catalytic converters and oxygen sensor faults as well. Advised to repair valve cover leak / damaged eccentric sensor. Tech also found the ABS light was related to not reading road speed - required further diagnosis. 

With 170k miles - the Catalytic converters are not a surprising repair. This was the point were it was either invest into the vehicle thousands of dollars in repairs, or part ways with the vehicle.

Understandable, the decision is to part ways. Cleveland, We hope you think of us in the future for any needs with German cars. Appreciate your feedback and value your time in writing this review. 


Gwyndolyn M.
Albemarle, NC
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Response To Your Email:
Yes, I left your company and did say anything because I am not a confrontational person. I have a Ph.D. in Education Administration and had a Management Consultant Firm for over 20 years. I was fortunate to be able to work to help many Fortune 500 companies and to also work in educational institutions.
I respectfully disagree with you saying you quoted me the price before you did the work. The price you quoted to me was $500.00 and I even said specifically while I was on the phone that I am on a budget since I live off of social security. I said to you that if I hadn't been able to get a decent price as you quoted $500.00, I would have had to leave my car sitting for a while until I could get the money. However, after I got to your company (yes, I had it towed) and I waited (yes, I enjoyed speaking with your clients and even laughing and joking with all of you. As I had stated on the first review that I felt blessed to have found your company). However, I was appalled and taken back when you came to me and basically shouted it was going to be $830.00. I told you that I didn't have $830.00 and you told me that I had better find it because I wasn't going to be able to drive my car...you had taken it apart or (it was fixed-paraphrase) but I wasn't going to be able to drive it and take it.
Even after I spoke to you, you said you would adjust the price. But you didn't. If you had honorable intentions, you would have gone right to that bill, made the adjustments to make certain that when I left, I was given the price you were going to adjust the bill to. Yes, I called you after I left because I was hurt and anger but I was determined you weren't going to get the best of me. I said to you that God is with me. Then you said you didn't know I had checked out. You then committed to fixing my car-free next time. I said well you say my car needs to have the oil leak fixed so I'll bring it back. The rest of what happened has been already ridden and said.
Now because of you, I am going to get negative reports on my credit. I told you on the phone that I live off of a fixed income ... I told you that if you hadn't given me a decent price $500.00, I would have to let my car sit for a while before getting it fixed.
The point is: you didn't care about me as your customer...I wasn't important to you.
I will let the people make their own decision but for me, you weren't fair to me. You put me in a bad bad situation. Even now, you are more concerned about yourself than being concerned about taking care of the customer.

Albemarle, NC
Audi A4
Verified Customer
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Earlier I gave a positive review about Dynamic Auto--I was so happy to have found (I thought) an automobile repair company that I thought really cared about people--HOW NAÏVE AND STUPID I WAS AND HAVE BEEN. I will share my story with you and you make your own decision. But I believe that it is only fair since I wrote the positive report that you now should also have the negative report. Many people have said glowing statements about Dynamic and that made me trust them even more--but then those statements were coming from people who have stayed with them. I am certain that anyone who has had a negative experience wouldn't be in their shop. It's hard to find an automotive repair company that you can trust and believe in--I have heard so many people telling me about their nightmares with different companies.
The coagulant light came on my car. It was strange since I had just got all of this fixed just last year. I Googled to see if I could find out what was the problem--they suggested putting coagulant into the car. I did. However, the car smoked (I thought was on fire). The fire department came out, looked at the car, assured me the car was not on fire and told me that the hose was broken. I couldn't believe it...I had just had all of this fixed last year. I called Dynamic, spoke to Ted and he said that it would cost $600.00. I live about an hour from Dynamic Auto...I had used all of my tows with AAA so I would have to pay to get the car there: IT WOULD COST $267.00.
I decided to see if I could look around (again--I've one this before) to see if I could find a company closer that could fix the car. I did find someone who said he had never worked on an Audi but he was certain that he could fix the hoses. He said he would fix all the hoses for $60.00 labor and parts cost. He did say that if it was one of the hoses that were to a gasket, he would have to send it out. I called the company that he said he would have to send it to --they said that they could only give me a range low to high $600.00. He said it wouldn't be over $600.00 he was certain of that but it could be a lot less. I also called around to a few other places getting prices--they said basically the same thing-the highest it would be $600.00 but it could be a lot less than that. That was the price that I had paid last year to get THE CAR FIXED when the coagulant light came on: $600.00.
Living on a budget--social security--I had to wait until I could get the car fixed. I remembered when I was at Dynamic, a couple of their customers told me to negotiate the price. I had never done this before but I decided to give it a try. If I could get it down then I could go on and have the car fixed. So, I called Ted back and said to him what his customers had shared with me about negotiating. He asked me to call him back the next day because he wasn't in front of his computer. I called and he said he would bring it down to $500.00. I thanked him. I told him that I was on a fixed income and if I couldn’t get it down, I was going to have to have the car just sit here for a while until I could afford to pay for it.
But I still had the problem of getting the car to Dynamic because AAA was going to charge me 267.00. So, I decided to join another auto company. We got the car up there. I had to stay up there...sit the whole day because I have no way to get back home.
We got up there about 10:30 AM or 11:00 AM. I always have to bring one of my dogs with me ( I rescue dogs and have five) because he fights the other dogs. We sat there until about 5:00 PM. Ted comes from the back, approaches me and says out loud--it's going to cost you $830.00 because there were some hoes in the back that we didn't see. I said to him-- I don't have any $830.00. He says to me: "Well, you can't have your car because we have got it all apart and fixed. So, you'd just better get on the phone and find somebody to give you the rest of the money." I was angry...hurt...humiliated. At first, I started trying to call people but I decided that I wasn't going to put people in a bind like that. So, I decided that the only thing that I could do was to forfeit my car payment. While waiting on Ted to return, I got angry...I felt that I had been tricked...lied to...I knew that car wasn't going to cost over $600.00 because I had called around different places and they had all said the same thing--it won't be over $600.00 if all the hoses are involved.
I went with Dynamic because I trusted them and I thought they would do me right. When Ted said the $600.00 and later $500.00, I didn't argue or say anything because I just knew that if he found out that the car was going to cost less, he would adjust the payments---I already knew from other auto shops that the most to fix that car was $600.00.
I decided to speak to the owner. I found out that Ted is one of the owners. So, I spoke to him--going over everything that I have said here. He said to me that he would make an adjustment in the bill. I thanked him. However, when I got ready to check out, I discovered that he never made an adjustment in the bill. I wasn't going to beg anybody. As I drove off, I decided to let Ted know that he hadn't beat me....I called back and asked to speak to Ted. I said that I wasn't angry because God would make a way for me. Ted said that he didn't know that I had checked out...he said that he would have made an adjustment in the bill. He said that the next time I brought my car over, he would fix it for free. He said never give my credit card to anybody but him. I said OK....you have put on this review that my car has a small oil leak so I will bring it back and you can fix that. He said he would do it. I said I would bring it back. However, when I called the following week to get the car fixed, all of a sudden Ted has disappeared. They would leave a message for Ted to call me back. To this day, Ted has never called me back.
You be the judge of what happened but I have told you the truth. I am going to post this a few other places so that people can see what happened to me. No, I won’t get anything out of it but I am certain Dynamic won’t ever pull this stunt on another person.
One other thing you need to know is that on the car review for things that need to be fixed, they had on the list an item that they had fixed about three weeks ago.
No, I wouldn't recommend Dynamic to anyone...somebody may have to give up their food or Rent money just so that Dynamic can rip them off.
Dynamic Auto Tune T. from Dynamic Auto Tune responded on 09/19/2019

