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Hal H.
Fox Island, WA
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My Lexus now runs like a sewing machine, again
Mice/Rats had gotten into the engine compartment of my RX300 and chewed the wires. The car finally started and I took it into Lexus at Tacoma at Fife after calling them and being told to bring the car in immediately. They had a NX200 loaner waiting for me and I drove it home. Middle of the next day they called and said my car was ready. It once again runs like a sewing machine. Guess I'll have to go outside and bang on the hood once in awhile now. Rodents do like a nice warm engine compartment during cold winter weather. Bah!! Humbug!!!!

Rudy W.
Federal Way, WA
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05/23/2016 Category: Service
Outstanding service and courtesy
Purchased a used Lexus a year later had a flat and learned no wheel lock lug, to remove the wheel, was in the vehicle Ron Stevens and the management of Lexus of Fife provided a carwash and installed 4 new locking lugs with lug lock wrench without cost. realizing no warranty on the vehicle I will always purchase my autos from this dealership. Great service, staff and of course the fine vehicles.

Chad T.
Eatonville, WA
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04/14/2016 Category: Service
Above and Beyond
The employees are what makes a company great or terrible. Sometimes we don't always go above and beyond and a lot of it has to do with how much we are trying to juggle. I get all of my services and repairs done at Lexus of Tacoma and most of the time I get courteous service but nothing that ever stands out and once I leave I do not think about it again. For a company to have return business you want to implant that experience where they will come back again and again. I always feel awkward whenever I walk into the service department because all of the advisers are always working on their computer and never look up to acknowledge my presence. This gives you the impression you are not welcomed. Well on my last visit I worked with Anita in the service department and I must say she went above and beyond what I find to be acceptable customer service. As soon as I walked in none of the advisers even looked up to acknowledge my presence except for Anita. She walked over from the side passing two of her coworkers to acknowledge me. She called me by my first name (which makes it more personable) instead of my last name (which is more of a professional level). While she was writing up my work order the told me she was going to look for any open recalls which I appreciated her taking the time to make sure my car was in the safest driving conditions. She kept up small talk and we shared a few laughs and then told me to relax and she would take care of everything from there. Once my car was completed she went over everything with me and after a few more laughs I went on my way but this time I left with a smile. To my surprise this morning I received a follow up email from Anita wanting to know if I had any questions, concerns, or comments about my service. She just keeps going above and beyond my expectations of customer service. Way to go!!!

Ruey-Lin L.
Port Ludlow, WA
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04/03/2016 Category: Sales
Dependable Sales Rep & Trustworthy Dealership
Not until the next day after we drove home the 2014 Lexus ct200h F Sport, bought and paid in full from Jason Kim at the Lexus of Tacoma at Fife, did my wife discover the scratches on the rear door that she did not notice when we were at the dealership. On our way back to Fife the next day, it was a surprise to see Jason came out to the door front to greet us with a big smile when we arrived. Without making light of the scratches, Jason accepted our complaints with understanding. He explained to us that Lexus would not simply repaint the scratches because the touchup repaint would show up later and have to repaint the entire rear door at a cost between $800 to $1,000. He then proceeded to discuss with us the options for resolving the problem, including a full refund. To make the long story short, at the end we got a full refund and signed happily with Jason a two years lease for a new 2016 ct200h F Sport, identical in color and options to the one we brought back.

Lexus of Tacoma at Fife is a dealership we can trust for the reason that they could have taken, but didn't, an easy short cut to simply patch up the scratches, which were what we expected. Jason is truly a wholesome person for the reason that during the entire process he not only were cordial and pleasant but working hard to come up with a better option for us, as well as for his company, to resolve the problem at hand. We recommend, without reservation, Jason Kim as a sales rep and the Lexus dealership at Fife.

Desirae G.
Puyallup, WA
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02/09/2016 Category: Service
Outstanding Customer Service
Although I did not originally get my car from this dealership, I brought it in recently to get it worked on. It had been giving me problems for the past few months and they where able to get it fixed right away. Joseph the Service Consultant that helped me was courteous, explained all that needed to be done with my car, and set me up with a very nice loaner car while my car was being serviced. I'm truly amazed at how kind the entire staff is here and the pride that they seem to take in their work. I will be returning for future services all thanks to stellar team here!

