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Jacksonville, FL
GMC Acadia
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They damaged my vehicle
Disappointed. I was pleased with the service I received until I got my vehicle back damaged! The bar that controls my liftgate was broken, they denied damaging it. I am certain my lift gate was functioning properly just before it was left with them because I used it to retrieve my belongings out of my vehicle. After denying it, I asked them to check their security cameras and they became unresponsive. After spending over $700 there, they lost a customer over something that's probably a simple fix.
John G. from Maxi Auto Care responded on 01/15/2019

We are very sorry something is damaged on your car. Our Technicians are very honest and upfront when something is damaged in the process of our work.
I will be in touch today and we will do everything in our power to help with this issue as well as earn your trust and your business in the future.
Thank you for letting us know there was an issue.

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Jacksonville, FL
Audi A4
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$125.- for diagnosis that they could not fix my car
Shocked by the cost $ 125.- just to tell me that they could not fix my car
John G. from Maxi Auto Care responded on 05/03/2018

Sir, I apologize if we did not meet your satisfaction, I reviewed your diagnosis inspection and sent you another copy this morning. There is a very well trained Master Technician using very expensive equipment to perform the initial diagnosis on your car. After taxes that equates to the 125.00 charge you describe. Without doing the diagnosis above we could not be certain of what your problem stemmed from. We felt after the checkout that your most economical source for repair would be a transmission specialist. No different than my doctor might refer me to a specialist.
We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you and did not in anyway want to take advantage of that, however the Technicians and equipment we use do not come cheap and we are forced to charge for our services. Thank you for the review, I hope this information helps and we are there for you if you choose to use us again.

Jacksonville, FL
Ford Mustang
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not happy Leaking oil oil change
took my car in for an oil change It was done the same day but I noticed when I got home and went out the next day there was oil on the ground under my car. Went to work and found another puddle with oil under my car. I called maxi and told them about the oil leak I have to take it in On monday 5/9 to check and see why it is leaking. Never had a leak before. Maybe they forgot to put the cap back on or the gasket seal was not put back on properly. This better not ruin my car.
John G. from Maxi Auto Care responded on 05/18/2016

We offered to have the vehicle towed in but the customer decided to bring in himself. Upon inspection we found a small leak at the drain plug gasket. This gasket is made of nylon and over multiple oil changes the gasker would not compress as needed. We installed a new drain plug with a new  and refilled the oil at no charge. We strive to check each car after service. We are very sorry for the inconvience.