Thank you for your feedback Gwyn! Through all of our contact, we were surprised and confused to see this. It is valuable and we appreciate your time you put into it. Want to give a proper response. We are glad you came to us to repair your coolant issue on your Audi. You referenced having cooling system repaired last year at another repair shop, and being frustrated with issues occurring again after only a year. Not defending the other repair shop, but to be clear, cooling systems are complex and it is not uncommon on a vehicle with over 100,000 miles and over 10 years old to have a coolant hose failure. This highlights the value of preventative maintenance aspect of overall vehicle care. A valuable learning lesson for others, especially the fire department.

Calling around and getting quotes for repairs can be perceived as valuable information gathering task. The challenge for an honest automotive shop is much of the required information, must be obtained with the vehicle present. A coolant leak repair can be a very complex job. Especially on an Audi, most general automotive shops are not trained and generally refuse to work on them.  For example, if you call to replace a coolant hose on your Audi, there are over a dozen coolant carrying hoses on your specific engine. Only a properly trained technician can identify what is needed, and if any additional parts would be required to properly correct the issue. There are many that can far exceed the $600.00 noted by other shops. Diagnosis by a knowledgeable tech is the most important aspect of the repair process.

Once you and your vehicle got towed in, we made it a priority to determine the leak source and provide you with estimate. We found it was a common failure on those vehicles in particular, and required more than a hose. It was great news that we could get the vehicle repaired same day, while you waited – and provided an estimate to repair. We all are vehicle owners and have family members with vehicles.  We understand the unforeseen costs of vehicle ownership, because this is the industry we are in. Mechanical failure often comes unexpectedly and can hurt financially. We understand that and provided generous discount in order for you to get your vehicle back up and running. With your approval we moved forward.

We repaired the vehicle while you waited in comfort in our updated showroom – we enjoyed having your dog visit. We test drove it and confirmed all repaired, and you left in positive spirits. We are pleased your vehicle is repaired, although confused about this whole misunderstanding of the bill. We provide fair prices and only move forward with your approval. You have a 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty for the repairs made.

We wholeheartedly believe exactly as you said - "It is hard to find an automotive shop that you can trust and believe in." We strive to be that shop. Thank you again for your feedback.


Charlotte, NC
BMW 318i
Verified Customer
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Can't fix oil leak
I took the car in because it leaked oil. They diagnosed a leaking head-gasket. After paying over $3,500, the car still leaks oil as before. I brought it in again for a few days but it still leaks oil as before. Everybody was very friendly and they assured me that everything was fixed but it looks like they simply didn't know what to do.

Verified Customer
Charlotte, NC
BMW 5 Series
Verified Customer
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Not a good experience
Dynamic Auto Tune had my car for more than a week for a fairly mundane problem (battery drain). I actually took it there twice. It was misdiagnosed the first time and told there was no drain. Second time took more than a week and more than $700 in labor to find a drain coming from wires to the trunk...keep in mind...I had already told them that the trunk open light stays on on the dashboard and that the key fob to open the trunk was not working. The final total? $800 for $40 parts and $760 in labor and a week without use of my car for a problem misdiagnosed the first time and where a known issue was explicitly stated.