Lam N.
Federal Way, WA
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12/20/2015 Category: Sales
Horrible service!
I came on to buy a new vehicle and the sales reps saw me parking and looking at some cars I was interested in buying. They sat the office while I'm outside and it started to rain. The kept sitting in there and no one came out to try to help me for 40 minutes. I got fed up with waiting for them so I left.

Gerrit B.
Carnation, WA
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11/18/2015 Category: Sales
Terrible experience with the Bellevue Sales team
We are (were ...) interested in spending ~50k on a new Lexus vehicle with Lexus of Bellevue. Just wanted to test drive 3 models...... and at the same time get a reasonable quote on our BMW X5 as a trade-in. For some reason stil not clear to me they could not price a trade-in without knowing the exact details (VIN ...) of the new car you might be interested in. So after the test drives we had to narrow our choice down to all details and a specific car before the process was even started to get our trade-in evaluated. Of course at that time no-one was available to evaluate and 3 hrs (!) later we left the dealership frustrated and tired. We actually came back today only to learn they low balled our vehicle by at least $3000 - $4000. Things are going to well in Bellevue. Apparently at Lexus Bellevue it's a seller's market......
Well, I am not buying!

Corey E.
Kent, WA
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11/06/2015 Category: Service
The worst will never buy anything again from this dealer
They will try and say that this is not verified but believe me a bought a car here whether they say its valid or not. The worst car dealer experience of my life. Don't go buy from these crooks please this is a warning. The said they changed my oil and it came back black. I was told the tires had been rotated but the front tires are a different size then the back tires. Impossible. They claim to have topped off fluids. When I picked up my car there was no window washing fluid in there completely dry like when it came in. I have written a number of times but there is no one at this dealership who cares. Stay away is my advise please.

Ashley W.
Lakewood, WA
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
09/11/2015 Category: Sales
First time buyer, great experience, shout out to Joe Stroberger
Today I bought my first car, and I had a wonderful experience! I had been shopping around for a car for quite some time, but I hadn't found the car, dealership, or salesperson for me. That all changed when I saw the 2007 Lexus ES 350 on the lot and was approached by Joe Stroberger! Joe is an incredible salesman--he is patient, respectful, professional, and he is never pushy. Joe took the time to thoroughly answer all of my questions, and to ensure that I was comfortable with every step of the purchasing process.

I’m thrilled to have worked with someone so friendly and invested in his work and customers. I drove off the lot today with a great car and a happy heart. So a big thank you to you, Joe. I also want to thank Ed Guthrie for his positivity and support. I highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a quality vehicle, true professionalism, and a great customer experience.

Alan T.
Renton, WA
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04/10/2015 Category: Sales
Not so great was told lies
If you live in Renton, Bellevue, or Seattle go there was lied to after purchasing a 2015 Lexus IS and said I can go anywhere for car washes called the sales manager told me his sales associate wouldn't do that and too bad. This place doesn't care about customer service just selling you a car and that's it.

Stephen S.
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
01/04/2015 Category: Sales
Exceptional Unprofessionalism
Things were going well trying to buy a 2013 certified GS.....then I left the dealership to give myself some time to think about the purchase. That's when I received the shady, unprofessional and pushy phone call 10 minutes after leaving that they were going to increase the price of the car by $2000 come Sunday and if I want the car for the price they advertised (keep in mind it was on their website for well over 1 week as the advertised price that I was looking to pay) then I'd have to purchase it that day! I'm serious! I've purchased from Infiniti, Acura and Lexus dealers and I've never experienced anything like this. My father has owned several used Lexus vehicles over his life time and he's NEVER experienced anything like this either.This is the type of crap you'd expect from a shady "used car" dealership, but certainly not a Lexus dealer.

In all honesty, I was most likely going to purchase the car on Monday, I just needed to take a look at my finances and talk it over with my wife (she wasn't' able to join me at the dealership). But Lexus of Tacoma wasn't going to provide me with that option. Sorry Lexus of Tacoma but I will never buy from you and i'll make sure I tell everyone I know not to buy from ANY of your dealerships within your group. Thank you for the exceptional unprofessional Lexus of Tacoma experience!

