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Albemarle, NC
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Correction on Review
I need to make a correction on the review given. I had stated that when I tried to contact Ted the phone number, he left would give an error message when I called the number. However, today, I found out that it is my cellphone which is cutting out the phone numbers when I return their calls: something is wrong with my voice mail service.

Therefore, Ted did not give me a bad cellphone number. However, I still believe that it is important to leave the negative report on until it is corrected. I had another company who took advantage of me with our website. That was the first time that I decided to write a negative report on a company because usually I just walk away as most people do. When I wrote the negative report on the website development company, they contacted us--very apologetic. Then to correct the injustices that they did to us, they redid our website free of charge and gave us one free year of service. In response to what they did, we explained to them that we could not remove the negative report but what we would do is to write an update report telling everyone how they came in corrected the problem.

As a courtesy to them, we also gave them management consulting free by developing a plan for them to change their operation and increase their productivity levels. Everyone walked away happy. About three months after developing the plan for revamping their operations, they contacted us to show the new program and services that they would be offering to everyone based upon what we developed for them. They sent us a letter about two weeks ago thanking us for the plan that we had given to them and how their business has tripled because of the additional services and programs ... AND because of the program, we developed for them focusing on working with customers.

This company took responsibility for what they had done. Ted, Dynamic Auto never has. Even though it is my error about the telephone number not being correct, I still cannot recommend this company to anyone. Ted hasn't ever accepted responsibility for what he did. Many companies make mistakes, whether intentionally or mistakenly...what is important is what you do to correct the mistake.

Gwyndolyn M.
Albemarle, NC
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Negative Review Given
I got a call from Ted at Dynamic. I was in the store trying to shop and I had five dogs waiting for me in the car to return. Ted spoke about the negative review, saying that the reason he hadn't got back to me was that he was ill. I was very sympathetic with him and still am. I tried to get him to wait until he was well and we could sit down and discuss the issue. But he was insistent that we had to deal with this now...complaining about the fact that he would lose business. He kept pushing for me to remove the negative review, what could he do. I asked him what he thought the honorable thing was to do. I noticed that although he is sick, he picked up the phone immediately when he got the negative review. However, when I called to set up the appointment for the car, he never bothered to have anybody at least call me back and say he was ill or that he would call and say he was ill and get back with me: He was too sick to bother with me then.
At any rate, the dogs were waiting for me in the car and it was getting hot outside. I was trying to get through shopping so I told Ted to send me an email and I would contact the company about removing the review as long as he honored what he said he was going to do. He said he didn't have a pen to write down my email address but he would have his assistant Andrew to call me and get the information. When I returned home, I wasn't feeling well so I had to take medication which makes me sleepy. Thus, as a courtesy to Ted and for him not to think that I was ignoring him, I called Dynamics and spoke to Andrew. I told Andrew that Ted had said he was going to have him call me to get my email address. I explained that I had to take medication because I wasn't feeling well and I wouldn't pick up the phone if the phone rang. Thus, I was calling to give my email to him. Andrew said that Ted had just walked out of the building but never mentioned about him calling me to get my email. I left the email anyway. The next day and for the past few days, as a courtesy to Ted, I called the number he left on my answering machine to call him and he also said that was his number when I spoke to him. Not being pushed by Ted and not having a bunch of dogs waiting for me in the car, I wanted to explain to him that it wouldn't be appropriate to just remove the negative report ( I believe that people should know the truth) but what would be appropriate would be for me to give a follow up report regarding how he resolved the issue. However, the phone number that Ted left for me to return the call to him said phone didn't exist. I tried it several different time just to make certain that I was calling the right number.... I would listen to the message and then hit number 8 to return the call...I would get the message number does not exist or a cut off to return to the mailbox then a cutoff.
Ted complained about his loss of business but you see I am the one who is on a fixed income (which I explained to him when I first spoke to him about the cost and have repeatedly said this). So, he wants to talk about how hurt he is financially ... how he loses customers, but he certainly wasn't concerned and it is obvious that he isn't concern about the financial problems he caused me. And believe me, he has caused me severe problems to the point that I may end up getting a negative report filed on the credit bureau because I am not able to cover my bills because he lied to me about the cost to fix the car and ended up charging me $330.00 and told me I'd better go find someone to get the money because I couldn't take my car they had already taken it apart and fixed it. I noticed that the negative report was removed from here although I never called or even sent in a statement asking for the negative report to be removed. So, I guess Ted removed it. I did not remove the negative report.
Dynamic Auto Tune T. from Dynamic Auto Tune responded on 09/19/2019

First and foremost – Please never leave your dogs in the car, ever.


Our contact information is as follows –

Email – DynamicAutoTune@yahoo.com

Phone – 980-939-1387

Fax – 704-919-5521

We operate 830 AM – 6PM M-F and Sat 9AM – 2PM

Ted has attempted multiple times to discuss with you details to resolve this, and no progress has been made. Please feel free to use any of the above methods for contact. The review removal is not as important to us as your satisfaction and understanding. It has not been removed.


E M.
Indian Trail, NC
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Last week my wife went to get the oil changed in her car and prior to this visit we never had issues, this time the technician completed the oil change but when we got the key not only did he broke a wooden key chain but also removed another one both were souvenirs from different countries and neither can be replaced, not sure who did it but I’m thinking twice before we take our cars to service at this place