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Sarah M.
Westland, MI
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They are the best!!!!
Always professional, courteous and efficient!!

Roberta V.
Bangor, ME
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Bought a Subaru from this company paid about $5, 000 cash and the vehicle died in two and a half months. This company was unwilling to do anything to help me. They did say they were going to try to find another engine to put in the vehicle. it has been 3 months the car is still sitting on their lot and I have not heard from him. I also spoke to a mechanic that looked at the vehicle after it died and he told me the engine was gone and said it was nothing I had done that the head was bad and that garreys replaced oil gasket and never fixed the head . I hope I used the correct terms as I am not a mechanic. Totally discouraged with this company would not recommend it to anybody. after this has happened to me I've had to speak to a couple of people a bank and another mechanic and a couple other people and unfortunately they already knew of the reputation of Garrett's Auto and and told me that they would have told me not to go to them. It is my fault I did not do my due diligence and research them and check them out I trusted them with their word and from the reputation from past experience with them. I was wrong please beware of this company
Kevin B. from Garrett Auto & Truck Service responded on 09/12/2018

Sir, We dont sell cars ? we are in Michigan we are a truck repair shop. I think you reviewed the wrong Company . our Name is Garrett Auto and Truck Service. 

Kevin Brown

Terry G.
Dearborn Heights, MI
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
If you don't want to be taken advantage of don't bring your vehicle here. They will tell you that you have problems with things that are working fine. I made a big mistake and referred a friend to take his vehicle there for a alignment. Ended up costing him over $1100.00 for things that they said needed replaced but didn't. BEWARE DO NOT COME HERE.

Cosmic Burrito llc p.
Detroit, MI
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Customers Beware
I went in to get a oil change I asked to have my belt looked at because it was noise. I also wanted a front end alignment, I have never in my life got priced what I ended up paying for a oil change 192.00 gas filter 134.00 well when they came back to get the truck fixed would cost they couldn't do the front end aliment but they still charged me 119.00 to tell me they cant do it. The kicker was they would change out 3 of my marker lights were out 5.97 for parts and 116.79 please fell free to call me if you want a copy of this bill. In the end I was so mad and ended up paying 874.00 for oil change and a starter. My truck is being repaired today for 1000.00 less so taking the 119.00 lose on them telling me if I bring it back I will get credit. I will never go back to see them and I own a food truck and every event I go to I will warn all truck owns this place is a big rip off just wanting to take your hard in money. More to come on Facebook. This was the worst day I have ever had and I can only hope they will wake up to ripping people off.