James P.
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
12/19/2014 Category: Sales
Jay Pak an honest salesmen,
Jay Pak: I wanted to let you know what a great experience I had purchasing my new car from you. You are a salesman who strives to please his clients with the utmost professionalism. You held the car for me, until I could fly over to inspect it with only a verbal agreement over the phone. The cars condition and options were exactly as stated in your ad. The closing was super simple and quick. I truly enjoyed my purchasing experience with you and will highly recommend you to others.

Maurice S.
Olympia, WA
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
07/09/2014 Category: Sales
No Arm Wrestling; Trasnparent Sales; Easy Used Car Purchase
I laconically called L of Tac because a Google page "convertibles w. golf clubs") indicated a 250C/350C hrdtop convertible might manage 2 sets of clubs. The call ended a 7-yr search. In Sales, Joe Belshaw quickly and comfortably absorbed my interests and brought me into focus on a used car option. Mike Specktor folowed thru with that style. l tried 3 sets of clubs: tube travel bag, 12-club bag and full bag. I could make each work with adequate overnight bags (obviously less clubs > more baggage).

Both of these salesmen engaged with patience, transparency, inter-personal enjoyment and produced a successful purchase with which I am very happy. My prior sales room experience have typically included pressure, arm wrestling, up-selling, not answering my questions and aggrerssive or passive-aggresive behavior. This experience was the complete opposite.

I have subtle hi intensity radar on car sales. I kept an eye on trip wires. There were none through the entire purchase.

A forced sale generates one purchase. A quality sale can generate multply more. I could see my wife warming to the sales experience, and she needs to replace her 4Runner sometime, possibly with the Lexus top line SUV like her brother's.

Dale R.
Bellevue, WA
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
06/22/2014 Category: Sales
Worst experience in 30 years!
I didn't realize there were still dealers out there who were so unethical in this day and age. I think I heard every used car dealer sales pitch known to man during the time I spent test driving a few vehicles there. Empty promises and worthless claims were the norm. The whole experience reminded us of the movie "Used Cars" and we had a pretty good laugh on the drive home, but seriously, shop someplace else.

Rick W.
Auburn, WA
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
06/11/2014 Category: Service
Avoid this dealership -- especially service dept.
The primary goal of the service department is to separate you from your money -- not solve problems. I was out of town and my son's iphone cable got stuck in the USB port of my wife's brand new (purchased at Lexus of Seattle -- another story) CT200h. The service department told her that she broke it by putting the cable in backwards. She told the service tech that it wasn't possible -- especially since the cable worked - i.e. played music from the iphone through the car stereo. The service tech wouldn't listen and told her that it would cost $275 to repair. She left. My 17-year-old son checked Google and not only found a Lexus forum where other owners had documented the same problem, but discovered how one member had fixed the problem using a collar-stay from a dress shirt. It took him 5 minutes from searching on Google to successfully removing the USB cable. I should pay him!

This isn't my first really bad experience with the Lexus of Tacoma service department. If you have lots of money to waste, go to Lexus of Tacoma; otherwise, go to Lexus of Seattle. It's worth the drive.

Thu V.
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
03/29/2014 Category: Service
My car get damage at the door during service and I'm charged by this too.
I left my Lexus to have service, when I come to pick up I notice a damage at the drive door...nobody tell me. I told to Matt, he said don't worry I'll fix it. When I come back to pick up the day after...I received a bill, I pay, and after checking it at home I found out that this door repaired is charged to my bill (it should not be charged). I called Matt, he say sorry and give me a service credit for this amount. I'm not happy at all for all these troubles.

Maple Valley, WA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
07/10/2013 Category: Sales
Very nice relaxed time when purchasing a car
We had the best service representative helping us and are very happy with our RX 350.

Port Orchard, WA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
07/10/2013 Category: Service
Service is fast and employees professional

Renton, WA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
07/08/2013 Category: Service
Sales Experience
My sales person was great. Did a great job of following through to make sure I'm satisfy.

Federal Way, WA
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
07/01/2013 Category: Service
service from Johnny Majors

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