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Charlotte, NC
Porsche Panamera
Verified Customer
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High hopes, but left disappointed
I recently took my 2013 Porsche Panamera S to be serviced. After much reasesrch, I chose Dynamic Auto Tune because of the online reviews and social media presence. I had high hopes of the service I would receive but unfortunately the service fell short. My vehicle required an intermediate service inspection (an oil change). I figured I’d also get my calipers painted and trim wrapped while the vehicle was in for service. All things that I was told could be completed when I dropped off my vehicle. I did not receive timely communication regarding painting of my brake calipers and vinyl wrap trim. I had to call twice about both request to receive and update and on two occasions I received the same message, “my vinyl wrap guy will be here today and will provide a quote”. I never received a call back with a quote for the wrap. And it wasn’t until I called to check the status of the brake calipers that I was told the service couldn’t be provided due to a protective coat already on the calipers. After not receiving calls back with updates, I decided to pick my car up. This is when I was told the vinyl wrap wasn’t able to be completed. Once I paid and receive my key, I went to my car and started the engine. Immediately the dash notification for low fluid came on. I informed the technician and he had someone bring fluid. My car almost took almost the entire container of fluid that was brought out. I checked my service receipt and it stated all fluids had been checked. Clearly this was not the case. I paid nearly $700 for service at Dynamic Auto Tune and my washer fluid level was still low. If this isn’t cause for alarm, I don’t know what is. Because if something as simple as fluid levels weren’t checked, only God knows what else was missed. And this for a service I paid nearly $700. I won’t be returning to Dynamic Auto Tune in the future nor will I recommend this business to anyone. Hopefully this review will spark some internal dialogue so that future customers will not leave disappointed.

Rodney A.
North Carolina
BMW 5 Series
Verified Customer
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07/25/2018 Category: Service
Rodney said he took his vehicle in for a specific reason, and they could not do the service. They diagnosed something different and charged him, anyway. He stated he did not think that was right.
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Dynamic Auto Tune T. from Dynamic Auto Tune responded on 07/26/2018

The work requested was an alignment. Upon test drive , Technician found vehicle was unsafe for road. Put vehicle on lift to diagnose suspension / steering issues. Technician found the vehicle had been in a accident with damage to frame/unibody in front of vehicle -  amatuer repairs already had performed on vehicle. Vehicle requires body shop to correct frame / unibody of vehicle. This is far beyond the request of alignment.  Major frame work, steering, and suspension repairs required. Explained vehicle is dangerous to drive in current state and to visit a quality bodyshop to estimate the correct repairs. 
The charge was reduced from an alignment to a diagnosis, which saved almost 50%. 


Charlotte, NC
BMW 3 Series
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
Left fuel tank breather valve unconnected
On my last visit my fuel tank breather was left unconnected which caused my engine light to still be on after spend a lot cash hoping that my engine light would be off after work was complete - engine light was still on after work was done on my car - i went to see why my engine light was still ON - code P0444 was the only code reading - so i order my fuel tank breather valve - once it came i go to install it my self to find out it was never plugged back in from my last visit with Dynamic auto - i plugged it back in now my engine light is off - i didn't even need the fuel tank breather valve - i think after completing $900 dollars worth of repair y'all should seen my engine light was still ON & want it to see why - or maybe y'all just want me to return & pay for an diagnostic check & y'all would of discover that my valve was not even plugged in